Friday, 24 January 2014

Woofs and Growls!

It's time for this weeks edition of
"Woofs and Growls"

By : Mika , Lexus , and Koda A.K.A  ' Da Pack ! 

((Koda))  Hey, uh Mika ,  Whatcha got there ?


((Mika))  Koda , don't you remember ? It is one of the toys we just opened from the package mum brought in .


((Lexus))  Oh You pups must be talking about the toys we got from the All things dog blog contest !
Hey I have an Idea !  Since it's Woofs and Growls day , we should do our new toys for the woof section !

((Mika)) Arooo ! Sounds good to me !

((Koda)) Aroooof ! Me to !

((Lexus))  Yay ! O.k then , so readers , our Woofs of the week are these fabulous toys we won in a contest ! Check out the photo's our mum put up of us when she opened up the mysterious package.

The box !

((Lexus)) What mum ? You got this in the mail ? 
((Koda)) Oh ok i'll have a look and humor the human...Oh and um Mum , you know your pink leopard print Jammy bottoms are in the photo right  ? *snickers*
((koda)) Oh look guys!
There really is
something in here !
((Lexus and Koda)) TOYS !

((Lexus)) Really mum? All for us ?
((Koda))  Hey Mika , look we got some new stuff !
((Lexus)) Yea aren't you gunna come check it out ?

((Mika)) Oh , i'm here i'm just waiting for you slobber face pups to be done your sniffin' around so I can come take my pick of the new toys !

((Mika)) Ahhh yep ! This one will do just fine !

Growls -->         ((Lexus)) Hmmm . . . my growls are when Mika gets the toy she   wanted , because she thinks I didn't want it . But I DID ! 

     ((Koda)) Um . . . yea , what she said !

     ((Mika)) *sigh*  ah young pups . . .
                       * hehehehehe*

Well pups , that certainly was an interesting post ! 
But anyway , yes I am pleased to announce that we did in fact win a Fido's wish list contest from All Things Dog Blog ! So we would like to give a big thank you to them for a wonderful contest !

And throughout the next little while I will be sharing one photo per day at the end of each post. 
These are pics with some GREAT effects done by a friend of mine on FB. His work is beautiful and I had to share some of his stuff with you . All the credit goes to Shane's Effects
I know you will enjoy them as much as I do !

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BTW I want to thank everyone who linked up with our very first Thoughtless Thursday Blog Hop, with Ruckus and I !
It was a ton of fun , and I can't wait to see what you all have in store for next Thursday's post ! 


  1. Your toys are really awesome!

  2. AQ whole box of toys, wow, lets pawty, maybe we better come over and help you tear them up!

    The Mad Scots
    Pees: that comment about Huskies & Scotties getting along, it has happened here, coming Monday we have a 4 part post about The Way Back Machine (Hummm, a Huskie is involved in part three).

    1. Pawsome! Cant wait to read it! Thanks for coming by!

  3. Wow you are some lucky guys, to have such fun toys. Hugs from Laika.

    1. Aw thanks so much! They are great toys! And we are having tons of fun with them!

  4. I love "Home is where the fur sticks to everything" ohhhh yeah!

  5. Those toys sure look like fun! Even we would want to play with them!

    1. Yea! They seemed to love them! Thanks for coming!

  6. Congratulations on your big win!! It looks like your gang is very happy with the prize package. I LOVE your new blog look. You did great!

    1. Thanks so much Melissa!! I really worked hard at it!!! Took so long, and a lot of frustration but I like how it is now to. I really appreciate your comment!


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