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OMD! Monday presents...

  The story of Maisy and Bear:

I came across this story and had to share, because lets face it, we all love a sad story that has a very happy ending! So here goes...

       Maisy and Bear's story starts out like so many other stories we hear every day. These 2 dogs were badly neglected, and as far as anyone could tell, had never been inside a house, or had any love of any kind. The owner surrendered them to the Los Angeles Shelter. It was extremely obvious that they had no socialization with humans or other dogs. Because of that reason, among others, they were hard to adopt out.

The Los Angeles shelter spent months and months waiting for them to find a forever home. Maisy got adopted out a few times, yet she was always returned to the shelter....however always seemed happy to be reunited with her big brother Bear. (not her real brother) Having spent their whole lives together, Bear acted as a big brother to Maisy. Every time she returned, it was as if no time had past, they went right back to loving each other.
Maisy on the left. Bear on the right
The shelter would have loved to have them adopted out together as to not separate the 2, but Bear, being a Pit Bull mix was largely ignored. 

Like so many other shelters they were overpopulated and underfed. Their time was very quickly running out, before they were to be euthanized. 

Founder of Creature Kind Foundation Helen Storey saw the profile for these dogs and immediately called the shelter to hold them off. 
She took the 2 dogs as a plan to foster them until their forever homes were found. It was discovered that Maisy had an injury from some time ago, never treated, which left her limping. Helen made her a vet appt right away to get her the help she needed. She even had a behavior specialist work with the dogs to get them socialized. Maisy and Bear finally got their freedom together, and the love they deserved. 
And come on, you had to know how this was going to end by now. 
They found their forever home, with their new Mama....Helen Storey. 

The dogs are happy as ever and came a long way in their training.
We are SO happy they found their forever home together!

Here is a link to the heart warming video of this beautiful story.
Please feel free to watch, for a daily feel good moment!

Maisy, Bear and Helen, their new Mama

What inspired me to write this story today, was my own local shelter, they are a "no kill" shelter and are in dire need of help.....no i'm not asking you to donate money, a couple clicks however to vote for LAWS Lanark Animal Welfare Society, would greatly help. They are in the semi-finals for the Aviva community fund. And could really use our votes! Voting opens in 2 hours.
Thank you so much for your kind help! Here's the link:

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  1. Great story - Maisy was my mom's name...and she looks a little like our dog Tino, so I'm very happy there was a happy ending!

    1. Oh neat!
      Yea I love writing storied with happy endings!
      And the video is beautiful to watch how happy they are with their new mama Thx for comin by Slim

  2. Nice story, we love a happy ending.

  3. Nice story :) love the ending

    Welcome to join my blog

  4. Nice one! Love the snowflake effect as well! Sweet!

    Earl and I from

  5. The Earl!! Took me a while to find a code that would work for blogger to get that snow!

  6. Haha, you did a great job at working it out!

  7. Yes, its not quite what I wanted but it works lol!!!

  8. What a perfect story!

    You did fine with the Monday Mischief button mine is just a picture too but if you want the html code, which will include the link-Snoopy has it here: http://snoopysdogblog.com/monday-mischief-blog-hop/

  9. What a happy ending to this story!! Thank you! I'll click over now. :)

  10. What a wonderful story, thank you for sharing!

  11. Wonderful story. Loves it :-)

  12. Glad it hd a happy ending. It was kinda hard to concentrate on the story with the snow falling. MOL!

  13. Yes I agree with Keisha, its not that hard for me but its a little hard to concentrate. Love the story though and happy it was a happy ending :)

  14. What a wonderful story to share and for such a good cause. Meghan from 2catsandacattledog.com (I was fine with the snow...)


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