Saturday, 8 February 2014

Sepia Saturday Sibe-Vibe !

That's right , its Saturday and time to catch the vibe !

Today we are meshing our vibe with the  Sepia Saturday blog hop , hosted by my good friend Ruckus the Eskie . So take a moment  to hop by his blog
And check out the great Sepia shot !

On with the vibe !

Ok . . . . so if you have read my past Sibe-Vibes , you will know that I have touched a bit on traits of a Husky .
Things Huskies are NOTORIOUS for. 
One of the main traits is huskies are escape artists ! 
This is something that should be well known for anyone ever thinking on getting this breed. 
I'm not going to get to much into the subject because I have posted on this before , BUT the reason I brought this up is simple .
Each one of my dogs have all had their turn escaping .
First came Mika .

Sepia Mika!

She was an only dog at the time , and we use to let her off leash quite often . 
She was great with it ! Then one day she decided to take off . I had not worked on recall , and didn't realize how important it was at the time .
Although I soon did !
She took off and I went running after her . BIG mistake !
This turned into a game for her , she dodged around me , and deeked me out better then a hockey player deeks in the Stanley cup finals !
She eventually came of course and was safe and sound . I gave her one more shot at being off leash a few weeks later after researching how to work a good recall and she took off again , luckily I got her back much quicker this time , and needless to say , that was the end of her off leash days . The more I researched the more I found out what a BAD idea it was to trust a husky off their lead .

Next came Lexus .

Sepia Lexus!

Learning from my past mistakes I never let Lexi off leash , not even once !
BUT  I worked on recall regardless just in case she ever got loose . 
And one day she did .
I had her outside on a leash !  And somehow , some way the leash slipped off my wrist . Lex took off like a bat out hell !
Up the side walk she went and me , remembering  my recall . Used it . And she came running back to me . *Phew* 
THEN a few weeks later , I was walking her , she had her harness on as always , and all the sudden she decided to go back wards against her harness and in one swift motion , she slipped out of it , like nothing !
Again , recall came into play and she came back *Phew* . . . again !

And now we have Koda .

Sepia Koda!

Koda being the whole reason I decided to post this today . ha ! 
So of course having 2 huskies who have already played the escape convict before, I immediately started working on recall with him .
And its a good thing to !
Had him out for his walk about a week ago , and I took him down by the river for the first time . The river is pretty loud, with a very strong current .
There is a lovely pathway that you can walk along and there's a bar type fence and then the river is dropped off past the fence . ANYWAYS keeping in mind he is still a pup (9 months old) these things are still very new to him , when we walked up by the river drop off , he got scared and pulled a 
Lexus . . . in one quick swift move he was out of his harness and bounding away through the snow . Having the time of his life at this point .
I could just hear his thoughts to * * * FREEEEEEEDOM * * * haha !
So using the recall we worked on he came back and all are safe and sound . 

SO you might be asking , what is recall ? Or how do you teach recall ?
I am in no way a professional dog trainer , and all the things I work on with my pack are things that just work for me and my babies , and/or things I have learned simply from googling them and YouTube .
That being said , I will share some recall tips with you .

Husky on the run !

Great example of a husky escape convict !!!!!

When your dog gets loose , it is extremely important to keep your cool .
If your dog runs and you choose to either get upset or decide to chase after them in a panic , they will turn it into a very frustrating game .
It is easy for panic mode to set in when this happens so it is important to maintain a normal "you" so that your dogs feels no differently .

To start your recall training , use a very long lead instead of trying to train off leash . This way , you don't have to worry about them running off .
Stalk your pockets up with some yummy treats , bring you and your dog outside , and your ready to go .
Let  your dog walk around and sniff whatever he likes for a bit and then call him to you , when he comes , give a treat .
Release him , and repeat this a few times .

Now when you call him to you , once he comes , hold him gently by the collar or harness and while your holding him by you , give him a couple treats . Then release him again to go play .
If your wondering why grab their collar , this is so they do not fear you reaching for them when and if they do escape , and you have to grab on , to lead them back in the house .

