Saturday, 7 December 2013

Saturday SIBE VIBE!

Welcome to this Saturdays edition of Sibe-Vibe! Every Saturday I Like to do a little fun fact about Huskies so here goes...

    Ok so last week I explained a bit of Husky history in Nome Alaska.
This week i'm gonna step back into the present and share a little known fact of what us Husky folk Know all to well!

The Blowout: 

I think everybody knows that a husky sheds......and sheds.....and sheds....
But they also go through something called a blowout twice a year. This is where they will "Bow out" their undercoat. Huskies, unlike some other dogs have 2 coats of fur. They have a soft undercoat that keep them cozy warm in harsh winter weather, then they have a more coarse coat that basically acts a shield From rain and things like that. Keeps their undercoat dry so they stay warm. Also their double coat can keep them cool when it's hot outside!

All my grooming tools!

And this is only half of the after effect (above)

And I will take this time to debunk a myth about Huskies!
I have always heard Huskies virtually never shed untill it's time for blow out........NOT TRUE! They shed all the time as a regular dog does, however at blow out time, it is more severe! The fur will come out in clumps sometimes! It is very important to keep your Husky groomed, at the very least a good brushing once a week will do the trick!

Be sure to note the Husky fur all over our little carpet in front of the front door LOL
(and truly, I vacuum it often!!)

So that about wraps it up for this weeks Sibe-Vibe, remember, to help with shedding dogs, grooming as often as you can really cuts down the amount of fur balls you will see in corners of your house! BOL!

Thanks so much for reading!            

P.S: today is another day we need your vote at my local animal shelter! 5 days left! And you can vote once a day! No donation, just a simple click a day is all it takes. (yes, you do have to register, but I promise, it only takes a second, and you dont get any annoying emails!) Click HERE to learn more about LAWS and what they do for our community.
Click HERE to go put your vote in and read more about what this funding is for.
Thanks! :)

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  1. That's a lotta lotta fur!!! That just might be a whole cats worth!
    ; ) Katie

    1. Lol oh it is a whole cats worth.....and then some! Lol

  2. Ohh that was very interesting thank you for sharing :D

  3. yes grooming is the way to go lol. I have voted again to day. Hope your shelter wins.

    1. Awesome thank you so much for voting!!!

  4. I remember those days with my husky! Time to get out the spindle and knitting needles... lol. Meghan from 2catsandacattledog.com

    1. Lol yea if only i knew how to do that stuff!

  5. Indeed, any human sharing their home with an arctic dog should invest in a good vacuum! woo woo!

  6. We go through the same thing with Dakota! Shelties shed big time too!

    1. Yes there are a few breeds that are bad shedders!!!!

  7. I think that our golden retriever does that too....I'm not sure if it's as severe as it might be with the huskies, but this last fall I could not believe how much she was shedding.....I brushed and brushed and brushed and it just kept coming off!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

    1. Oh I know oit can be very difficult to keep on top of! I do my best and still see the occasional tumble weed of fur blow on by LOL!!

  8. Grooming is good :-) purrrrr


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