Thursday, 16 January 2014


It's This 'N' That Thursday Blog hop today! And i'm joining hosts Ruckus the Eskie and
 2 Brown Dawgs for a post about a little of this, a little of that, and everything in between!
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The title says it all. 
I'm not sure if you've ever heard this expression, but I love it and as a Siberian Husky owner...(or being OWNED by a Siberian Husky rather) I know it all to well! 

"Huskies are like Lays potato chips, betcha can't have just one!"
                                Hence the term, Husky-holic! 

A little of this...

There is something I just love about dog tracks in the snow...
I'm not exactly sure why, but I do! It's almost like finding a perfect snow flake.
Most of the dog tracks get scuffed and don't come out as a perfect print but when they do, I think their beautiful! Same as a childs foot print in the snow. Beautiful!

A little of that...

Dog parks : For the longest time where I live there were no dog parks. I had to drive Mika about
an hour to get to the park every time we wanted to go. 
But we did it anyway. 
Finally we got the funding in my town to build our park. It may not be as big as some. But I LOVE the way they work it! 
There is 2 sections to our park. One for bigger dogs...one for smaller dogs!
Which I think is a great idea! I have been at parks and witnessed problems where the smaller ones are getting run over/ stepped on etc...because they are trying to run with the big guys.
Of course the owners of the smaller dogs have a choice of going to one side or the other. But at least they have a choice now. And if they choose to go in the side with the big dogs....well, enter at own risk LOL!! :-))

I find it so amazing, every time we are at the dog park and there are other Huskies there, they always seem to get together in a sort of Husky huddle. And they always go over to one corner of the park. When you look over it looks just like a pack of Wolves! And then they will all break out in a run at the same time. Seeing dogs at play in the park is just like watching your children play at a park. You just love looking at their happy faces as they run and play, and are care free for that time. 
Any other Husky owners experience the same thing at a park? Do your Huskies do a Husky huddle with the others?
How about other breeds? Does anyone ever notice their dogs seem to go to the same breed as them, more often then not?

Everything in between...

I wanted to show you guys a couple Husky items I have in my house. I gotta tell ya, I've always been a dog owner, but have never been so....so...obsessed with my dogs before being owned by these guys! Not sure if obsessed is the right word, but anything to do with a Husky, I want it! Pictures...household items...clothing...ANYTHING!!! 

The dream catcher is Wolves, not Huskies but Wolves happens to be another "thing" of mine! So I thought I would include it.

BTW the Husky-Holic bumper sticker you see in the photo, I just got in the mail, and in case your wondering I got it from a site called "Rockin da Huskies" Rockin da rescues, and rockin da Moots.  They have tons of great stuff there you can order, and I, of course, want it all!  
The very last photo (A house is not a home without a Siberian Husky) will be my next purchase, I found this...I love this...I want this! LOL :-)

Ok everyone that's it for me today. Check back tomorrow for Friday's Woofs and Growls, where Mika and Lexus get to voice their opinions on their likes and dislikes. Aroooooos!

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  1. Love the signs. My favorite is a bumper sticker I have that says " My Labrador is Smarter than your Honor Student"...

    1. Hahaha! That is an awesome bumper sticker!!! Love it!!

  2. Thanks for linking up to TNT! I cannot believe that you had no nearby dog parks. I would go crazy! Your poor huskies. Glad that there is finally funding now. Be sure to drop by for the first series of Thoughtless Thursday! Bye for now friend!

    1. Thanks Ruckus! Yea I walked them as much as possible and took them to the park an hour away as much as I could. I will be there for the new hop next Thursday. :))

    2. Man an hour away! That's true commitment. You must spend a long time at the park since it's such a long trip.

  3. Very nice that your town finally got a dog park! We used to go to the dog park here but it has been years since I have been there now.

    1. Yea it is nice! My girls would be lost without the park!

  4. How wonderful you got that dog park. Here in Denmark there is no such thing, at least I don't know any. Licks from Laika.

  5. We don't have an actual dog park, but my park is really dog friendly, and it's mostly enclosed.
    I know what you mean about making a bee-line for other sibes and mallies, I do the same when I see any, although there's not many of us in my park

    1. That's good that at least your park is dog friendly! The only parks around here before the dog park were not the least bit enclosed so there wasn't much to do there.
      I love how they seem to migrate together like that! So cool!

  6. Huskies are SUCH beautiful dogs. I love that you captured a perfect pawprint in the snow!

    1. well thank you! I just love them!!!!
      Thanks for coming by!

  7. Thanks so much for joining TNT! The paw prints are great. We never see Chessies out and about. If we see them, we usually know them so I guess we would huddle together...or maybe not...lol. You have a lot of cool stuff. We have ducks and pheasants all over the house...sporting dogs...teehee.

    1. Hi there guys! Yes of course you would ducks and things throughout your house! Its only fitting! Thanks so much for coming!

  8. A husky huddle is hilarious! Cooper is a lone dog and doesn't like dog parks... we just do long hikes. Happy last TNT! Meghan at 2catsandacattledog.com

    1. Whatever works :) I would love to go hiking. There are not many trails for that sort of thing around here though.

  9. We are finally going to get our first dog park after a two year court battle. I am so excited! It is too funny that the dogs form their own little cliques. Are the Huskies the "Cool" kids? haha!

    1. hahaha! Well I dont know about cool kids.....goofy maybe LOL! :)
      Thats great your finally getting a park to!


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