Do this every day with your dog . You need to make them realize , that when they have a bit of freedom , then you call them back , they will get rewarded thus always making him want to return to you .

Always train positively in your sessions. If you get upset because he won't come when you call , this will only make him not want to come even more .
Keep your cool , And if he doesn't come to you at first when you try to do your lead recall , let him know you have treats . Once he realizes he will get rewarded , it gets much easier !

So there you have it ! Recall 101 haha ! 
Again I will say , these methods worked for me and my pack , but I am NOT a trainer and cannot guarantee any advice . 
From experience however , it works !

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone !
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  1. Aw, what cute photos! Especially the first one of Sepia Mika - she looks so ADORABLE - look at her ickle face peering up at the camera :-*

    Earl and I.

    1. Aw thanks guys! I love that pic of her to !
      Thanks for coming :)

  2. It sounds as though I have a lot in common with a Husky! I like the photo of the climbing Husky - must be part cat!

    1. Ah so you know what I'm talking about then ?
      I LOVE that shot! It is such a husky move !
      I sweat sometimes they are part cat !

  3. Very informative post! Thanks and Happy Sepia Saturday! Xo Jeanne, Chloe and LadyBug

    1. Thanks !
      Happy Sepia Saturday to you to ! !

  4. Huh...my friends who are Huskies always admit that they are naughty doggies and I would guess it is because they like to escape. BOL Great photos of the pack!
    Happy Saturday,

    1. They are very naughty doggies ! Ha ! That's what makes a husky a husky I suppose lol
      As loving and beautiful as they are , they are definitely naughty!

  5. Great photos, It's always a good idea to teach a good recall especially if you need to call them away from danger.


    1. Yes exactly! Thanks very much for stopping by !

  6. Great photos, It's always a good idea to teach a good recall especially if you need to call them away from danger.


  7. hahaha proper houdini's,Speedy is an escape artist too...hmm may be Huskies are part bunny,xx Rachel

    1. Haha !
      Maybe they are!
      I've always thought they are part cat , but maybe bunny is in there somewhere to !

  8. Hailey has done all those escapes herself, more times then I would like to count. She is apparently deaf during non-training recall times too. Maybe Cattle Dogs are also great escape artists!

    1. Haha ! I guess so !
      You know all too well what I'm talking about then huh ?
      Thanks for coming !

  9. Thats a great post, and yes we know how awesome a huskie is at escaping.

    The Mad Scots
    Pees: come by Monday for part three of "The Way Back Machine" and see our Huskie buddy!

    1. Oh I'll be there! We are subscribed to you and never miss a post!

  10. super fun post - and that escape shot is the best!!!! :)

  11. Thanks for the great instructions on teaching recall! I know we'll want to work on this with Luke, and I was going to need to look up something to figure out the best way, since it's been a while since we've trained a puppy.
    Remember we discussed how beagles have things in common with huskies? Our beagle Kobi got away from us several times when we first had him, and we had not trained him in any recall (or not well anyway!). Luckily he never went further than the neighbor's houses - the neighbors quickly learned who he belonged to. I don't think we've had any dogs off leash since then! But you have to be prepared for them to get away since things can happen you might not expect....like them wriggling out of their harnesses! Great post!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

    1. Thanks for your very kind words ! ! Yea I have heard beagles are big time escapers also!
      I'm glad I could help. Its SO scary when they run because you instantly get all these horrible feelings rushing through you like omg I'll never get them back, or oh no, there's a car coming, and all this stuff which in turn makes u enter panic mode. Its the worst feeling ! ! !

  12. The picture of the Husky climbing the fence is great! My dogs know to come when I call them, they just usually choose to ignore me. They are never off leash, Bentley would start sniffing something and forget to stop. Haha! Great tips and I need to practice them. have a great weekend.

    1. I know ! I love that one to ! Yea when they ignore you its the worst ! Lol
      That's why I think those extra special yummy treats are important , because if they know when they come that theres a treat in it for them , they are more likely to come . thanks for coming by Melissa :)

  13. Hi Y'all!

    Great recall info. I have always started the recall training inside and found inside and our when beginning recall training a horse's lunge line works great. I start with a 6 foot lead then go to the longer one.

