Saturday, 22 February 2014

The sepia Sibe-Vibe

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Today for the vibe, I'm going to talk a bit about a a huskies prey drive.

We are also joining Ruckus the Eskie today for his Sepia Saturday blog hop!
Thanks to Ruckus for hosting! 
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There is an all to common question about owning both a Siberian husky and cats. It is said that this is an impossible task.

Huskies are cunning, patient hunters with a high prey drive.
Yes this is true. There are far to many people and studies in the world for me to argue with that.

BUT . . . .

These sites and studies also say to never EVER trust huskies with cats. 
And never EVER have huskies and cats in the same house.
And THAT, I will argue with!

You have all seen these photos before (below)
Very obviously these are photos of my dogs and kitties snuggling together and doin just fine. 
And of course for the hop, we edited them with sepia.

Koda and Loco eating from Kodas bowl. Loco likes to try and steal his food lol but he doesn't mind!

Koda and my moms cat chillin on the couch 

Winter feeling rather comfy on top of Lexus!

Winter and Lexus sleeping side by side on the couch

Winter and Lexus relaxin

Loco, Mika and Lexus having some down time in the kitchen

So as you can see, they all get along just fine!
That being said, there are certain things I do with my pets to make sure everybody stays happy.
And introductions to each other are key as well.

I think that goes for any breed of dog though. 
If your dog lives with you, then all the sudden you bring a kitty home, you can pretty much expect that the dog will be curious, and want to sniff the cat etc... And when the dog tries to sniff the cat, the cat will most likely run, and when kitty runs, puppy plays, and the chase is on. 

Tips on how to keep peace in a house with cats and dogs:

I will share with you the things that I do to keep everyone safe and happy living under the same roof.
I swear by baby gates. I have shared about this before, but can't stress it enough.
I have baby gates across bedroom doors, I have gates between the kitchen and living room etc...
This is a big help!
If the dogs are picking on the cats, they usually just get up jump over the gate, and go the kitty domain.
If the cats are picking on the dogs, they will ask to go in the kitchen, and have a snooze by the door. 

It is important to have a kitty domain. 
The top floor of my house is kitty territory. They have a place where they eat, sleep, drink, and go potty. It is husky free.

The kitties always have a 'safe' place to go, should they feel the need.

When introducing a new cat to your dog, or vice versa, do not push them on each other.
That is the worst mistake people do. 
People feel the need to 'make' their pets be friends.
But pushing them on each other, in my opinion will only drive them further apart.

What I have done with my pets is let them figure each other out on their own.

By doing so, they have learned each other and now know how far to go with each different animal of my house.
Winter loves to snuggle with my dogs as you can see in the photos above. The dogs know this, and I often find them all laying together.

Loco likes to play with the dogs. They know this, and they know that she is the kitty to go to when they feel like playing. And the play has always been gentle. Even still, I ALWAYS monitor them when they play to make sure it does not get out of hand. And luckily so far, it has not. 

KiKi however is a bit different. She is princess of the house. She will not snuggle with the dogs nor will she play with them.
She has been known to toy with them a bit, acting as if she wants to play, but when the dogs respond she will hiss and walk away.
She will lay beside them on the couch with no problems, and she rubs against their legs as she walks by, but she prefers them not to bother her.
The dogs know this, and have learned to respect her space.

For the first little while, before your pets get to know each others boundaries, you will have to keep everyone in check as best you can. 
One thing that worked wonders for me, is teaching your dogs the "leave it" command.
This action can come in handy in SO many different situations, but we will focus on dogs and cats today.

Use your leave it command when your dog wants to chase kitty.
Use your leave it command when the dog gets a little to 'sniff happy' with kitty.
Use your leave it command when and if your dog gets 'mouthy' with kitty.
Mouthy, meaning put their mouth on kitty.

How to teach "Leave it"

What you will need: small yummy treats, your hand, your dog!

Put a small size treat in your hand, let him know its there.
Have him sit, and stay. 
Put the treat on the floor in front of him a couple feet away. 
While your putting the treat there, firmly say "leave it" or "wait" 
Most likely he will still go for the treat anyway.
The second he gets up to go for the treat, put your hand over it, but do not move it.
Let him sniff at your hand, paw at it, etc...
Then repeat the words "no" "leave it" 
Ask him to sit, when he sits praise him, and give him the treat.
This takes time and patience ! Believe me!
Work at these steps daily, in short intervals .
Keep positive, try your best not to get frustrated, if you do, end the session on a positive note, like a "sit" command, give treat, end session.

