Friday, 7 March 2014

Friday Growls! : Guilty Husky destruction!

Yep that's right! Guilty! 

That is my word of the day! 

Before I explain myself let me tell you, I am linked up to the Pet Parade today.

What am I parading you ask?


This fun hop is hosted by 3 PAWsome blogs that you should definitely check out!
Rascal and Rocco, Jans Funny Farm and Basil the Bionic cat. 
Grab their badges and link up!

On with the destruction.

If you follow my blog, you will know on Saturday's I do a post called The Sibe Vibe.
This is where I share fun facts about huskies and or training tips.
I have touched a lot on the temperament of a Husky.

They get bored easily.
An exercised husky is a well behaved husky.
Huskies become DESTRUCTIVE when they are bored.
yada, yada, yada . . . . 

SO, here today is some living breathing proof of a destructive husky.
. . . . or three!

I will be pressing charges.
Yes thats right! Charges! 

Well pack , How do you plead?

Lexus : "Not guilty!"

Koda : "Um, yea, what she said!"

Mika : "what? how dare you even assume that I fit into a category with those two nut bars! Of course I am NOT guilty!!!!" 

Ok then . . .

Judges, have we reached a verdict?

My kitty KiKi happily posing as the judge for this court hearing!

KiKi : "We have reached a decision. These huskies are GUILTY!"

Thank you Judge KiKi!
Might I ask if you have any photo evidence of this?

KiKi : Absolutely!! take a look.

Exhibit A

 Exhibit B

Exhibit C

KiKi : "you see? Photo evidence goes a long way!  These dogs are plainly guilty!"

Well there you have it folks! 
And now my precious pack, what do you have to say for yourselves?

Lexus : " I did no such thing! Your judge is wrong!" 

Lexus : "what? Oh this? I was just......sniffing out the real culprit!"

Me : "but Lexi, it's in your mouth right now! I even got it on camera! Give that to me!!!"

Lexus: " I dont know what your talking about"

Lexus : "ok ok I confess *sigh*

Me : "How bout you Koda? What to you have to say?"

Koda : "I did it. I never denied it! . . . cardboard tastes real good, and it was just sitting here, so, I chewed it!"

Koda : "Nom nom noms!!!"

Me : "And Mika, my innocent well behaved princess, how bout you?"

Mika : " Oh, mother, what did you expect? I mean really!?"

Mika : "they were doing it, so I figured, meh, why not!"

Well then I sentence you all to one day with No treats!!!

That's it for today! Stay tuned to find out if the pack actually went one whole day without a treat!

ღhusky hugz

Hope you enjoyed the parade!

Do your pets have a destructive side? 
Share in your comments below!


  1. I think they were framed!! Circumstantial evidence, photo tampering, and a bias judge! Demand a retrial Huskies!! That is sooo funny! Hop over to my blog...I have a surprise for you! Bark more Growl less from Barking from the Bayou

    1. Bahahaha!!!! That's what they said!!!! BOL!!!!
      KiKi usually makes a good judge though! She sees all and knows all! She is the princess you know!! Haha!
      Busted!!!! Not red handed but furry pawed! BOL!!
      I'll be right over to check out your blog! We luv luv luv surprises!!!!
      Thanks Melissa!

  2. Loved this post!!! MOL

    Guilty - It's not true, it's all fabrication - mew were all framed!!! MOL

    Thanks fur sharing the Pet Parade today, mew guys are just so pawesome ♥

    Bestest purrs

    Basil XOX

    1. BOL! But but the photos!!! They are my evidence!!!
      Hehehe thanks my bestest bionic buddy!

  3. absolutely adorable! When Dakota was young he was super destructive, ate my cell phone (down to the battery), ate wood, destroyed our front door.........that was all years ago, thankfully he has changed his destructive ways!

    1. Oh no! Ate your cell phone!! Haha!!! That's not good!!!!
      We haven't had anything chewed that badly.....yet!
      Thanks for your comment Caren! ♥

  4. Oh yeah! Never ever let a Sibe get bored...they are very very clever...and will seek to entertain themselves...as a pack MOL. Paw pats, Savannah

    1. BOL! Yep you know it!
      Good thing it was only an entry root beer box!!

  5. Hey, give 'em a break - all they were hoping for was a taste of yummy root beer:)

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

    1. BOL!! I know I know! Um surprised you could tell what it was! Haha!
      Must be the color huh? A and W colors! Love their root beer! Haha
      Thanks so much for coming!

  6. Ha ha ha! Awesome post. You crack me up.

  7. There has been no "destruction" here - just a few incidents of accidental breakage (front plate glass window), some uninhibited taste testing (paint brushes, gloves, money...), and some self-defense when the paper towel used to get too aggressive.

    Fortunately, the paper towel seems to have finally learned it's lesson and no longer tries to attack the poor canines.

    1. accidental breakage eh? hahah! too funny!
      money eating? Grrr to that!!! That would not be a good situation!
      Glad the paper towel has learned its lesson hahaha!!!

  8. Destruction, what destruction! Way to go everyone!

    1. BOL Buddy!
      Who's side are you on anyways!?!?

  9. Yow Miss Jenna n Mistur Mark yer huskiez are so adorable n so so guiltee!!
    Mum told me her Huskie Bogart Sam used to do da bery same fing n ne wuud look all innycent wif stuff hangin out of his mouth...
    Mum sayz neber a dull momint wif a Husky in da house!!! ;)
    Lub Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum too xoxoxoxo

  10. haha! Well your mum is definitely right on that one. X3 !!!!
    Thanks so much for coming!

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. hahhahahhaha, that was great. They don't look guilty to me :)

    1. No eh? Not one little bit! Hahaha!
      I enjoyed writing this post so I'm glad everyone liked reading it so much!

  13. I'm quite familiar with *guilty.*
    Guilty is Waffles' middle name. ...actually, it really should be his first name!
    ; ) Katie

    1. haha! Oh I know that! All to well!! Waffles is always gettin into his kitty mischief!!!
      Thanks for coming by guys!

  14. This is a great hop! I have to hop on board next week! Bark More, Growl Less Barking from the Bayou!

    1. It's a fun hop for sure!!
      Thanks Melissa!

  15. I’ll be they didn’t!! TW sez she’d be scared to live with such big dogs.

    1. haha! Ah they might lick TW to death but thats about it! haha!!
      Thanks for coming!

  16. You have a bunch of trouble makers there! Good thing you have a kitty to judge! Thanks for linking up on the Pet Parade! hope some more doggy friends will join in, so thank you for spreading the word! ~Rascal and Rocco

    1. I try! :)
      I am sure they will. And yep, trouble makers seem to be a huskies middle name!! haha!!

  17. Oh boy... Somebody is in TROUBLE... MOUSES!


    1. hahah! Yea, 3 somebody's !!!! hehe ah well :)

  18. Since I read your other post first, I know you didn't go through with the punishment! Oh well, it was just some cardboard, right? Or was it something important (I couldn't tell what it was from the photo). Our girls are very destructive but only with their own toys and stuff. The new puppy is of course a different story....anything he can get his paws on is fair game! :)
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

    1. haha! Nah, i was never going to punish them anyways, just thought it would make a cute ending for the post. And it was just am empty root beer box BOL!!! No biggie of course! Made a great post though I thought! haha!


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