Thursday, 13 March 2014

#WOOF support hop!

Hi there everybody!

Today is usually the day I let the huskies do a few woofs and growls, or strut their stuff at the Pet Parade, BUT once a month a few of us get together and do this WOOF support blog hop.
Here is what our hosts Oz the terrier, Wag'n'woof pets and Roxy the travelling dog have to say about WOOF (Working Out Our Fears) support:

This is the WOOF support blog hop, where reactive dogs and their owners can come together and share similar experiences.
Are you a reactive/fearful dog? or it's owner?
Then please join us and share your story.

I have a few updates on my huskies for this post. 
I wrote about my new find a couple weeks ago on one of my Sibe Vibe posts.
To check out the full story please go click HERE.

The gentle lead harness.
The answer to all of my husky prayers!

I went out a few weeks ago to see what I could find in a no pull harness. 
I have purchased several different types before to no avail.
So there I was searching through the store
 when I saw . . . .
This beautiful product just staring at me! 
It seemed as if it were glowing, and almost . . . calling to me.

Ok Ok so it wasn't quite that spectacular.


I saw it, and thought, hey, I have seen these before, and tried everything else, so meh, why not?
So I brought it home. I had originally purchased this for Lexus or Mika, but it was to big for their little noses.
So Koda was my test driver BOL!

I read the little booklet that came with it and no I have not watched the DVD yet, but i did read the booklet!!!
In the booklet they give you training tips that really do help.
I also made my own training tips to go along with it.
For the whole story remember to click HERE to see my original post on this.

Needless to say I had one of those . . .

. . . moments.

After some great training, about a week later walking became entirely different with Koda.
He used to pull, he used to want to do anything but focus on me.
With this harness, and some good focus training, we are really coming along. 
Because it is on his head, and the clip is under the chin, you have full control of his head, making it much easier when you are doing a "look" command.
When our dogs want to walk, they want to go forward, so with this, when they try and pull to much it turns the dogs head towards us redirecting their attention to us, instead of whatever it is he wants to pull to.

Koda does not get reactive around other dogs, in fact he tends to ignore them. My problem with him was pulling.
BUT, I could see this being very helpful if your dog tries to lunge at another, or even just wants to bark at another dog and pay no attention to you.
As I said, it really helps redirect their attention to you any time they try and pull forward to aggressively, and that is the time to use your command as well. So now, you not only have their attention constantly being pulled towards you, but you also have your "look" or watch" command to help them focus on you in reactive situations.
I am anxious to purchase one for Mika, as she is the one who tends to want to jump and bark at other dogs. Next time this hop rolls around I should be able to have found one that fits her. 
I am no longer going to find one for Lexus as I found her something totally different all together.
Which i will share with you in a moment.
First check out some shots of Koda lookin like the stud he is, in his gentle lead.
I also want to be clear that this head harness fits Koda's face perfectly, and when he pulls it does not hurt him in any way, it does not pull super tight, it simply redirects his head.

My find for Lexus came accidentally. 
My regular readers will know from just a couple days ago that i did a product review for a company called Kurgo.
For those of you who are not my regulars, you can see the whole review HERE.

The product they sent me just happened to be a harness.
It does not say anywhere on the package that this is a no pull harness, but I noticed when I received it, not only did it have a back leash clip but it also had a chest leash clip.
I have seen some no pull harnesses out there with chest leash clips, and always heard good things about them.
I was not expecting this product to help with her pulling, I was just getting her all clipped up in it and testing it out, as she was getting ready for her photo shoot.
SO this harness doubles as a travel harness as well, and comes with a seat belt tether, so of course I had to test it out in the car before writing my review.
I noticed she was not pulling near what she usually does while we walked out to the vehicle.
So when we got back from the car ride, I decided to take her on a walk. 
Again I had one of those . . .

. . . moments!

I had her hooked up by her chest clip to the leash, and when she tried to pull, it worked the same way as the gentle lead did!
Redirected her attention to me, as I gave her a heal command.
She did not like always being made to face me when she pulled, so she quickly learned to let off the leash a bit so that she could walk normally.!

I am happy to report that our leash manners have taken a turn for the better.
We still have a lot of work to do though, as I would much rather rely on my own words and commands then a no pull tool like these harnesses, but they do help immensely with our training.
I don't get nearly as frustrated as I once would when NONE of them would listen to my "look" commands on our walks, because these tools do half the work, and then once their attention is on me, they still get their treat as they would if there were no harnesses helping me out.
So between these tools and my words, I think we are on the right track! 

Thanks everyone for listening to my story.

ღHusky Hugz

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We have entered Lexus in the Kurgo photo challenge, and we could really use some votes!! We are no where near first place, so I thought we could turn to our blogging pals for a little help. 
Its easy to vote, simply click the link I will Supply and click the word vote on the photo of my Lexi girl!
Many thanks to you all!!!!
If you go back daily and click that button once a day it would really help us out! Thanks guys!
Click HERE to vote!
The photo below is the the one we have entered.


