Tuesday, 19 November 2013

A look back at Halloween

   Yep, costumes! I don't know about anyone else but I decided this year for Halloween to dress up the pups! This is the first year I attempted it, but there were so many great costume contests that I just had to try. My poor dogs as you can see in the pics, were not entirely impressed! However I did only leave the costumes on long enough to take a pic and that was all they would allow. 
Lexus went Jamaican style

As you can see.......not impressed! I thought it was absolutely adorable though! I didn't make her go out trick or treating with my kids or anything, but come on? cute right?
And then there was my poor Mika....

Mika came straight outta' Hawaii

Yep....my girl sporting the Hawaiian look. And I must say I have never saw such a depressed look on her poor little face! (please keep in mind as I said, the costume came off as soon as the pic was taken lol )

Costume Depression?

Anyone else experience costume depression with your furbabies? 
We love to dress up out dogs...come on, admit it! It's adorable entertaining fun for those of us who don't have fur! Our pets may not agree with this, but it is a true fact, we enjoy this!

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  2. Hi Google+ is off now. I'm now following you.


  3. YES! It worked! Phew! Thank you so much!

  4. Hello, horray I get to comment now. I signed up earlier as an email subscriber. Looking good over here.

    1. Oh awesome! Thanks you so much for subscribing!

  5. Hi just checking the word verification is off.

  6. Welcome to the BlogPaws community!
    So glad you were able to figure out how to kiss Mr. Google+ goodbye!
    ; )

    1. lol, yes thank you SO much! That google....sometimes...I tell ya! :)

  7. You guys are lucky it's only halloween... our mom finds stuff throughout the year and has to dress us up and take pictures! Sometime, it really is a dog's life!

    Sam and Pippen

    1. LOL :) aww, but I bet you pups look simply adorable in your outfits though! :)

  8. The Thundering Herd suggested we come over and say hello, so here we are. HI! Not to worry - we HATE costumes. Mom can usually sucker us into a bandanna around the neck, but that's pretty much where it ends. Last year Mom tried putting reindeer antlers on us... Yeah, um, she ended with with the world's grumpiest Reindog (my sister Abby) and the world's most pathetic Reindog (me). We hope she's learned her lesson!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Hippobottomus

    1. :) Well a big thank you to the Thundering herd! And a big thank you to you as well, this is my brand new blog and I truly appreciate these comments and you coming to check us out! I might just give the antler thing a try this Christmas, be on the lookout for another depression pic as they sport their Christmas wear LOL

  9. That is a remarkable level of tolerance for costuming. I don't put up with anything of the sort. I have found that if I calmly and promptly remove any attempted outfit, momma is initially frustrated, but then remembers that I am totally adorable in my nekked state and I earn a cookie just for being me.

    I sincerely hope that you two received many cookies and smoochies for not only putting on those outfits, but allowing your momma to post them all over the interwebs.


    1. (Mika speaking)----> BOL!! Yes well, she promised we would get some fame out of it! We did get lots of great treats for it, but I didn't even want to look her in they eye, I was SO embarrassed! I think mum knows I am adorable i n my nekked state also, but hey if it's just for a minute and a picture, i'll wear it......I am still awaiting the fame though!


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