Friday, 6 December 2013

Tasty chews!

Hello everybody and Happy Friday!

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So I thought I would take today to talk about one of my girls most FAV things to chew on. 
 Deer Antlers!

I know, I know, sounds gross right? It is actually extremely healthy for dogs, as well as dogs teeth! 

So many benefits to giving your dog antlers such as:

  •  they will keep your dog busy for a VERY long time! 
  • Great for your dogs teeth (helps with plaque build up etc...
  • FULL of nutrients! ex: it is a bone so full of bone marrow (calcium)
  • %100 natural!
  • Long lasting as well!
  • no mess! no odor!

Us dog owners are constantly looking for a chew toy that is long lasting.
Deer antlers is about the only thing I have found that last more then a week! 

The antlers we buy are Canadian local which is always a plus side.
But the best part is, the antlers are naturally shed! There are no deer harmed for their antlers, as deer naturally shed them, and regrow them each year.

sorry for the glare!

Mika enjoying her antler!

And Lexus enjoying hers!

Beware however, and look into the company you are buying them from, because they cannot all claim that their antlers are naturally shed!

P.S Not all dogs will like their antlers! One way to try to entice your dog, is to run warm water over the part of the bone where the marrow is showing, thus bringing out a scent that your dog will be attracted to (still unscented to us furless type folk) 
And once your dog starts digging in, he wont be able to refuse!

Hi guys! And thanks so much for reading! I would like to take the time to mention my local shelter. Lanark Animal Welfare Society (LAWS) 

I know, I know, I've gave them a mention every day this week. But this is somewhere in between a reminder and in case anyone hasn't seen my past weeks blog posts. Anyway....

LAWS needs our help! They are semi finalists in the Aviva community funding challenge, but they are quickly falling behind! You can check out more about the kind of things LAWS does HERE 

They are a no kill shelter and  have been around for over 30 years in my community and always do their best to help. Never turning animals away. 
They are not asking for donations, just a simple click a day for the next 6 days!

All you have to do is click HERE and it will take you directly to the Aviva page.
(yes, you do have to register to be able to vote) BUT it only takes one quick second and you dont get any of those annoying emails in your inbox! 
Then you can go back once a day to vote. So get your clicking finger ready and start now! 

Thanks in advance to all who take the time to do this! It is greatly appreciated!

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Have a great weekend!

RIP Nelson Mandela-honorable man, sleep easy my friend!


  1. Thanks for stopping by, and for your nice comment. :)

    We only have kitties here, but we have doggie pals who LOVE deer antlers. And these certainly sound like good ones! We'll go vote for LAWS now.

  2. Oh I envy you. And by the way, I have voted again. Cross my paws.

    1. Thanks so much! I truly appreciate it! They need this so bad!

  3. Antlers??? Wow, us kitties have never tried antlers. Sometimes Glogirly says that Waffles has horns. Is that the same thing?
    ; ) Katie

    We voted!

    1. BOL!!!! Your to funny! I dont think thats quite the same thing hehehe! :)

  4. I think I would like deer antlers, I am going to have Mommy look into getting me some. ~Fenris

  5. Sheba loves her antlers, they last for ages and are safer than rawhide chews.

  6. These deer antlers sound like good ones :D Now voting :DDD

  7. I've heard that antlers are good and have been wondering about getting some for our Sibes...they look like they really enjoyed them!

  8. Replies
    1. Oh hey guys! Thanks so much for coming by! Truly appreciated as always! Yea they really do love them, and with the health benefits and how long they last, it is well worth the money!
      (Thx about the snow flakes!)

  9. I know that 'Antler Dog Chews' and 'Stagbars' are guaranteed naturally shed :)

    1. Good stuff :) that's the only way I ever buy them!

  10. I think Dakota is the ONLY dog I know that HATES deer antlers, yep, he HATES THEM!

    1. Really? Well to each dof their own I suppose eh? Lol

  11. Antlers are huge in this house!

    1. Yes they are great!!! And such a perfect treat for them!

  12. Greetings and Monday meows! Love your blog, but not sure if I'd like any antlers to chew on, I prefer mouses!!! MOL :D

    Wishing mew all a supurr purry week

    Bestest meows

    Basil xx

    1. Thnaks Basil! No im not sure you kitty folk would like the antlers! But I love that you cam by to read about them! Thanks so much, you a good kitty!

  13. my gang like antlers also, I have a bunch out in the garage but you think I will give them to the dogs, no I have to give them the ones from the store. LOL

    1. lol yea! They are great, and dogs just love them!

  14. Deer antlers, huh? Wonder what my 12lb dog, Max, would think of that?! We don't get a lot of deer antlers in town, but I love the image it brings to mind! Thanks for sharing the hop! I'm late in getting around to everyone's great posts this week. We've had a great turn out! Hope your shelter gets the help it needs. No such thing as over sharing for a cause like that.

    1. Thanks guys! Yea, dogs love antlers! And so healthy. You say you have a 12 pounder? They do also sell smaller parts of the antler for smaller dogs, if you were interested is finding one.
      Thanks for coming by! And looking forward to tomorrows parade!


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