  1. You do look like a stud in the lead

    1. Why thank you Ruckus my good man.....dog...haha!

  2. That's all super news. I have a front clip harness for Torrey. It really does make a difference. If she starts pulling or acting up, I clip it to the front, and she straightens right out.

    1. Hi Roxy!! Thanks for coming! Yea, I was surprised how much it actually made a difference!!

  3. Two posts about head collars this month! I too had a hallelujah moment with the Halti. I thought I tried EVERYTHING to get Isis to stop pulling and couldn't believe how much better she did with the Halti (and a clicker). We used it with a harness with a clip in back, and a leash that attached at both ends. Genius stuff.

    1. haha! it is genius stuff thats for sure! I am glad it works for you as well!!
      Thanks for coming by!

  4. this is great news,its always good to find things that work,xx Rachel

  5. I have such one too, my mom think it's super but me....Njo I really don't know what to think. I will rather pull. Have a nice day.

  6. That harness looks like it would be a good choice with flat faced dogs so thankyou so much for sharing. So many of the no pull products go over the nose, like the gentle leader, and wont work with a pug or bulldog. Our little pug Weasley pulls like mad

    retro rover

    1. Yea I suppose an over the nose halti would be no good for a little pug face would it?
      You should definitely try on of the front clip Kurgo harnesses then. That might just be your answer!

  7. I was stubborn about pulling on the lead and I wore a Gentle Leader for a while and then we moved onto a Halti. They carried it in their pockets when I started to walk nicely most of the time and it came out if I got excited and started to pull again!

    1. Thats a very good idea. Clowie though....you? pulling? Nahhhhh!!!!
      haha! At least we know you can find your way anywhere you might be trying to pull your humans!!! BOL

  8. What a WOOF-A-LICIOUS Post!!! :)

    My P.A.'s dog Daisy May [A Jack Russell Terrier very sadly RIP'd in September 2010 aged 17 & 3/4's] used to wear all manner of harness's for walkies, the P.A.'s fav was a hot pink neoprene one - we laughed and laughed and laughed - Daisy didn't!!! MOL

    Happy Friday my Supurr Husky Furriends!!!


    Basil xox

    1. RIP to Daisy may. Sorry top hear that, but it sound like Daisy lived to be a nice age tho!
      Gotta love the hot pink neoprene look!!!! hehehe!!!
      Thanks for coming my bionic pal!

  9. Arty, our Shih Tzu is also a BIG puller and the harness from Kurgo looks like something that would be worth a try!! Thanks for the great review!!

    1. Thats so great to hear!!!! These products from Kurgo are SO pawsome!!!!! If you do make a purchase I would love to hear how it worked out for Arty!!! Thanks for coming by!

  10. Lots of hallelujah moments for you it seems. I need to get a harness for Maggie - she doesn't pull, she just lags behind sniffing...same difference I guess. We voted - keep reminding us.

    1. Oh thanks SO much for your vote Slim!!!! We appreciate it so so much!!!!
      And feel free to check out some Kurgo harnesses! And actually I suppose a front clip would be good for Maggie who falls behind sniffing as well!
      Thanks for coming!

  11. I have a harness and Mommy say's I walk like a Princess with it on, and it's pink, my favorite color :) xxxoxxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

    1. Perfect! Pink is my fav color to!!!! My 2 girls (huskies) have pink collars as well! They love them!

  12. My big dogs settled down when they got a front lead harness. That has really worked for us.

    1. Glad it works for you also!
      Front lead harnesses really do make a big difference!!!

  13. Perfect model :-6

  14. I honestly didn't know what the purpose of a front clip harness was, and I never thought of using the gentle leader to help with the reactivity either, until you said it. Hallelujah indeed! We have some new tools to try! Thanks for joining the hop and for a great post!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

    1. Glad we could help!!!! Let me know if you have any questions!!!
      And thanks for stopping by!

  15. It's always nice to find great products for our pets. Fortunately, Annie doesn't need a leash, but we enjoyed all the pics. :)

    1. BOL!! Yea I suppose she doesn't need a leash huh? Haha!!!
      Thanks for reading anyway!

  16. Them Gentle leaders are great, Sheba loves wearing hers and it gave me more control over her but if she sees a dog she forgets her manners and flies off the handle.

    1. They are great that's for sure. I suppose that's why we are here. To learn and work on tips for that kind of reactivity. So my hope for people and for Mika is that paired with the gentle lead (once I find one that fits her) and some of the tips I have learned already through this hop, maybe we can start moving forward,

  17. Holy Dog! Two Hallelujah moments?!? That is so great! I am so glad the gentle leader worked for you. Thank you for your comment on my post, since I just purchased it and have yet to even try it. I am nervous about it so you may be getting an email from me one of these days. I have never seen that harness before but I can see why it would work for pulling. A front clip?!? Just brilliant.
    Thank you for joining the hop!
    Gina and Oz

    1. Yes it works wonders!!! And please feel free to shoot me an email! I will help however I can! The gentle lead has worked so well for us! But training definitely needs to go into it as well. Thanks for coming by Oz!


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