Saturday, 21 December 2013

Saturday Sibe-Vibe!

Here to catch the Saturday Sibe-Vibe?
GREAT! We have a good one for you today.

Hello everyone, and Happy Saturday to you! 
   For those of you who don't know, every Saturday I like to do a post on a fun fact about Huskies. 
There is much to learn about the Siberian Husky, so many things people do not know (including myself) I started doing major research on Huskies before I decided to get Mika and Lexus. I had heard that this breed needed a ton of attention and exercise and this and that (not unlike other breeds of course) but I wanted to make sure I knew all I could before making the decision.

I had so much fun learning about them, and that is why i would like to share these facts with you! :)

Today I will be focusing on the color of a Siberian Husky. It is not uncommon for people's assumptions of Huskies color. People think Husky....they think Grey, or black and white, or even all white, and thoughts do not really go from there. Although black and white or grey are by far the most common Huskies we come across, that is far from the different colors they can be.

Here I will show you some pics of different colored Huskies, and label what each color is called.

"Wooly Coat"

"Wolf Grey"


"Mostly Black"

"Splash Coat"

"Silver and White"






"Black and white"

"Light Red"


There may even be more, but that is what I found when I did my research. So many different colors, so many different looks to a Husky.

Some people see a Husky who does not look like a "traditional" Husky and instantly think they must not be purebred. Not realizing the many different appearances they actually have.

So I hope you enjoyed learning a bit about Siberian Huskies today, as I have enjoyed sharing!
Come on back tomorrow and see my girls, Lexus and Mika, rockin  Black and White Sunday!

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  1. Great post mates!!! We have never actually seen a piebald huskerboo in real life, we think they look pretty cool! Play bows,


    1. Thank you so much!!! I know me to! That is definitely one of my fav colors!!! Glad you came by!

  2. Oh! Those Huskies are snazzy in their multi-colours ;-)
    Interesting post.
    Colours in a dog (any breed) don't always mean they are not purebred. Pedigree is different however, meaning registered by the Kennel Club. Purebred means not crosses with any other breed. Colours don't matter in the show ring usually, as long as the dog does not have tear stains etc. Colours can sometimes matter in the show ring if that colour is not a 'registered' colour and is more random.


  3. They are such beautiful dogs. I admit I thought the other colours were "mixed', now I know!

    1. I know, don't feel bad though, I never knew till I did my research also! :)

  4. the white and the light red amazing dogs :) . You are welcome to join our blog with a story about your dog :)

    1. Yes they are beautiful!! And how do I do that? That would be cool!!!

    2. just visit my blog and send me an email with your story :)

  5. Wow! My favorites are the "Wolf grey", "Piebald", "Agouti", "Saddleback" and the "Wooly coat"

  6. Amazing with all that colours.

  7. Wow, thanks, we knew there was several colors, but not that many. Oh, the Black and White looks just like our Boy Stoney, he was a nut job deluxe and lived to be eighteen, Bites drove him nuts we think!

    The Merry Mad Scots

    1. LOL yea, there is so many different colors! They are all beautiful!

  8. Oh to do the math of the khoat kholours and eye kholours khombos we khould have!!!

    Thanks FUR sharing them so many will see we aren't just blue eyed sled dogs1


    1. And thanks for coming by to read Khyra!! Glad you enjoyed!

  9. Very interesting post! I know that with all kinds of pets, the colorations and markings can be outstanding! I usually think of white with gray or black or the red colored ones. I didn't know about Agouti. My pet rat is actually agouti, so that's kinda cool!

    1. LOL nice! Yea I had no idea they were so many until I did a bunch of research on them!

  10. This was so very interesting. We had a husky/german shepard mix when I was a child but after seeing the pics, I'm wondering if she was just pure husky. She was a fantastically smart dog. I love the facts and am visiting from Caren & Cody's blog.
    ~Cool Mom
    Assistant to The Stanley & Katrina Gang

    1. Well thanks for coming by, I will head over and check out your blog also!! And yep she very well could have been pure!!

  11. Great info! I didn't realize there were so many!

    1. I didn't either, until I did my research on the breed. I was amazed! All so beautiful to!

  12. We never realized Huskies came in so many colors! Thanks for sharing this info!!

  13. I definitely didn't know that they came in all those colors, especially the all black or all white. Now which colors are yours? I hope you are having a wonderful Christmas!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets


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