Sunday, 9 February 2014

OMD Mondays

Today's Oh My Dog ! (post) is going to be a bit different .
We normally like to focus on a good rescue story . Today however , in light of the Olympics , we have quite the fitting story .

I'd like to start by saying , who doesn't like watching the Olympics ? 
We all watch , we all cheer for our Countries with pride just beaming through our smiles as we watch them bring in the Gold/Silver/Bronze medals , and hey , we even beam with pride when no medals are received , simply because we are proud of our country !

Am I right ?

This year the Olympics are in Sochi, Russia .
It has been a great start to the games for us Canadians , with our 3 lovely ladies as seen below , after their big win . . .

Or our bronze medal winner Mark McMorris for slope style snowboarding ,
attending the Olympics and winning bronze just 2 weeks after fracturing a rib on a separate
 course .

There have been many amazing medals won already so far this year , and we are all proud of each and every one of them !

BUT . . . 

This story takes an ugly turn .
You see , when animal rights activists , and rescue organizations etc . . . caught wind last April that the government was planning on doing a large sweep of all the stray animals that have been overpopulating Sochi , we took a stand ! We were heard ! 

AND . . . we thought we were getting through to these people .
Great news was received ,  when word got out that the government had shut down these plans !
We all thought woohoo! I remember getting emails a while back saying we had won this battle .

HOWEVER . . . .
Apparently this wasn't so .
Photo's started surfacing , of dead dogs laying on the streets of Sochi .
Numerous dead stray dogs .
Evidence was piling up that in fact , the plan was still in FULL motion .

 **graphic image warning**

One of numerous dogs found in Sochi . May he rest in peace
How are they getting away with this you might ask ?
And how were they able to slip the plan past the activists ?
The plan originally was to be a government performed operation , then after we were satisfied that this was no longer happening , it was simply switched up , and the dirty work of killing these innocent strays was passed on to a non-government agency .

Next question you might be asking is why ? Why do this ? What is the point of this ?
According to the local Sochi officials ,  the reason  is safety. Safety for the tourism due to the Olympics .
It was reported that officials said they feared the tourists/visitors would be bitten by the stray 
dogs .

How are they being killed ? Is the next question i would be asking myself .
Nightly roaming dogs are being captured in baited traps , then poisoned .

Of course the local rescues have been doing whatever they can to get to the stray dogs before they are caught in the traps . Unfortunately they are so few rescues , and just so many strays .

For more info on the subject , click HERE to watch the video  with reporter Peter Akmin from CTV News .

Many thanks to the rescues who are doing their best to save as many lives as they possibly can !
To the good people helping these innocent dogs right now we give a big Paws up !

Thanks for reading and feel free to share and help raise awareness to this .
Love 'n' hugz frum our pack to you 


  1. Poor dogs. It's extremely rare that a dog bites someone without any reason, even stray dogs, so they've been killed for no reason at all. Sad story.

  2. We signed the petition to stop this - it's so furry furry sad :( those doggies didn't deserve this :(

    1. Yep, I signed to....it is sad, and its not the dogs fault the Olympics are held there, why should they die for it? The silliness and stupidness of some humans....

  3. OMD this is awful. I read a news story earlier saying that someone had opened up a shelter for the strays, and I must admit I sighed with relief and prayed it was true, but I guess it hasn't been enough:-(

    1. I know, we all breathed a sigh of relief, and I signed to. And just when you think you made a difference , they simply go around you and do it anyways! I hate posting about things just don't have a happy ending, but its life and it needs to be known what is happening there!

  4. They need to be spending their time and resources on the terrorists who have pledged to do harm, Leave the strays alone, many of those are pets that had to be left behind when their humans were forced to move from their homes for the "Olympic Village" to be erected. That is such a travesty.

    1. I fully agree with you Melissa ! How can such efforts be going towards the killing of homeless forgotten pets when there have been all those terrorist threats in the very same place ?
      Its horrid to think how much thought and scheming went into this just to go around our backs and do it anyways

  5. Good to continue calling attention to this. sadly, its too late for many of those dogs...

    1. I know :( we tried our best though . And the worst part was that everybody thought we had succeeded . Only to find out they simply went around us and did it anyways :(

  6. That is awful,which is why I won't watch the olympics on tv,xx Rachel

  7. Thank you so much for the activism you've been involved with, and raising awareness. May the pups rest in peace. I'm glad you also mentioned the joy and pride we have in our Olympic competitors! Go Canada... and Go Team USA!

    1. Your very welcome ! No need to thank me though , I try and do anything I can to help .
      And yep Go teams!!!!

  8. Well so much for Russia listening to the world!

    The Mad Scots

  9. Lady is very mad at Russia for a number of things they have done preparing for this Olympics but thinks killing dogs cause they are "in the way" is extra horrible. Sigh, just shows the problems in the world more.

    1. I know :( its horrendous the things they are doing :(

  10. So sad. Why would anyone think this is okay to do? Unbelievable.

    1. I know ! It is sad :(
      Horrendous what humans can do

  11. Replies
    1. I know . . . . we didn't even want to post it , but it needsnto be heard

  12. Sadly this is not actions unique to Russia. There are plenty of other places that chose to ignore the problem with strays, then chose quick and cheap ways to eliminate them.

    1. Yes and it is horrible!
      It's not the dogs fault the Olympics are being held there : (
      It's just insane what people do

  13. I'm not much for the winter olympics, so I really haven't watched anything or kept up with it. But seeing as I'm a pet blogger, I do keep hearing about the dog issues. Poor pups.

    1. Its horrible what is happening there right now!!


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