Friday, 31 January 2014

Friday Woofs and Growls !

Its time for Friday's Woofs and Growls !

Today is the day when I let my pack take over and share with you their likes and dislikes of the week !
Enjoy :-)

Arroooooos! Mika here , to share some woofs with you .

As a furiend of ours likes to say : Us Huskerboos really can fly !

The sheer beauty of snow! Yep , that is my woof of the week ! There is nothing I love more then snow ! Weather I'm flying off the top of a snow bank or simply plunging my head into the snow .
I can be all moping around the house or just sleeping away , but as soon as mum takes me out for a play in the snow its like I'm a Lil pup again . 
I know y'all know what I'm talking bout! 

Ok now a growl or 2 . . .

Ugh! When them humans make you do silly poses like sit pretty and all that craziness , just so you can have a treat ? ? How would they like it if they had to so a pose or trick before they got their food ! And I don't know about your human parents , but when mine want to take a photo of me and I don't wanna look at the camera , what do I get ? I get a treat held up by the darn camera so I look up at it ! Sheer trickery ! 

I will not give you the satisfaction of looking at that treat . . .

No ! I won't do it !

Ahhhhh ok ok ! I'll do it ! But I won't like it ! Darn treat gets me EVERY time ! hehe ah well .

That's all I got this week , onto you Lexus .

Oh my turn ? Well if woo insist ! So what's up all my fur filled and fur less peeps in the world ? Lexi here to throw some woofs and growls your way !
My woofs this week are a couple of the things I WUV!


 I wuv my mini humans ! I wuv my cuddle time wif them ! I am a big snuggler , and so are they so we mesh well together !
And when one human doesn't feel like cuddling , you can be sure one of the other ones does !
Or even one of the other pets of the house !

This is Koda and I snuggling after some hard core play time ! Big woof of mine is that he likes to cuddle to !

Grrrrrr to this kitty when he sits above me like that . . . woo just know he is gunna jump on me soon ! Don't get me wrong , I wuv my kitty buddies very much but sometimes they scare me ! Woo just never know what their thinking in those evil eyes ! 
And then there are the times when they take advantage of your kindness .
See photo below . . . . 

Now , as woo can plainly see , this particular kitty has gone from his position above me on the arm of the couch, to right on top of me ! He made himself comfy for quite some time I might add !
Now I ask you , am I being taken advantage of ? 
Ah who am I kidding , when the camera wasn't watching , I gave my bestest kitty sibling a tongue bath , so glad mum didn't take that photo tho , talk about *hashtag embarrassing*

And now I'll let the Koda popster have his chance in the spotlight .
Koda , take it away !

ArRrOoOOooOof ! ! Koda pop speaking , and I'm suppose to share some woofs and growls with woo .
Hmmm . . . ok , lemme think about this .
Oh I got a couple woofs that make me happy !

Arooooooos to the little mini human who always leaves me some crumbs on the couch cushion to clean up ! Mum says they shoulda called me Hoover . . . I don't get it . . .

Aroooooooos to playing tugawar with my sisfurs ! Its so much fun , and cuz Lexi is smaller then me , its like I have her on a leash cuz I just pull her around with the rope in her mouth and she is to stubborn to let go hehehe , so Yea that's a big woof for me !

Ok a growl. Well gee I don't really have to many growls ,oh wait I got one ! 


Growls to those humans I keep seeing walk by my door ! Don't they know that I'm watching them , and I would like them to come say hello ! ? 
What , do they think their better then me ? " Hewwoooooo humans , come pet me nowwww " oh its no use . . .


Ok so my final growl of the week is when I ask my leash over and over again to take me outside , and it won't listen ! It doesn't even have the decency to answer me ! ? Like the least it could do is say , "nah Koda I don't really feel like taking ya out right now ok buddy" 
But no , I bite it , talk to it , pull on it and NOTHING !
How rude !

That concludes this weeks woofs and growls everyone . Thanks for coming and stay tuned for the Saturday Sibe-Vibe in tomorrows post :-)

And please take a moment to enjoy my husky share of the day , done by my friend Shane from "Shane's effects" . He works very hard on these effect photos and I'm proud to be able to display them on my blog .

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It was a big success after only our second week !
I hope to see you all there next week as well . 
And for anybody who didn't join , it is a great hop hosted by Ruckus the Eskie and myself , Love is being owned by a husky . 
And as Ruckus likes to say "Don't think , just link !" 
So grab the badge and have some fun next week . 


  1. Wow wow wowzers!! Look at all that snow!!! We would love some to play in here, but no such look yet. Where are you located?

    Earl and I from Earl's World!

    1. Haha! Yep we have a ton of snow! We are in none other then Canada!!!
      |Ontario to be exact!
      You can come play in the snow if you like! hehehe

  2. You are all just so cute! Me-Ommmmm, Zoe
    And pawesome snowooowooowoooooooo from brofur Ku! http://haikubyku.com

  3. Your pack is awesome. I love the highlights from each one's point of view. The cat sitting on Koda is a riot. What fun. Thank you for sharing and for visiting Stanley & Katrina's blog, today!
    Have a paw-riffic weekend, all!
    ~Cool Mom
    for the Stanley & Katrina Gang

    1. Thank you for coming by as well!
      The cat is sitting on Lexus LOL not Koda but but no worries hahaha!
      Hope you have a great weekend also!

  4. Great lists this week guys! I have to agree with all of them! ~ZuZu

    1. Thanks! Glad you came by!
      Have a pawsome weekend!

  5. I loved reading all of this. Fun pics. Annie understands about having to pose wih a treat. The kitty taking advantage is so funny!

    1. Haha! Thank you! That's very nice of you to say so!
      I love the kitty laying on lexus, honestly enough though, it happens all the time! I have endless photos of them cuddling!

  6. I love the personalities of your dogs!

  7. Good stuff, and great pics. They are all such cuties! I want to kiss them, but they are so far away!

    1. Thank you! They do like their share of husk kisses, I'm sure they would be glad send some your way!

  8. wow look at all that snow,we only have rain here,I love snuggles too!x Speedy

    1. Yea we sure aren't lacking in the snow department thats for sure!!!!

  9. Wow lovely to meet your pack xx

  10. I just enjoy your photos sooo much!!!! I love Huskies!!

  11. What a great wrap-up from the Huskies! Bentley & Pierre both turn their heads when they see a camera. Grrr! We do the same trick by the camera trickery! LOL!!


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