Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Pet dental health month!

Well its February and that means its pet dental health month!

Let me start out by saying, I like to think I'm an honest person. And of the times honesty is needed, it is now. . .
I do not brush my pets teeth every day. I try my best to do it once a week.
I usually make it a Sunday thing. 
I know, I know, I should be more on top of these things .
BUT I can say that any time Mr. vet man takes a look at their teeth, he has been pleased.
Brushing our pets teeth is very important but there are other things we can do to help keep them clean also.
For instance a product I love and use, AND swear by , are Greenies.

I love Greenies! And they are always in my house, and the dogs LOVE them to!

Another great thing to help your pets teeth stay clean are things like raw meaty bones or one of my personal favs , deer antlers.

Deer antlers really help remove plaque and tartar, while giving your pet other great health benefits also! AND its a no mess chew that lasts!
And I think we all know how hard lasting chews are to find!

So given that it is pet dental health month, on our weekend teeth cleaning day, I took some photos of me brushing their teeth.
So....well....they are the best I could get. They don't like to sit still while I am attempting their teeth !

Up first is Koda, and this is his toothbrush kit. I use 2 different types of brushes for my pack, a finger brush and a regular doggie brush.
They each have their own set.

Head contortion much? BOL!

Yep, that's pretty much what's its like on teeth brushing day! Haha!

I have actually made a ton of progress with them though! 
How I did this was by slowly but surely doing bit by bit each week until they were more used to the tooth brush.
First thing is to put a bit of doggie tooth paste on the brush, then let them smell it, lick some of the tooth paste etc...then just do what they can bare at that point in time, then the next time you brush, try doing a bit more, then a bit more etc. . .
It has to be a quick process to, because take it from me, they are not fond of this! Ha!
Which toothbrush you use is really up to you. I use the finger brush for their front teeth and the regular one to reach the back ones. 

**I am not a dental health professional and my tips and preferences on tooth brushes and paste, are mine and my own experiences**

Its always best to do your own research on which brush will work best for you and your pet.

Happy Brushing!
And remember dental health is as important to your pet as it is for us!

Oh and a big P.S -er , no they are not using the same tooth brush, I bought them at the same place and there happens to be only the color blue!!
Another good point, it is also very important to make sure your pet has their own supplies, because let's face it, who wants to share a toothbrush? Ew!



  1. Well, they look like they enjoy it in the pictures! LOL... I know veterinarians who aren't able to brush their pets teeth everyday. I am horrible at it myself. But, I am committing to trying to do it more often.

    1. haha! Well they enjoy the part when they get to taste the paste lol but not so much when I start brushing their teeth!

  2. Looks as though you try very hard :-)

    Earl and I.

  3. I have not been good with the teeth brushing as of late - sigh. Must get back into the routine of it all! They do get daily greenies (they are the treat we give when we are leaving). Happy brushing!

  4. Great post for dental health month. Love the pictures.

  5. I'm not good with the tooth brushing either but I'm getting better!

  6. We're guilty of this too, but similarly my teeth are in good condition and I chew dental chews and antlers which I love :-)

    1. And thats really what matter. If our teeth are in good condition, thats whats important!!!
      Thanks for sharing!

  7. looks like they have fun too,xx Rachel

  8. haha! For the most part!
    Not so much when it comes time to actually scrub them though lol

  9. Mom keeps trying to brush our teeth, but we can't say we are terribly cooperative. Give us a good meaty bone any day:)

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

    1. Well, were with ya on that one! Ha!
      Darn toothbrushes and all this nonsense!

  10. Wow toothbrushes. Thank god I don't have to do that. ha ha.

  11. Oh, Oh, Oh, we been on the greenies for a year, Shadow gets two a week and we get one, man them is a hard to chew treat, but does it work, we also do hard biscuits three times a week!

    The Mad Scots

    1. Yup, Greenies work wonders! And hard biscuits to! Way to be!

  12. Your dogs are so cooperative! I am jealous... : )

    1. Oh I don't Know about cooperative Hahaha!
      Don't he fooled by the photos!! Haha!

  13. No one tries to brush this ghetto kittehs teeth! HAH!

    1. Haha!! No doubt about it!!!
      Step away from the ghetto kitteh!

  14. We lucky we don't need out teeth brushed because off all the lovely bones that we get chew on that keeps them pearly white :) Those Greenies treats look yummy. Milo & Jet

    1. Bones are great for teeth that's for sure!!! Lucky dogs!
      The greenies are pawsome to!

  15. Your photos are so cute! You have A LOT of teeth to brush there! BOL!!! We love Greenies! I am embarrassed that I don't brush Dakota's teeth enough but I DO give him Greenies and the dental bones by Nyla

    1. I know, I was a tad hesitant on saying my part in the honesty of not brushing them as much as I should. But the greenies really do work , and Nylas and bones etc....
      So Caren, we need to stop feeling embarrassed and we know we take good care of our pets, and thats what matters!

  16. I was 'treated' to a dental spa in Okhtober - they khleaned 'em and kept FIVE of my special toofers!

    Mom hasn't gotten into the whole brushing thing but she does have this
    which has gotten some furry nice khomments

    AND she's also going to start this sometime since the vet suggested it after my 'big day' -
    She has it but hasn't broken out the furst 'serving'


    1. Oh that's great! I'm gunna head over and check out your links!! Thanks for the info!
      It can be a pain brushing our pups teeth, that's for sure! Thank goodness for these products! Haha!
      Greenies are a god sent though I tell ya!


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