Friday, 17 January 2014

Friday's Woofs and Growls!

Hiya guys! For those of you who don't know, on Fridays we like to do a post letting Lexus and Mika voice what makes them happy...and not so happy! We have missed a couple Fridays because we participated in other things but I believe it was Mika's turn to speak when we left off.
Hope you enjoy, from a Huskies point of view!

I am also joining in the Pet Parade hop today, hosted by Rascal and Rocco! Feel free to link up!

*EDIT* Mika and Lexus have been featured today on one of our pet pals blogs! Noodles the cat ! Thanks so much Noodles, it is an honor to be on your page! Head on over and check it out guys! Thx :-) 

Take it away Mika!

--> Arooooooos! to everyfur! Hope ya'll are doin grrrreat today! It's Friday and I LOVE me some Friday! 
Today I will start out with my woofs of the week.

 My fav spot....the carpet that lays by the front door. It's the best seat in the house!
It's comfy, it's cozy, it's mine ! Mom always tells me we don't even need a carpet because of my fur, but I like it! 
Another woof of mine is my fur....you'll see why i'm saying this once you read my growls but, yea, I like my fur just where it is! It keeps me warm, and keeps the wetness off me in the rain, and I tuck my nose in it when i'm chilly....so why do all the humans want it gone! Or at least decreased?

What makes me growl (literally) is when i'm all cozy in my spot in front of the door, and my sisfur Lexus decides she wants to play. And without even so much as asking, she just jumps on me, and expects that I will be happy about it! 
I mean, don't get me wrong, I love playing just as much as the next dog but jeez! Not when i'm sleeping!! Least she could do is ask!!! Grrrrrr!!
So, as I was saying up above in my woofs, I like my fur....humans seem to want it gone all the darn time!!! They always want to brush me and groom me, and cut my toe nails, and this and that...and blah blah blah! Why do they want our fur out? Would they like us better bald? I THINK NOT!
Mom always says how beautiful my fur is, so why then, does she want to brush it outta me? Makes no sense if you ask me! 

So my question for all my fur-pals out there is, have any of you figured out why they always wanna brush out our lovely fur??? 
AND i'm curious if any of you have a special spot in the house where you prefer to lay? As I said mine is on the carpet in front of the door. How bout you?

Arooooooooos! Everfur for listening to my woofs and growls! I'll hand ya back over to mom now!

Ok so that about wraps it up for today, I hope you all enjoyed from a Huskies point of view and stay tuned for tomorrows post Saturday Sibe-Vibe! With the great facts about Siberian Huskies!

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  1. Happy Friday, friends!!!
    We hope you have a fabby weekend!
    Glogirly, Katie & Waffles

  2. maybe they're saving up to make a coat of their own? Jealous of you gorgeous fur? Thanks for sharing the Pet Parade! Happy Friday!

    1. Hey ya know, i never thought of that! Great idea! I bet that's what it is!!!!
      And no probs, we love us some pet parade!

  3. Hey, Lexus and Mika. We read your comment and wonder if it means you get to skateboard in the house? :) Have a great weekend.

    1. Bol!! Absolutely not haha! I think out human typist was more trying to be funny then anything!
      You have a great weekend as well : )

  4. Because the fur looks so lovely the humans want to keep them as giant hairballs maybe? :)

    1. You would think that would make sense right? But mom is always complaining about the fur balls rolling around the house, so I don't know if that's it! Lol!
      Thanks for your help though :)) have a good weekend!

  5. Mom always says she could make another dog with all my fur. I'm convinced that's why she combs me, not because she wants me to look pretty, like she says.
    ~ZuZu - Me, You and Zu

    1. Ahh!!! Now that makes perfect sense!!! Lately she has been talking of another pup....so maybe she is trying to make one withmy fur!!!!
      She is always telling me the same thing as you! So I bet your right!!

  6. I do looove, looove, looove my dads pillow in his bed. Shame he do looove it to. BOL and licks from Laika.

    1. Yea those darn humans take up to much room in our spots!!!!

  7. Well I love my furs being cut, cause all it does is collect dead grass and sticks, now Bites furs done grab anything, his is real course. And my favorite spot is now on the main couch, i can see out the front door, watch TV and check everything coming and going!


    1. Ahh I see! Very good. I absolutely despise having my fur brushed tho! I whine the whole time!! Boo ;)

  8. I know, we humans are so annoying with all that brush, brush, brushing! We hope it will mean less fur around the house, but that may be a losing battle anyway!
    There are lots of favorite spots to lay around here....when the woodstove is going, that's usually a favorite spot for everyone to lay in front of. There's also one bed in front of the sliding glass door which everyone seems to love.....they can keep an eye on things outside and catch some sunshine when it's out too!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

    1. ah yes the good ol wood stove! Sounds perfect. Your like me....but the opposite! I want to lay where its cold and you want the warmth! LOL
      I dont think its possible for the humans to have no dog hair in the house hahaha!

  9. Replies
    1. The only time I ever like it is when she brushes my neck! Right where my collar is, other then that she can take that darn brush and....and....shove it! BOL!!!

  10. Mikko sometimes likes being brushed, but not all the time. He likes to lay on the back of the couch on his paw-print blankie ;)
    Siamese smothers!!!

  11. Shiner likes to sleep on the bed or the couch. Even though I'm trying to get her out of that habit! She's not to fluffy, so she doesn't really get brushed. But I imagine she might like the way it feels if she did!

  12. Hi guys! Scout here! Mommy says I shed way too much. I don't understand either cause like you, I loves my beautiful white fur and my most favorite place to sleep is on the couch! Yep, I took over the human's couch! It's the best place ever! Have a great weekend!

    1. I agree! The humans couch is a great spot!!

  13. LOL I could see anyone one of my dogs saying the same thing as Mika. :)


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