Saturday, 1 February 2014

Saturday Sibe-Vibe meets PPP

Hello everyone , I hope you are all having a great
Weekend ! 

Today I am joining Earl from Earl's World and his co host Jessica from 
My Dog Diaries in his Pinch Punch Post blog hop.
Where we focus on things that have happened in our past month and what our focus is for next month .
Feel free to link up and join the hop !

I am intertwining my Sibe-Vibe with the hop today so I will start with a short bit of Siberian Husky facts .

Did you know that the Siberian Husky originated in North Eastern Siberia ?
The husky belongs to the Spitz family. As do Malamutes , American Eskimos, Akita's etc. . . .

The Huskies ancestors came from very cold , harsh environments in the Siberian Arctic .
And were bred by the Chukchi people of Northeastern Asia. Bred for pulling  heavy loads for very long distances and through horrid conditions .
They were then imported to Alaska during the Nome Gold Rush and of course later spread through the US and Canada to become an extremely loving , popular family pet .
Although they were initially sent to Canada as sled dogs, who can blame people for wanting them as house pets .
I mean , Huskies love nothing more then working and pulling a sled for their humans , but being the loving breed that they are , of course they are happy to have a warm furever home !

So on with some pinch punch posts !
To wrap up the month of January I can honestly and happily say that I have been doing well on my New Years resolution .
My big thing was to get out walking more with the dogs , and that I have ! 
And they enjoy it as much as I do ! 

I am very proud to day I have been lucky to receive 2 awards this month from my friends at The misadventures of Misaki !  You can see the awards in my side bar !

We were also the lucky winners of 2 different contests !
The first win came from All things Dog Blog We won a package of great dog toys that my huskies absolutely loved !

And the second contest we won just happened a couple nights ago from #blogPawsChat on twitter ! We won a package of pet treats for answering a quiz question correctly !

So I guess its been a pretty good month considering I NEVER win anything ! ! ! So you can imagine my surprise ! ♥ 

So upcoming in February I plan to really work on my social media and get things much more in order ! Hard to keep up with things ! Haha !
Also I plan on pimping out my huskies for Valentines day in the blogging world ! 
Other then that I suppose you could say I am somewhat of a play it by day kind of gal ! Go with the flow if the flow is going in the right direction , otherwise I of course need to step it up and tweek a few things !

Thanks for taking part in my Sibe-vibe meets PPP today ! I appreciate every one of my readers so much ! 

Please take a moment to look at Shane's beautiful work from "Shane's effects"
I am proud to have the use of his work for my Husky share of the day .


  1. What a great post! Your Huskies should be right at home in your cold weather. Congratulations on starting 2014 off in such a banner way! Your awards are beautiful and well deserved. I love the artwork...does he only work with Huskies? A Basset Hound would be very tempting! : )

    1. Thank you so much Melissa!
      He does do beautiful work! I've only ever seen him do work on huskies but I'm sure he could do any other breed, I could always ask him for you if you like?

  2. Thank you SO MUCH for joining in the PPP Hop!!! Be sure to link up on our link list - just visit our blog!

    Earl and I from Earl's World!

  3. I bet your Pups have been loving the weather and well done on you resolution,xx Rachel

    1. Oh yes they sure have!!!
      Thank you so much !

  4. Congrats on all the winnings! Lucky you - love that art work, very cool. And a new blog hop! I"ll have to add that to my list.

    1. thanks so much!!
      yea the pinch post punch is great, i love it!

  5. January sounds like it was a success month for you. I admit we haven't been walking as much, but my two are finding it too cold. Can't wait to see the Huskies ready for St. Val's Day!

    1. haha! thank you!!! i know, the weather has been terrible!!!

  6. nice post - and really that typography dog art piece. nice.

  7. Enjoyed this post mucho. So happy to hear you have won in so many ways!

  8. And...I still have no idea why it picks a random pic every time I comment! LOL.

  9. I think that huskies are so amazing being able to pull a sled through the snow like that. I know it takes a lot of teamwork and stamina. Sounds like you're going to have a fun month! Mine is super busy, which is good. I like to stay busy! Never a dull moment I guess.

    1. Yea I feel a little lost when I'm not busy also. Luckily I have a full house so all my fur babies and my non fur babies keep my plenty busy!
      Huskies are amazing and its truly amazing how they are able to pull such heavy load for long distances!

  10. You won treats? TREATS ??? Ever lucky. My peep won a prize recently, too. But do you know what she won? She won plumeria seed. MOUSES! She's all jumpin' for joy and bein' happy like a clam but I'm thinkin'... there go the rest of my sunpuddles. Again I say... MOUSES!


    1. haha! Awwww we would send you some yummy treats if we could hehe!
      Hope you had a great weekend!

  11. Sounds like January was pawsome! Hope February continues the trend

    --Woofs (and purrs) from Life with Dogs and Cats.

  12. Congrats on all the LOOT!
    Have a great weekend, Huskies!!!
    ; ) Katie


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