Friday, 13 December 2013

Friday's 'Woofs' and 'Growls'

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Welcome to this weeks 'Woofs' and 'Growls' 
 So this is usually the day where I let Mika and Lexus take over and we get to hear their thoughts on their favs and....not so fav things  BUT in light of it being Christmas, I thought you all would like to hear their letters to Santa Paws instead?

(MIKA)--> Dear Santa Paws,

        My fur-less mother tells me I 

am to write a letter to you...not 

sure why, because we have not 

done this any other year, and still 

you have always made sure I have 

a box to bite at and open with my 

teeth always to find yummy treats, 

or stuffies to chew inside of it.

But I aim to please my fur-less mother, or at the very least humor her, so 

here goes....I would like a new collar......simple reason, I am SICK of 

matching my little sisfur!!! I mean, I love her and all, but really? Must I 


A magical one way kitty door, so they can walk out, but they can't get 

back in.

Oh and hey, I know you live in the North Pole, and as far as I know, you 

guys always have snow up there.....is it to much to ask you bring it here 

more then one season a year?

I would also like you to have a conversation with my humans about this 

whole dress up thing....on Halloween I felt violated....they dressed me up 

as a Hawaiian hoola dancer....it was very embarrassing! And next thing I 

hear they want me wear a santa hat or reindeer antlers for a Christmas 

pictures!!!! Paw-lease! 

One more thing and the most important, my mommy is always going on 

about the stray animals around here and how she wishes she could start  

a rescue organization all on her own. I wish for all the homeless pets 

around the world to find furever homes, and at the very least find a warm 

place this winter, and some food to eat. 

I know my silly humans would have all the homeless pets live with us if it 

were possible, they already took one kitten in a few months back and 

named her Loco, she has lived here since. She feeds the other ones all 

the time, has built a warm place for them to sleep, as our shelter is just to 

full at the present moment. But with 2 of us dogs and now 3 cats, we  

 have no more room...

..So Pawlease Santa Paws, those guys need help most of all this year!

Thanks for listening,

Sincerely Mika

Be sure to come back for next Friday's 'woofs' and 'growls' when Lexus will do her Santa Paws letter.

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  1. Mika, that was an excellent letter to Santa Paws. ~Socks & Family

  2. It's hard not to want to take in all the homeless animals! I wish I had room for more! What a nice letter to Santa! Even if it started out to humor the human. ;) Thanks for sharing the Pet Parade and have a great weekend!

    1. Yes I know!!
      And thanks very much! Glad u came by!

  3. That is such a beautiful letter to Santa :D

  4. Wheee I surely understand your wishes about the "catcangetbackin" door.

  5. Great letter to Santa Paws. Paws crossed you get what you ask for! Thanks for visiting me today!

    1. Thanks very much! I appreciate you coming by mine as well :)

  6. Great letter! Same for us, paws crossed for you!
    We're #13!
    Purrs your way,
    Mikko & I

  7. what a meowy good letter to santa I will have to dictate one to my mom so she can mail it for more presents for me I get very upset when my boy gets more stuff then me. I am king therefore I must have more. I will also dictate she donate extras to the pet shelters so my fellow felines and canines can find their future staff

    1. Thank you very much! Thats a great idea!

  8. That was a great Santa letter. We don't have any kitties here, but we sure do agree about the whole costume thing. We hope Santa fulfills all your dreams.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  9. That is a paw some letter to Santa Mika. We are sure all your wishes will come true. Lee and Phod

    1. Thanks for coming by guys! We hope so to!!

  10. That's a very sweet letter to Santa. I'm sure he'll read it very carefully and do everything he can. xo

    1. I hope so! Thanks so much for coming by!!

  11. Mika, we loved your letter to Santa very much. We hope he grants you those wishes, sweet one.

    1. Aww thanks so much! And I'm glad you stopped by :)

  12. Paws cross Santa takes note of your letter x

  13. What a lovely letter! I hope you get all you wish for, Mika! –Kristen http://www.wellmindedpets.com

    1. Thanks so much Kristen! Much appreciated! :)

  14. Mika that was a great letter to Santa Paws and seriously, no girl should ever have to wear matching collars with another girl...sooooooooo embarrassing...and I am a cat and even I know that much

    1. I know right??? Silly fur-less mother thought it would cute, not even considering my feeling!!! How dare she!


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