Friday, 29 November 2013

Friday's "woofs" and "growls"

Time for another edition of:      
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     "Woofs" and "Growls"

Today on "woofs and "growls", Lexus speaks out on one of her fav things, and..well one of her...not so fav things! 

(Lexus)---> Hewwo furriends, today i'm, told it's my turn to speak out, so here goes.
Ah yes, my mini-human cuddle time!

WOOFS:I LOVE mini-humans!! well ages 3 and up anyway! We have a couple of mini-humans here in our home, and I gotta tell ya, them mini ones are by far more fun then the big fur-less humans. 
They love to play! The mini-est human here is smaller then me, 3 years old I think I hear them say. Anyway she likes to run....I like to run...therefor we both run, back and forth and back and forth.....and back....and forth, numerous times in the living room a day! And she doesn't even mind when I occasionally "forget" that i'm not suppose to play with her toys and I grab one and run away as fast as I can. buahahaha!
just watchin some tv with the mini's
Then theres the other mini-human which is somewhere around the age of 10 or something....hmm in dog years I guess she wouldn't be so mini, would she? Anyway, she tells me I am great at agility and such. I have no clue what that is, but she's always gettin me to jump over her like she's a fence and things like that, and hey, I love to jump, so it works! She gives me treats all the time when I look like my pretty ol' self to! So all in all I think mini-humans are great fun!

And there's my Que to jump up and intervene, "hey cat
Thats MY min-human"!!
GROWLS: One thing I really dont like, is when the cats of the house get attention! Dont get me wrong, I think they are the most odd, interesting, tiny little fur-things I have ever had the pleasure of living with! They are great to play with...as long as they keep those sharp claws put away (whats up with that anyway? like what kind of earth based animal has claws that literally go back up inside their paws when they dont need 'em???) Not very 
earthly if you ask me! 
Look at the fur-ball, all comfy all her lap!  
But regardless, if they 
are getting some love, 
that must mean I need love 
to, so I must always go
 over to mom, the mini's
 or whomever it may be, 
and stick my head in the 
way and instantly they begin to pet me to! It doesn't 
matter if i'm in a deep sleep
 on the couch, or whatever the 
case may be, if I see a cat 
getting some love, thats my Que
 to jump up and get over there
 as fast as I possibly can! 

Well folks that about does for me, thanks for reading, and be sure to come back! 

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  1. Hooray for mini humans. I love them too.

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    1. Click "Get the Inlinkz code" just above the hop itself on the original blog post: http://www.rascalandrocco.com/2013/11/pet-parade-17.html

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  3. Thanks for sharing the hop! Congrats on being featured! The link you added didn't work, so I linked it to this post. You're welcome to change it if you wanted it to land on a different post. I couldn't find a post with the pic you linked. ;) ~Rascal and Rocco

    1. Oh, oopsy! Thanks for letting me know! I've messed up this whole blog hop thing a couple times.....I'll try and fix it :( still trying to figure all this stuff out lol
      I was very please to be featured!!! Made my day! Thanks so much!

  4. That is so very cute! Have a great night.

  5. The so much! And you have a great night also!

  6. Ohhhh...a Sibe that doesn't try to "taste" a kitty! Woo are pawsome. Paw pats, Savannah

    1. Actually yea they all get along really well! I worked really hard at socializing them all and always made sure the kitties had a place to go if they wanted kitty alone time lol It may have helped that we had the cats first...well at least 2 of the cats anyways. Thx for readin :)

  7. LOL thats so adorable!! Lexus and Mika are the cutest huskies ever :)

  8. Replies
    1. Hey guys!! The for coming by! Yesi think my girls agree with u, they love them some mini humans!! Lol

  9. I like mini humans a little bit but I am not around them that much. Barks and licks and love, Dakota

    1. They r very fun to be around! They lovvvve to play!


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