Saturday, 25 January 2014

Saturday Sibe-Vibe goes Sepia!

Hiya ! 
Yep, you read it right ! I have decided to mix a little of the Vibe with some Sepia from Ruckus the Eskies Sepia Saturday blog hop ! You can link up as well ! 
Have a little fun with Sepia :-) 

Since Koda has never participated in Sepia Saturday we will start with a photo of him.

And now for some Vibe ! 


So dog training is dog training right ? Its all the same for each breed? 
. . . . . wrong !

Most dog breeds love nothing more but to please us humans.
Siberians however ,  could care less.
No joke ! 
I mean, don't get me wrong, they love us to death ! And love when we tell them "good girl" or "good boy" but when they decide they don't feel like pleasing or training anymore. There's no use ! 

I am not a professional dog trainer , and I do not claim to be. But I do know what has worked with my Huskies and what hasn't .

What works : Stay positive ! Do not get upset or frustrated when training. You want training to be fun for you and your dog, you don't want them to dread your sessions or make them feel like they aren't doing it right. This will only frustrate them and make them not want to learn new things. That bit of info is not just for huskies of course , every dog breed will be much more successful in a happy training atmosphere . 

Keep training sessions short and sweet.
If there is ANYTHING I have learned in my time being owned by my huskies , it is that they get bored VERY fast ! 
A Siberian would be happier if they were doing the training instead of us humans! ( and I swear sometimes that's how it goes in my house ) 
So keep it short , positive and productive , and your results will be amazing with what this breed can do !

What NOT to do !

Do not expect your Sibe to offer up any and everything to please you !
This will not happen !
Do not scold your Husky while training ! If your husky decides he does not want to do this anymore , the best way to end a session is then asking him to sit ( or some other simple command that he won't mind doing ) so that he realizes it is not him that ended the session , it was the human ! 
Do not get frustrated yourself while training. 
Your dog WILL sense your frustration and act off of your own feelings .
A frustrated human and a frustrated dog, will not mix well in a training session, and you will not get anywhere!

My suggestions : 

- Use yummy treats ! The yummier the treat , the more they will want to train ( tiny cheese squares work like magic ! )

- if frustration sets in ( which sometimes does while training ) ask for a simple command like a sit , and end it on a positive note !

- have fun with training ! Make it like a game for you both ! The more fun you and your dog are having the more you will get out of your training in the end !

There you have it ! Hope you enjoyed, and take a second to look at this beautiful photo seen below, done by Shane's Effects .


  1. Great sepia photo and great training tips too!
    Happy Saturday,

  2. Those are so beautiful and amazing photos :)

  3. Koda looks like he has settled right in with your family! I'm glad he is proving easy to train! Your tips are perfect! Patience & treats!!

    1. He is settling in quite nicely!
      I don't know if I'd say easy to train though LOL!!! He's a bigngoof ball so he makes it fun though! And he seems eager to learn, which always helps!

  4. Such great training tips. Cute pics!

  5. Great Sepia photos!


  6. Hi friend! Thanks for linking up with Sepia Saturday! I love that Sibe Vibe went Sepia! Good tips in training. A simple command is probably the best way to end the session before the frustration builds up.

    1. Hi Ruckus! Yep it is! Its always better when needed on a happy note for sure!
      Thanks for coming by!

  7. Great combo! and terrific advice. Training our cattledog is way different than training our husky was! The huskies look great in sepia, they remind me of our red husky!

    1. Thanks very much! Yea so you know what I mean then! Lol

  8. Great tips for all kinds of pups! And what a great photo.

    Now all I can think about are cheese squares! Bark Bark!

    1. Haha! Yea , cheese squares are the best!!!

  9. Love your Sepia...and your advice!!


    1. Aww thanks so much! I appreciate that!

  10. haha your training tips sound very familiar:-)

    1. Yep, and you would know to! lol
      thanks for coming by guys! :-)

  11. Wonderful photos and great-looking dog! I love huskies.

  12. Great sepia photos! This is great info on training huskies. Cheese goes a long way for Annie too. :)

  13. Nice photos and training tips! My dog can also be stubborn at times. You are definitely right about ending it before you both get frustrated!

    1. Thanks! Yea it just makes things so much harder when ya get frustrated...
      Even though it's really hard not to sometimes lol

  14. Great advice! With a new puppy in the house we need all the advice we can get! :)
    I think our Beagles are similar to huskies when it comes to training. They can be very independent and stubborn, but they are also very smart.
    Great sepia photo too!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

    1. Thank you! As I said I am no professional but if you need any help just let me know and ill see if i can help you with some things that I do!
      Ive never owned a beagle, but yep, that sounds just like a husky!


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