Saturday, 11 January 2014

It's the Saturday Sibe-Vibe!

Hiya! So you've come for this weeks Sibe-Vibe?
Today i'm going to go over what being "owned by a husky"                                                 is REALLY all about!

For those of you who don't know, every Saturday I like to do a post on some amazing Husky facts!

We all know that there are certain breeds out there that are just....well...not for everybody!
While the Golden Retriever, and Labradors are ideal for almost anybody's life style, some breeds are just not. 

To own a Husky, or as I like to say, be OWNED by a husky, you definitely have know the facts!

Yes, they are very loving and highly intelligent and can make great family pets, IF proper care is taken to realize what this breed needs.

My girls, Lexus and Mika

So lets go over the basics of our beloved Siberian Huskies.

  • High energy
Yup! I'm sure you all have heard how high energy they are! And yes it is true, although some break the mold of the typical breed (like my Mika) but some live right up to it (like my Lexus)
But regardless of breaking the mold or not, they NEED exercise! A happy Husky is an exercised Husky. 
They tend to become destructive and very stubborn if they are bored. So to be owned by a husky means walks...long walks...very often, at the very least once a day, but more is much better!
Jogging, even better!
Running around off leash, ex: fenced in yard or off leash dog park, as much as possible.

  • Escape artist
Nothing could be more true. So keeping on with the fenced in yard...make that a very high fenced in yard! If you are not constantly supervising your husky in your yard, they have been known to scale a fence 6 feet high, or maybe more!
I have also heard that it is best to even have a fence that goes underground a couple feet because if there's one major thing about huskies, it's that they like to dig!
A husky should NOT be trusted off leash, and I know I know, there are some people who will disagree with that, as I did at first but I learned my lesson the hard way, luckily I got Mika back when she ran...some are not so lucky.
A husky could be off leash all the time and be incredibly trustworthy, until one day....one certain smell, is enough and they will be gone. 
Which is why a good recall is in order! 
Even if your husky is never off leash, you should still have a great recall system in effect because of our "door darters" and any accidental escapes!

  • Family pets?
There's a lot of people who think huskies are not good family pets. But they couldn't be more wrong. Sibes make GREAT family pets! They are so loving! And gentle!
With any breed of dog (not just huskies) you should always train both your dogs and your children how to properly act with each other. 
Also a good idea (and what I do in my own home) is baby gates! Baby gates are a blessing when it comes to dogs and kids! I say that because lets face it, sometimes our dear children, both furry, and non furry, can get rambunctious so when that happens it is best to give the dogs their own space. And vice versa, when the dogs want to have their crazy play time, that should not be done around small children.
So give the dogs and the kids there own space to get away from each other for a while, and your golden! Also teach your dogs to be gentle with the children, and teach your children to be gentle with the dogs! 
It drives me crazy when I see online videos of parents letting their kids jump all over their dogs, and pull their ears and just plain old being mean! 
Then the beloved family pets who have taken so much from them for so long, end up "destroyed" because of a bite that could have been prevented!

  • working dogs
Yes the Siberian Husky is a working breed. No they do not have to be "working" in order to be happy! 
Huskies are not just for pulling sleds! They love being family dogs! Truly! 
And (see above) as long as you do things with them and they get their exercise, they are happy!
Stimulate them physically as well as mentally. Indoors, play brain games with them ex: playing hide and seek with treats around the house, making them think and sniff and all that stuff that dogs love to do!
And still I like to have a bit of fun with sled pulling with my daughters and my huskies. In the winter my girls love to pull my daughters around the yard in a sled with their harness on! And that's just for fun :)

Yes shedding! If you want to be owned by a husky, please be prepared for a furry house! LOL
Yes, you can keep it to a minimum with taking great care in their grooming. 
However as i have said in one of my past Sibe-Vibes, at least twice a year huskies do a 'blow out'
which is when they blow their entire undercoat and it literally comes out in clumps of fur. 
At those times, it is best to brush every day, but otherwise once or twice a week will do it, however a daily brushing is recommended. 

