Monday, 13 January 2014

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Time for another great rescue story on                                             OMD! Monday

Meet Baby. 
Baby was a lost dog for 2 YEARS!

Tampa Bay, Florida, a fisherman was out in his boat going about his regular day of fishing when he saw something bobbing up and down in the water.

Upon a closer look, he realized it was a dogs nose, fighting for air and fighting to stay afloat. 

The fisherman's name is Anthony Basile. And in my eyes, this man is a hero, because like it or not, not many would have swayed off course to go rescue a bobbing dog nose from drowning.

Anthony pulled the dog aboard his boat and went to shore. The dog still had her collar on which bared her name, Baby.


The man wrapped her up in warm blankets and cranked the heat up on his boat where he continued to care for her until he had some help.
Anthony goes on to say " she shook and vibrated for 10 hrs straight!"

After Baby's first night on the boat with Anthony, he started calling around, following leads on her microchip. Only to find out her previous owner had passed away.

Baby and Anthony's story was of course published in the newspapers and a woman by the name of Kathy Klein read the article and immidietly wanted to help, so she went out and bought a dog bed, a little doggie jacket and a dog blankie.
She intended to go and give these things to Anthony simply to help the man and his newfound dog.
When she arrived, she went on to help Anthony cut matt's out of her fur and bath her and so on when it was noticed that Baby took to her very quickly.
Kathy was able to calm the frightened dog and would not leave her side. 
And so, as attached as Anthony had become in a short time, it was apparent that Baby had found her soul mate. 

Side note ➡➡Baby's name was changed to Gracie because her new forever home had said she survived only by the 'grace' of God, so they found Gracie quite fitting.

We are SO thrilled that she has found her furever home and we wish Kathy and Gracie all the best in their lives together.

Thanks so much for reading Gracie's story.

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  1. Wow what a great and touching story. (don't know if it is spelled correctly lol) Wags from your pal Laika.

    1. lol!!! Thanks Laika, it always makes me happy when you stop by!

  2. Ah yes - who reskhued who?

    Thanks fur sharing the touching story!


    1. haha yea eh?! Thanks so much for coming!

  3. What a beautiful story, thanks for sharing! Lee and Phod

  4. Wow what a touching story! Thanks for sharing that :)

  5. What a great story! Glad that Gracie was saved by the man. I wonder how she got out there in the water like that anyways.

    1. It is a great story and I have no idea how she got into the water! Good question lol
      At least she is safe now! Thanks for coming by!

  6. Loved this story! Happy endings are the best!


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