Eventually you will be able to leave your hand off the treat while using leave it. Once he does this, allow him to go get the treat, then praise like crazy!
Continue this every single day! 
Even if it is one treat a day, one time a day. This command is very important!

Now that your dog understands what "leave it" means, you can use it with the kitty.
If the kitty gets up and puppy wants follow or chase, use your leave it command, in a stern voice. You can also include the word "no"  so that the two commands together will help him realize, you mean business!

Once they know each others boundaries, you will not have to use this as much. But my suggestion is to work on it every day using treats, to keep it fresh in their mind.

Huskies and kitties can be friends. We are living proof of that.
But that doesn't mean we don't need to be careful and monitor things. 
Keep an eye on your pets body language and know when they need space. 

❇ I am not a professional trainer, or an animal behavior specialist, these are tips and tricks that I personally use in my own house, and have proven successful for us ❇

Thanks for coming to catch the vibe with us! 
((Husky hugz frum our pack))

A Big P.S. - I want to let everyone know that what I write about on this blog is from my own experiences and my own dogs. Huskies do have high prey drives, and a lot of thought needs to go into whether or not you can try having kitties along with you husky. I am a stay at home mom, and am home to monitor things every single day. I don't recommend introducing a cat into your home with a husky if you cannot be there to monitor how things are going. 


  1. You bring up some very good points here and we thank you for sharing with us! Happy Sepia Saturday!

    1. Thanks so much! And i'm so glad you came by to read.
      have a great weekend!

  2. Wonderful tips and cute pics. I think it just depends on the dog, not necessarily the breed. Shiner does not like cats, even though we had a cat for about 9 years of her life. Kitty Kitty Meow Meow passed away just over a year ago and they NEVER got along. I think they both disliked each other and equal amount.

    1. Thanks Anne!
      Yea, thats sorts like KiKi, she doesn't like the dogs, but she tolerates them, and as I said, they learn to respect those boundaries, so it all works out.
      Thanks for coming!

  3. We have lived successfully with a mix of cats and dogs for 14 years I believe and have never had serious problems. I think the house attitude helps a lot. so glad your pack all gets along.

    1. I think your right. house attitude plays a big part as well.
      It makes me mad to hear people say that a certain breed can never do this or that or whatever. Like im a huge PitBull lover as well, and hate hate HATE the discrimination that goes on them. It is the dog not the breed. And it is the human, not the dog.
      Thanks for your comment guys!

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Speedy, I realize it doesn't apply to you however huh?
      Thanks for coming!

  5. your sepia photos are absolutely gorgeous!

    1. Thanks Caren! Your kind words are always appreciated! Thanks so much for coming by!

  6. Excellent advice, we had heard that about the prey drive and Huskies and it was one reason Mommy decided against the breed when she was looking for a dog. We are very glad to know that it isn't true and that with work and love they can be friends with cats. And the advice is good no matter what breed of dog you get.

    1. Your right, it really does go for any dog. And it's to bad, because so many people hear that about huskies and assume they are dangerous dogs etc...
      Well I am one to go against any breed discrimination, I think it's all bull hooey! So I pride myself in knowing that I have a happy happy household with my pets. They love eachother, they snuggle, they sleep together, they play together. and with a watchful eye, I believe that it can be done with any breed

  7. Great post and we applaud you for making it work with huskies and cats. Mom says the way we treat rabbits makes us highly unlucky to ever have a chance with a kitty in the house:(

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

    1. Thank you. And the weird thing is that, they are great with the cats in the house, but when the dogs are outside, and see strays or squirrels etc...they do want to put the chase on.
      Not entirely sure what they would do if they caught them. I would like to think, nothing haha!

  8. Hi Y'all!

    Good tips. My Human used baby gates when she brought the old barn cat to live with my older sis Candy (also a Chessie). The litter, food and water for the cat were kept in the laundry room. The cat could escape there. Eventually they both became friends.

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

    1. Exactly!!! I'm glad you have done similar things that have also worked for you guys!
      Thanks for coming by!
      Have a great weekend!

  9. I love the photo of the cat lounging on Lexus! My cat, Miss Gitty "raised" and demanded respect from 4 German Shepherds, and an insane miniature Schnauzer in her lifetime. She & my first Shepherd, Madison were BFF's for over 15 years. They died within 2 weeks of each other. It was like those old married couples that you read about dying days apart.

    1. Aw thats so sad! That does seem like the reason eh? Just like an old married couple!

      It is so nice to see when a dog and a cat are BFF's! Love it!

