Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Silly Husky!

And Happy Tuesday to you all!

Well the weather outside is gloomy..my Huskies are not happy!

It has been rainy and warm and feels like it should be Spring instead of winter!!
Our snow is slowly melting away...
We can't wait to get our snow back!
So if anyone has any extra snow and they would like to send it our way, please feel free! 
Heck, we will even pay shipping and handling!

Ok, so today I wanted to show you a video I took of Lexus the other day.
For whatever reason, I decided to play some Wolf and coyote sounds on the computer, and recorded Lexus during the sounds.

Mika is not in the video's, as she did not seem to care what was playing on the computer! She was more looking at Lexus like "silly husky, its not real!!!)

Enjoy! and p.s make sure your volume isn't to loud for this video!

I love when dogs do that head tilt thing!
Do any of your do that when they hear an interesting sound?
It's funny, she was much more into the coyote videos then the wolf ones. 
Anyways I hope you enjoyed, and stay tuned tomorrow for Wordless Wednesday!

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  1. I think she thinks: "Where are that damn coyote". I think the coyote is insulting her ha ha. Wags from Laika.

  2. Love the head tilts! If you find someone to send you some snow, we will take some as well. Ours is slowly melting away. : (

    1. I will be more then happy to share!!!!!! If someone sends me some that is!
      A few flakes were falling this morning, so I'm hoping that is am sign to come!!!

  3. Laughing - while playing this clip, Phod was tilting his head listening! LOL! Lee and Phod

  4. I love the head tilt, too! I have had dogs that reacted to videos, TV, etc. Heck, I had one that would HOWL his head off every time a fire truck went by. When we lived in the city, that was a big deal. He would sing if encouraged, too. N.A.S.H.A. is stimulated more by the threat the across-the-street neighbors present every single morning of our lives as they leave the house. One of these times, they are going to run over and kill us all, she's sure.

    1. Haha! Too funny!! Yea, Mika likes to sing but only when she chooses lol!

  5. Yes, I do the head tilt thing - they like it!

    1. Clowie I am sure you look just adorable doing the tilt!! Us humans really seem to enjoy it! Hehe :)

  6. Have to be honest, I didn't play the video because Dakota is quiet right now (a sometimes rare occurance lol) and I seriously think if he heard wolves and coyotes he would start his manic Sheltie barking! BOL! If he had already been barking I wouldn't care but I am enjoying the peace lol. Funny, now that you mention it, he doesn't tilt his head to the side as most dogs do. I wonder why? Thank you for the incredibly kind comment you left on my blog, that means sooooooooooooo much! xoxoxo

    1. Lol your very welcome! All of it the truth Caren, you are a very inspiring blogger! And I truly am so glad to have met you!
      And hey no prob, I completely understand your want of keeping the peace haha! Quiet is good sometimes! And if one can keep it quiet, then so be it!!!! Lol ;-) I'm not sure why he doesn't tilt his head, that is strange!
      Hugs to you guys!!!

  7. Cute video. Happy to send some snow over. :)

    1. Lol why thank you! Maybe you did cuz we finally got some this morning!!! Wooboo!!


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