Saturday, 14 December 2013

Saturday's Sibe-Vibe!

Hey guys, time for another edition of Sibe-Vibe! 

Every Saturday I like to do a short post with some Siberian Husky fun facts.

This week I'll be touching on something called "snow nose" 

"This be my snow nose!"

If you look closely at Mika's nose, you will notice that it is no longer completely black.
It is speckled pink, with a pink stripe forming down the center of her nose.
This happens to Huskies during the winter season.
Although I have read online that even Huskies in warm climates get snow nose also, even thought it was thought to only happen during cold winter months.

As far as I have read, the exact reason for snow nose is still unknown.
It is simply a loss of pigment in their noses (mostly) during winter season.
Posing no health risk at all........just sort of.....happens!

Siberian Huskies are not the only breed that get snow nose.
Bernese Mountain Dogs, Labradors, Golden Retrievers and a few other breeds get it to.

Also, not ALL Huskies get it during winter.......in my girls case, Mika gets it, Lexus does not. Her nose is still black as ever.

"Dear God woman, turn the darn flash off!"


snow nose

Some examples of "snow nose"
(not my dogs in these last 2 pics)
Some Huskies snow nose is much more
prominent than Mika's. 
Pinkest snow nose i've seen!


And that's the Sibe-Vibe for this Saturday, thanks for reading everybody!

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  1. Interesting fact that about snow nose :)

  2. I had no idea that happened. How interesting! I will pay more attention to the noses now!

    1. Yep, I think its so cool to watch their noses change! Very interesting, thats for sure! Thanks so much for coming ! :)

  3. Interesting...going to start watching my Labs. Don't remember ever seeing it, but maybe I just wasn't paying attention.

    1. Hi Slim, thanks for coming by! Your labs just may be ones who don't get the snow nose? Have no clue why some do and some don't, like mika vs Lexus...strange. Lol

  4. Wow, now thats interesting, had our huskie for seventeen years and really never notice!

    The Mad Scots

    1. Lol well your Huskies could be one that it just doesn't happen to. As I said Mika gets it, but Lexus doesn't, its strange like that and not sure why some do and some don't, just the way it goes I suppose lol

  5. That is cool! I'm going to have to watch Scout's nose and see if that happens to him.

    1. It is really cool! And really weird to see to lol

  6. Never knew that about their noses! Too cool!

  7. Thanks Caren, I thought it was pretty cool to!

  8. FYI Mom's male show Sibe, Crusty, had a permanent snow nose...it is also due to the pigment not coming in properly. In the conformation dog show world a snow nose used to be a detractor

    1. Oh really? And yes I had heard that about dog shows! Silly tho, I think snow nose is beautiful !

  9. Interesting! I didn't realize their noses changed back and forth. I thought it was age or genetics. Thanks for the info!


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