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

    1. Ha ! That's funny , I use a horse lead as well !
      Starting inside is a great idea also ! That way you really know they can't escape from you ! Lol
      Glad you came by ! Thanks so much :)

  14. We're working on recall too! Starting a class next week.

    1. Oh good luck to you !
      Thanks for visiting ! Have a great weekend!

  15. Great post! We haven't worked on recall much because I'm just not comfortable with my dogs being off leash. Never thought about them slipping out of the harness so maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to work on it!

    1. Thanks ! Yea it is definitely a good idea to practice, because stuff happens , and it has a way of happening when we aren't ready , and it can be real scary !
      Thanks for coming by and have a great weekend !

  16. Lovely sepia photos. We also live by the law of the leash.

    1. Thanks ! And yep , no doubt!
      Have a great weekend and thanks for visiting!

  17. love love love those sepia photos!

    1. Thanks Caren ! Glad you enjoyed them : )

  18. Hi friends! Love that Sepia Sibe Vibe you have going on there. Good shot of all the pups in the nice sepia hue. Thanks for sharing on Sepia Saturday..so glad you decide to merge Sibe with us!

    1. Thanks Ruckus!
      Yea I think it makes for a great Saturday post ! I love the sepia hop !
      Thanks for hosting it !

  19. First, great sepia pictures of Mika, Lexus and Koda. You are so smart for learning how to recall. It's amazing what escape artists they are!

    1. Thank you !
      They are incredible escape artists ! Its amazing really!
      Thanks for coming!

  20. Beautiful photos and great tips!

    Have a great Sunday :)

    1. Thanks so much :)
      You have a great Sunday to !

  21. Thanks fur sharing your tails' tales ;-)

    Love the sepia shots - Mom has done that with some of my pikhs!

    Mom akhtually had one or two Sibes in her life that khould be permitted in the yard without the stringthing but I am SO not one of them...the reason Mom has me is that I kept eskhaping from my other humans - and they had to agree to khonfine me or surrender - thank dog and praise cheeses they surrendered me SO I khould be HERE!

    PeeEssWoo: Mom works 4 10's SO that is why she's with me SundayMondayTuesday!!! She loves it even if her 10's are more like 11+ ;-)

    1. Oh wow! I'm very glad you were surrendered instead of being confined!!!!!
      Thank Dog!
      Yea I've seen one or 2 huskies who can be off leash, were just way to nervous with that after all the escapes! So its a no go here now to!! Lol

  22. Yep, recall is probably the most important command...followed closely be 'leave it'. WOrking on them is never ending at our house :)

    1. Exactly right! The leave it command is a big one here also!
      It is never ending at my house as well! Guess ya gotta do what ya gotta do for our fur babies lol
      Thanks for coming by guys!

  23. My recall is pretty good, especially if there are treats:-)

    1. Lol Yea treats definitely come in handy !
      Hope your having a good weekend! And thanks for coming !

  24. I am a master at escaping my harness when I don't wanna go somewhere. But I will do anything for cookies! Yum. Although, sometimes I would rather sniff some pee.

    1. Ahh so you know all about the harness slips then eh? Lol !
      Yep my pack is obsessed with sniffing pee as well ! Ewwww !
      I call it pee mail lol

  25. I never knew dogs could do that! I knew that cats could climb fences 'cause... you know... I am a cat and I climb 'em all the time but I never knew that dogs could, too. MOUSES!


    PS. Thanks so much for lettin' me know about the missin' link. Don't know what happened except that, of course, it was the peep's fault. All fixed now, I think. purrs

    1. Oh good! Ill head on back there!!
      Yep, well ive always said huskies must be mixed with cat! you'd just swear it sometimes!!

  26. Very informative post xx we are behind but catching up xxxx. Hope you are all well

    1. Thank you, glad you thought so !
      And no worries, we always appreciate it when you come by!


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