Tuesday, 26 November 2013


Mika and Lexus in: Movember!

Hello everybody and a Happy Tuesday to all of you!

Not impressed!!!
Today I thought I would show you how we are participating in this years Movember.
I think raising awareness about prostate Cancer is very important.

And yes, I know these pics are silly and cute, but please realize Movember is not a joke.

Get this thing off me mom..I mean, really?
If I had a mustache I would show off my Movember stache, but unfortunately I do not, so my poor Sibes get to do it for me! Feel free to post pics in my comment section if you or your pets are sporting the Movember stache, I would love to see them! 
her poor little squished nose lol

It was a challenge trying to get the mustache to stay on them lol, so I had to resort to holding it on while I attempted a pic......yep...best I could do! 

  Now enjoy the pics and remember to help raise awareness for prostate cancer, and participate with your Movember stache (whatever way possible!) 
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Thanks for reading!


  1. Nice movember beard :-) I don't no how to upload a picture in this blog - if it is possible, so I uploads a picture of me and my beard on my facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/laikashundeliv. My mom asks if you know the page http://ipiccy.com/ . There you can make funny pic's and stuff for free.

    1. You look great with the Stache!!! LOL and thank you for the link, I will check it out :)

  2. There is no / (slash?) after ipiccy.com

  3. You both look so adorableee


  4. LOL SOOOO adorable! I cant believe Mika actually let you put it on her....well hold it on her LOL!

  5. Lol thx caren ! They weren't so impressed, but its for a good cause ;)

  6. Lol yea it wasn't entirely easy lol

  7. Lexus is too cute in his Movember stache :)

    If we ever get a girl dog, we're so naming her Lexus to go with our car theme.

  8. Lol yes she is adorable in her stache lol the for reading! And I know, I love the car Lexus and the name Lexus so it works for us lol!

  9. She's a good girl for letting you do that. :) She looks cute too.

    1. Yes they were good.....considering....well look at them lol so cute

  10. Great message and very cute pics. Happy WW X TH


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