Sunday, 22 December 2013

Black and White Sunday!

Welcome to B&W Sunday! 

This is a blog hop! Where all us dogs and cats get together and rock the black and white look! 
This hop is hosted by: Dachshund Nola and Sugar The Golden Retriever 

So since I am doing a performance down the runway today, I thought it would be nice to have my kitties in it to, SO...

Today on the catwalk we have:

Loco the kittie, looking extra special on her backside!

Next we have:

The ever so stunning, Kiki, giving her best pose for the camera!

Coming from the side entrance, we have:

Winter, doing his very best to push the camera away, but still giving those dashing eyes a glance at the cam!

And for the final 2, last but not least, struttin that Husky flare we all know and love is:

**Drum roll please** 

Mika and Lexus, looking ever so delicate and professional and .......**"hey Lexus, get off the cats!!"**

(ahem) looking ever so delicate and professional as they prance down the runway...

And there you have it, shows over folks! 

Hope you enjoyed, and be sure to check back tomorrow for "OMD Monday" where we focus on a different rescue story every week.

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  1. Everyone is looking good and ready for the Holidays!

  2. They are all adorable , perfect for camera shooting :D

  3. Golden Meow to Loco :-) Looking good Mika n Lexus. Have a PAWsome Black n White Sunday and Wonderful Holiday. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  4. What pawsome faces! Merry Christmas, Lee and Phod

    1. Aww thanks guys! Merry Christmas to you to!

  5. They are all strutting their stuff today! Happy B&W Sunday! Meghan from 2catsandacattledog.com

  6. I love all the pictures! Especially Mika's face in her picture. Or Loco's extra relaxed look. Happy B&W Sunday! ~ Me, You and Zu

  7. Great pictures of all your cats (uurrrr) and dogs (lick lick)

  8. Looking good there, guys! woo woo woo!

    1. Hey Rump! Great to see you here!Thanks for comin by!! :)

  9. Your pets are precious! I love your page, you must have a better working relationship with Blogger than I have! My site drives me crazy! Your snowflakes are so impressive!! Have a great Christmas with your crew!

    1. Thanks I hope you have a great Christmas to!!!
      Blogger drives me nuts BTW......took a long time to figure out what I have!!!
      I had to ask for a ton of help!
      If you ever want to ask anything, pls feel free


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