  10. Beautiful photos at the end! I like the pic of Koda and your mothers cat on the couch together LOL!
    --Siamese Smothers--
    We are participating in SS today but the linky code is down as it says on Ruckus's blog, but we still posted it :)

    1. Thank you!
      Yes they are having a problem with the linkys today.
      Not sure what's going on

  11. We're so glad everybuddy gets along so well. :)

    1. Thanks! Me to, it wouldn't be a very good situation otherwise lol

  12. I'd say you thoroughly disproved that theory (and I always remember hearing that huskies and cats did not mix), and also gave some common sense advice for anyone wanting to have both dogs and cats.
    Also, thanks for the great instructions on training "leave it". That is something I definitely want to work on with all of our dogs and your explanations are always simple and understandable (for simple minded people like me....ha ha).
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets.

    1. Many thanks to you for the kind words!
      Glad to be a help!
      Yeanthe leave it command is super important!
      It can help in SO many different situations! That's for sure!

  13. Excellent post! My Sheltie always tries to herd her kitty brother and sister so they definitely like their "cat only" space.

    1. They do, and I think its so important to give them their space. It makes things much more relaxed.
      Thanks for coming by!

  14. My bad khytty habits were already part of ME before Mom reskhued me -

    Part of the reason I was surrendered - along with that run-a-way thing!

    Oh how I wish I had my own khytty to 'khuddle' ;-)


    1. Awe that's to bad Khyra!
      I bet you could be good friends with a kitty!!
      Thanks so much for coming by!

  15. My cats are my little buddies, but one of them took a while to accept me when I moved in! The bipeds made sure that we had our own space in similar ways to the ones you describe. He gradually came round, you can't rush a cat!

    1. You are so right! You can't rush a cat!!! You know it Clowie!!
      I'm glad you have similar experiences that have also worked for you!
      Thanks for stopping by today

  16. I have to say you guys are so awesome for spending the time to be sure the dogs treat the kitties properly (and vice versa) and giving the kitties their own space and then educating people on how to best do this.

    Love the pictures!

    1. Awe thanks Annie! I appreciate you saying so!
      I think of myself as both a cat and a dog person, not one or the other as I have always had both for my entire life. So it would be a sad day if they all didn't get along so we could live together under one roof peacefully.
      Thats why I set out to research as much as I could about proper cat to dog introductions etc... And from there I tweeked it for what worked best in my house. And thank dog, it worked!

  17. That's a great post, loads of great info. I'm curious about cats but as soon as they run I have to chase. I think I would like a kitty brofur or sisfur though

    1. thanks Miskaki!
      It's funny cuz when my dogs see a cat outside (like a stray kitty) they want to chase also. But in the house I think they realize that they are family to.
      Still though, when kitties run, sometimes the dogs want to chase, thats where leave it or stay come into play. The second the dogs get up to follow the cats, I use stay or leave it. Plus the baby gates allow the kitties to get a quick escape.
      I think you would get along with kitties just fine Misaki!

  18. Beautiful cats. Thanks for the great information

    1. Thank you! And thanks for coming by also!

  19. Beautiful sepia toned photos today!!!
    ...and some really great tips too.

    Glogirly, Katie & Waffles

    1. Thanks very much guys! Always nice to see you here!

  20. A moggie included today on post cooooooollllll x

    1. Yep a couple of them BOL,!
      Thanks for coming!

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  22. Hi JMD! Some thoughts on your post:

    1) I love that you are doing sepia sibe! I know that I've said it before but you make it flow so well!
    2) Stealing food! I would hate that ...so use to being the only dog in the house
    3) Photo of the cat and dogs together. That is absolutely ABSOLUTELY precious! Just from reading your addendum on the bottom, it seemed like it became an awareness issue with dogs and cats. I think that's true for all creatures, that we need close monitoring and an adjustment period. I find that it is refreshing that you take the time and address the concerns and comments of your followers. A true passionate blogger! :)
    4) Looks like we were all having some technical difficulties these last few days too. Quite annoying when there's nothing you can do. See you next week on Sepia Saturday! Hopefully LinkyTool won't act up again.

    Ok sorry for the long comment! Just had so much to add to this post!

    1. Wow! Ruckus thanks so much for your kind words!!
      I truly appreciate that!
      I know everything I write in my blogs is not going to apply to everyone or everyone's dogs or cats. By these are my experiences, and I do pay close attention to all of my animals at all times.
      And that is important.
      Thanks so much for your comment!


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