Friday, 7 February 2014

Friday Woofs and Growls !

Hiya everybody !
Today Mika , Lexus , and Koda have decided on doing a bit of a different post for you then our usual Woofs and Growls . And they have informed me that we haven't joined Pet Parade in a while so we are taking part in that also! 
Pet parade is hop hosted Rascal and Rocco , Jans Funny Farm and Bionic Basil 
Hop on and join the fun !

Time to hand it over to the pack! Take it away Mika !

Welcome to our packs weekly woofs and growls .
Mika here , and we have a bit of a different post for you today .
All three of us agree that walking is our most fav woof of all !
And I think we are all in a fair bit of agreement about the growls to .
And most of you have got to see in our videos , we get very talkative while its walk time !
So being that we only have one woof this week between the three of us , 
You might ask , ok , so if your woof is walking , what are your growls of the week ?
Well I'll start with mine and just say , it has been SO darn cold here the last 2 days , that we have been deprived of our woof worthy walks !
UGH ! THAT my furiends is the biggest growl of all !
With all good reason though , that our walks have been withheld , it is one of those cold temps that we are doing the three legged hop outside while trying to pee , so mum says walking would be worse , and I agree . . . . unfortunately ! 
Koda pop , why don't you take us through your growls ?

HEY !  Koda here ! Wazzzzzzzzup ? 
Ok so I admit I'm a Lil pumped up right now . You would think I ate a bag of sugar or something , but as my sisfur was just telling you , we haven't walked in a couple days , and I have all this bent up energy !
So I concur with Mika , no walks = STINKS  ! ! !
Keep this beautiful fluffy snow here , but let's do away with the
 cold !

Well if that's all woo guys got , just wait till woo here my growls of the week !
Hi y'all , Lexus barking your way now , and man , have I got a video for woo ! I will first tell woo my growl is the same as theirs of course , but the worst of it is . . . .  well , woo know what , just take a moment to check out this video and woo will see . 
Notice I am  on the OTHER side of the gate ! You might have to look closely , but i'm there . . .  in the kitchen , far away . . .

( Sorry for the background noise ! BTW take note of my little one giggling as she watches him jumping ! haha , so cute )

So there you have it , Koda likes to tease me! There I said it ! Him and Mika can both jump it and I can't! And its just not fair!
One day . . . . one day I will master that gate ! Good things mummy wuvs me and opens it to let me in or out , or I'd be on the other side my whole life !
So there you have it my very growly growl of the week !
See ya next time : - )

Wait ! Before you go , we also have some big news to share ! 
First let me say that we recieved an award ! 
Big thanks go out to Meghan from Fire Bonnet for thinking of us ! 
Its always a huge honor to receive one of these , and it makes you feel good about all the work you put into your blog and that others are thinking of you when they give out the rewards they have previously been honored with . Its an amazing feeling !
Tuesday I will be giving out my share of awards to some well deserving blogs . I just had to share this new one with you today though .

Thank you Meghan! !

Our second bit of big news is we are hosting our very first giveaway !
We shared details about it in yesterdays post but I will also put the rafflecopter widget on this post as well , just to make things easier . 
So if you would like some details just click right HERE and also check out Petbrosia pet food company who have been gracious enough to set up this giveaway for me .

  • I have not been compensated for this in any way .
  • Must be U.S residents only
  • 2 winners , one for the main prize (3lb box of food) 2nd place winner gets a 50% off coupon towards their first 10lb box !
I have also changed the length of this giveaway , from 14 days to 7 . I apologize for the change , I just felt it was a bit to long . Thanks 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

My Husky effects share of the day done my friend from Shane's Effects .
He is currently working on creating one for my pack as well !
So far he has done Mika and Koda , I will post them once Lexus is done .

  ** BTW for those of you following me on twitter with my user name @markandjenna01 , I have made a second account for my pack and blogging purposes . 
The user name is @HuskyCrazed So please give a follow to us there as well .
And for those of you who aren't following , feel free to connect with our new secondary account .
Have a great day **


  1. I cannot believe my fluffy ears! I never thought I'd ever hear a Husky growl about the cold!

    Congratulations on your award.

    1. Haha ! I know right ? But i'm talking like REAL cold though !
      The kind of cold when you nose sticks together for an instafreeze the second you step outside ! Brrrrrrr !
      Thanks Clowie !

  2. Congratulations on the award :) Milo & Jet

  3. Brofur Ku and sisfur Nalle http://haikubyku.com are shocked that you don't get your walkies when it's cold! That is the best time they say! They also want to be in the contest and say wooooowoooooo!
    p.s. I am a kitty, but I was raised by a husky, so I think I am one! MOL!

    1. haha ! Yea but where we are from , it gets REAL cold though! The cold hurts their paws .
      Otherwise ,yes they love it , but not quite this cold !
      haha ! Raised by a husky is the best way to be raised!

  4. Congratulations on your award, It's always nice to be recognised for all your hard work.


    1. Thanks Sheba ! Your right , it certainly is !

  5. Ooh, thanks for the chance to win! Love that you can customize the nutritionals!

    1. Your very welcome and thanks for coming by our blog !

  6. It looks like you guys still get lots of exercise even in the house! ;) And you are welcome for the award, well deserved!

    1. Oh yes! We definitely do ! haha!
      Thanks for coming by !

  7. Congrats with the award. You certainly deserve it. And I hope for you guys, that the winter soon will be gone, so you can get to walk again. Have a great weekend.

    1. Aw thanks Laika ! Very sweet of you to say !
      Hope you have a great weekend!

  8. Yay! WooHoo!! I'm so proud of your award Jenna! You deserve it <3 I love your link connectors, what a great idea. I'm entering your contest. I sure hope that it warms up there. : )

    1. Thanks Melissa! You always say such nice things lol ! Makes me smile !
      Haha uh on , mushiness !lol
      We hope so to ! We will keep the snow ! But lose the friged tempt !

  9. Woohoo is right!! Congrats Jenna!!! I agree with M.K, you totally deserve it!! :)
    --Siamese Smothers--

  10. Brrr that is chilly,you can swap if you like with us were having 80mph winds,rain and hail and floods,been having it pretty much since November now so bored with the weather now,xx Speedy

  11. ah no thanks you can keep it ! Ha! that would suck !!
    Thanks for coming !

  12. At least someone was burning off a lot of that pent up energy with all that jumping!
    Congrats on your award!!

    1. Lol yip he sure was ! ! !
      And thanks very much ! Glad you came by :-)

  13. Thanks for sharing the Pet Parade hop! And linking up! Lexus, I know you will master that gate. Don't give up. Love the kid giggles in the video. Such entertainment you pups provide! And congrats on the award! You deserve it! ~Rascal and Rocco

    1. Thank you for stopping by :) I love them pet parade its one of my fav hops !
      The kid giggles were the best part of that whole video I thought Hahaha!
      Thanks very much


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