Monday, 18 November 2013

A day in the life of my Huskies

I am posting my second blog rather quickly but I want my readers to get a sense of a day in the life of my Husky girls. 
My girls couldn't be more opposite from each other if they tried lol :)
This is a layout of the Husky breed in itself: 
  • High energy
  • very destructive
  • extremely intelligent 
  • gets bored easily 
  • steals your food
  • escape artist    
Mika with her trademark Husky grin :)
The list could go on, but you get the idea. So when we adopted Mika, we were ready for the worst....and the best. I did a ton of research on the breed, having been in love the Huskies my whole life, it was my dream to own one. I found out everything possible that I needed to know about them. After adopting Mika I realize, not all Huskies are the same, she is the most laid back 'chill' dog I have ever met, in fact the opposite of what a Husky is suppose to be. She is very content to lay on the couch and cuddle and snuggle, but she also loves her walks, going to the dog park etc...but does not get cabin fever as they say, if she doesn't get out much in a day. She is extremely gentle and would never think of escaping. She is not destructive at all, she doesn't get bored easily etc...


So a year goes by, we decide to start looking for another Husky to add to our family. We found Lexus, and for those of you who didn't read my first blog, we rescued her out of Quebec from very poor conditions. Well, within a couple of months....yep...there is the Husky I have read so much about! Lexus fits it to a 'T'! However I would not change a thing about either one of them. It's like black and white, the best of both worlds, having your cake and eating it to, and all that great stuff! Lexus is hyper, but with her training I do on a daily basis, still listens well, even in the midst of a hyper spell. She gets along famously with my 3 year old daughter, they play and run....and play and run....and play............and run! LOL :) Mika is our cuddle baby, who prefers time to herself, and lazing around the house, and Lexus is our playtime girl, who always wants to be around us. Not that Mika doesnt want to be around us, she just prefers some alone time as well. And there's nothing wrong with that. We have baby gates up all around our house so that when any of the animals have had enough of the busyness they simply go into the kitchen and lay on the rug, and have a snooze. Well thats all for today, thanks for reading!

Lexus says, "you looking at me"?

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  1. Mika's markings are gorgeous!!!

  2. How nice to read about 'woo' -

    Mom says I'm some of each - I'm not much of a khuddler but I'm not too far from Mom - usually an arm or so away - but if I'm not THERE, I'm in my chair -

    Some breeds are velkhro - she khalls me bungy -

    PeeEssWoo: I'm my mom's 7th - and the furst one who is all HERS!!!

    1. lol, 7th? wow! So since your the first that is all hers, yu must be the special one then huh? hehehe. (((hugs)))


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