Monday, 7 April 2014

OMD! Mondays!

Hiya everyone! 

I hope you all had a PAWsome weekend! 

Welcome to another edition of OMD! Mondays.
Today is the day when we like to share a heart warming rescue story or basically any animal related story that's make us say "Oh My Dog!"

BUT today we will be doing something a little bit different.

It is also the letter "F" in the A to Z challenge today. 

F is for Fighting. 

I wanted to change this post up a little bit today because I want to bring your attention to something. 
Tomorrow is National Dog Fighting Awareness Day. 
Myself and a few friends of mine have gotten together and decided to have a special blog hop to do our part in raising awareness to dog fighting. 
I hope you will join us to be the voice for those who cannot be heard.

Most of you have heard of the Tuesday tails blog hop. Well tomorrow it will be a little changed up. We ask that you feature a Pitbull (or two or three) who is in need of adoption, as well as write a piece on your views about dog fighting, or anything related.
Please join us (Love is being owned by a husky) Melissa at Barking from the Bayou and Sarah from Lola the Pitty as we link up with Lisa from Dogs 'n' Pawz and Sue from Talking Dogs 
on the Tuesday Tails blog hop tomorrow April 8th. 

We also have one more announcement. 
For the whole month of April , it is "Prevention of cruelty to animals month" 
There are some great chances this month to SPEAK up and STAND up for our beloved animals.
This month, vow to go orange! Show your support for the cause! Post orange ribbons, wear orange ribbons, write about it, share about it! Do your part. Every little bit of support helps.

F is also for FURiends! One of my blogging pals is currently having a blog hop, but today is our last chance to link up. It is called the Pinch Punch Post. Hosted by Earl's world and co hosted by
 My Dog Diaries and My Cat Diaries. 

They would like us to post about what we have been up to in March , and what we have planned for April. 

We had a great March! 
We have started co hosting a blog hop called the Pet Parade , as well as Thoughtless Thursday in the previous month. 

We received our very first BarkBox!! 
We did a great post where you can plainly see how excited my huskies were to receive a special package just for them!
We had a lot of fun with the BarkBox and did our own personal review on it after the pups did their official husky testing!

We played in the snow a WHOLE lot!! Since our winter has been (and still is) well overdrawn , snow play has been my huskies heaven this year! The pack had tons of fun running around and digging holes , and pulling sleds!

We did our very first product review for Kurgo! 
We loved having the chance to do a product review! It was a super good product and hearing such praise from the company after they read it , put a big trade mark husky grin on all of our faces! We worked hard on our review and Lexus was a great model for the photo's and testing of the harness , so she was of course beaming with pride!

What do we have planned for April?

My birthday is in April , my oldest daughters birthday is in April , my mothers birthday is in April AND Koda turns 1 year old !!! 

We have two more product reviews coming up very soon. You will all see those in upcoming posts! 

There you have it! My months in a nutshell! 

There is still time for you to link up to the Pinch Punch Post Blog Hop as well! The list closes at midnight tonight! 

Have a Happy Monday! See you tomorrow for the letter "G" and our Dog Fighting Awareness Blog hop! 

This post has been
 brought to you by the letter F!

ღHusky Hugz


  1. Thanks so much for linking up with us!!! But don't forget to actually post your link on the linky list!! :-D

    It sounds as though you have had a wonderfully busy week, both online and offline!

    Earl and I.

    1. Your welcome :)
      I tried, and I could not find where to link my URL to?

    2. Unfortunately, this is because the linky list has now closed. In future, I will always remind you early!! Doh to me, but thanks so much for joining along anyway!

      Earl and I :-)

    3. BOL! thought it was open until this evening at midnight? Ah well!

  2. So anti dog fighting here but unfortunately there is too much of it here ,all illegal. See you tomorrow, Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

    1. There is far too much of it in the world! You are so right!!
      See you tomorrow as well!

  3. Wow, thanks for all the updates. So many Hops now, it's hard to keep up.

    1. haha! I know!!! This is a one time hop though, so that one is easy enough!

  4. dog fighting is a disgraceful business,xx Rachel

  5. I'm sharin' this, for sure.


  6. When is your birthday? Have a lovely week.

  7. Busy busy busy!! Busy in March and now April! So much to going on. We agree we all need to do as much as we can to help protect our animal friends.

    1. Yep! Busy is my middle name BOL!!!! Yes we do! Anything helps!

  8. The only fighting allowed around here is us fighting with the tree rats, don't have to much in Oklahoma , several years ago some really bad people got caught and their punishment sure did a good job of chasing most of it away!

    The Mad Scots

  9. Wow, you had a busy and fun March, and another busy month coming up too! You are amazing in all that you do! :) I'm looking forward to the hop tomorrow. I haven't even started my post though, so mine probably won't be up until at least the afternoon.
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

    1. I have a bit in my drafts but i'll finish this evening. Thanks for your kind words BTW! I try! BOL!!! I am looking forward to the hop also! Anything to helP!

  10. So April will be a big month for celebrating in your family.

  11. We're against dog fighting too...and we're glad there's a day devoted to bringing awareness to this issue.

    1. Us to. Voices need to heard, that's for sure!

  12. You have had a very busy month guys!

  13. WOW you guys are so busy :-)


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