Saturday, 30 November 2013

Saturday Sibe-Vibe

The Sibe-Vibe---->Husky fun facts

Hello everybody, I hope you are all having a great weekend! 

   I have decided that Saturdays will be my one day a week where I will do some Husky fun facts.

Before I adopted my girls, I did a TON of research on the breed. Having been a huge fan of Sibes my whole life I knew a bit about them, and knew it would take a lot of research and work to own this unique breed. SO thats what I did! 
Therefor I learned a ton about them and would like to share some of that stuff with my readers. 

Please remember that I am relaying info that I have researched and read for myself, and my opinion is not that of a professional.

So my fun fact is perhaps the most important and interesting one I have ever learned about Huskies.  In 1925 there was a dog sled team run by a man named
Gunnar Kaasen, and him and his sled team had to run a serum over to Nome Alaska, over 600 miles from where they were. They became
Balto's statue
 famous for saving Nome
Also I know many of you have heard
 of the Iditarod trail sled dog race,
 which is to commemorate the famous 
serum delivery. And you may have also
 heard of or seen the 1995 movie 
called Balto. Which was quite
 literally based off the lead dog
 in Gunnars sled team, none other then....Balto. Balto even has his very own statue to honor him! 

And that wraps up my Husky fact this Saturday! Thanks for reading!

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  1. Wow how cool is this! I love to see those Huskies enjoying sled-pulling especially! They look so fulfilled! Great post!

  2. Thank u very much! Yep they lovvvvve to pull that's for sure!

  3. Loved the post :)

    Welcome to join my blog

  4. Wow great post! Lol, that one dog in the last pic looks like its saying "gotta go gotta go gotta go" LOL someones in a rush

  5. The only thing I know about them is that they’re beautiful dogs. We saw one today tied up outside the post office. Good thing they like the cold.

  6. Yea the do like the cold that's for sure! There's so much to this breed people don't know, that's why I decided to do a sibe vibe fun facts! Thx for coming!

  7. We ARE furry furry special ;-)


  8. Thanks for sharing your fun facts...this will be interesting to learn!

  9. There's a statue? That's SO cool! How do I get a statue of me? Hmmm... I wonder...


  10. that was super interesting! Thanks for sharing! I think I reviewed a book about Huskies last year on Dakota's blog........ugh, I can't remember the name right now....let me look....ooops, I just checked it was a Samoyed...sorry!

    1. LOL no worries!! What book? Id love to check it out, Samoyeds are great to!
      Thx for reading!!

  11. Interesting story. Didn't know about Balto.

    1. Yep, theres so much stuff about Huskies, i'll be posted amazing facts every Saturday! Thx so much for coming!


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