My Mika and her grooming tools

So there you have it! Some of the things every person should know before they choose to be 'owned by a husky' 

Hope you enjoyed reading and learning with us!

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  1. You did a great job , explaining us what your page name means

  2. Thank you! And thanks for coming by!

  3. From my experiences with huskies, they are wonderful dogs, but I would say they are "high maintenance". That's not a bad thing of course. Lovely dogs, but I am not sure that I would be able to keep up!

    1. Yes well u r right! They are not for everybody as wonderful as they are tho!

  4. Very interesting reading :)

  5. Like all breeds, people should do their research before getting one. They sound like fun to us! Lee and Phod

    1. Your absolutely right!
      And oh Yea! They r fun!!! That's for sure!!
      So full of character to!!

  6. I've always thought huskies are beautiful dogs. I just hope owners and would-be owners understand the high maintenance and are committed. Thanks for the education!

    1. Yea that's why o decided to do this post today! So many huskies (along with other breeds) end up in shelters because the person didn't know what they were in for when they adopted .
      Thanks for coming by!

  7. VERY interesting facts!!!
    I think Waffles is part-husky!
    High energy - check.
    Shedding - check.
    Escape artist - double check.
    ; ) Katie

    1. BOL he very well could be!!!! Thanks for coming!

  8. Great post - you certainly know your breed - guess that comes with being owned by them ;)

  9. that's interesting, I never knew they were escape artists! I am surprised! Not surprised about the shedding though, Shelties are right up there with them!

    1. Oh Yea, big time escape artists!!!!! Yes I have heardnshelties r big shedders as well! Thanks for coming!

  10. These are all true! We live by the "law of the leash" here. I do not trust any of my (northern breed) mixes off leash. Great post!

    1. Yes very true!! Thank God for leashes!!!! Lol

  11. These are such fabulous points, and I thank you for educating us about the breed. I definitely learned some things. I especially love the bit about the kids. It is so important with huskies and any dog, for that matter, to be taught to be gentle around children. Even more importantly, the children should be taught how to be around dogs. SO important. I look forward to your Saturday posts, too!

    1. Wow! Thanks Kristen, that means a lot to me! It is very important, and all to often it goes unsaid! I am glad you enjoy my Saturday Sibe-Vibe! :))

  12. Great facts about Husky's...great post overall :)

    1. Thank you so much! I truly appreciate it!

  13. I've always thought huskies were beautiful dogs, but didn't really know a lot about their temperament and what kind of pets they really made. Great info! I know a woman (through Facebook) who's husky escaped her fenced in yard (dug out) in just a matter of minutes and she's been looking for her ever since (well over a year now). Very sad, so every potential owner should know if their dog might be an escape artist.
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

    1. Ah! That is so sad! I really hope they find their husky! Even more, I really hope that poor Husky has survived and perhaps been taken in by someone!
      A lot of people see a husky, see that they are beautiful, and adopt right away for sheer looks, but dont realize that this is not a breed for everybody. Wonderful dogs of course, but not for everybody.
      Im so glad you enjoyed my Sibe Vibe and thank you for coming!

  14. Agree! A happy dog is a tired dog! And even happier if we get lots of bellyrubs:-)

  15. Love the post. It's so important to know these facts before committing to a Husky. Have a lovely Monday.

    1. Thanks so much! Yes it is very important!!!
      Hope you had a great Monday as well!

  16. Yep...we are so NOT Labs nor Goldens!

    It is furry khool to have a servant too!

    PeeEssWoo; Part of the reason I'm HERE is the other humans khouldn't keep me khontained - I kept running off - and they had to khonfine or surrender - their loss...MY gain!

    1. LOL so you know all to well what I am talking about then huh?!
      Thanks so much for coming!!

  17. Love this post. Love that you say Huskies are not for everyone. Chessies are like that too. I also love that you have a whole section on shedding. :)

    1. I'm glad you liked it! Everybody seemed to like this one. I will have To post more like these I think!

  18. AY SHEDDING. I can totally relate


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