Monday, 14 April 2014

OMD! You dog you!

Hiya everyone!

Welcome to OMD! Mondays.
Today is a very special post because we are featuring some pups and their humans whom we have been following for quite a few months now.

Slim Doggy!

Slim doggy was our second winner in the fun mini contest we had a couple weeks back.
Read more about the contest HERE.

They had a choice of two prizes. The one Slim chose was a feature post right here on our blog!
We are slightly delayed in our post, my apologies to Slim doggy for taking so long.
But hey, better late then never huh?

Today is also letter "L" in the #atozchallenge

L is for Laziness.

Which is Ironic, and you'll find out why.

I am sure most of you know Slim Doggy?

If not, you should! SO make sure you head on over to their blog when your all done here, and say hello!
Tell them the huskies sent ya!

Now, for those of you who have not yet visited their site, let me introduce you to the pups.

This gorgeous pup is Slim Doggie Jack!

As you can see, Jack is a pawsome gardener! Or a tad bit mischievous. You decide.

And this is beautiful Maggie

Maggie has the sweetest most loving eyes I have ever seen.

Here is the twosome together. Finding out where the next best place to dig is? Perhaps?

I love this photo. To me, it is almost like Jack has his paw in front of Maggie in a protective manner. Big brofur style!

So what is Slim Doggies blog about?

That question brings us to our letter "L" word. Laziness.

Which is the exact opposite of Slim Doggy!
The title basically says it in itself. "Slim"

These pups are all about staying fit, staying healthy!

I have been so inspired by Jack, Maggie and their humans!
I made a resolution at New Years, and if there is anyone I can give credit to pushing me forward on that, it is definitely these pups!

My resolution was to get back out walking with the pack much more then I had been.
I wanted to find way that we could all get our exercise even just playing in our own backyard if maybe we did not have the chance to get out walking.

The things I have learned from Jack and Maggie are what has pushed me.
They not only teach ways to stay fit, but they involve both dog and human activity while making the whole thing fun and easy to do.

One major thing they taught me was walk/run intervals.
I have been working with my huskies to teach the commands of pulling a sled.
Not to enter sled dog races etc...just for recreational purposes.

I used to only do this while walking. But I wanted to try jogging and seeing how they would do with the specific commands while their adrenaline was at it's peak.
They did great
Me? Not so much.

I soon found out that I am no jogger! Ha! I was forcing myself to keep going, and it did not feel very good.
I read an article of Slims, which helped immensely.
7 tips for starting a running program with your dog.

They went on to say that beginning or returning runners should not focus on how far or how fast they go.
Focus instead, on the time spent on your feet.
The big one that has helped me was their tip on doing walk/run intervals.
Walk two minutes, jog two minutes and repeat.
Then gradually reduce your walk time.

This has been great! We just do a quick jog then slow it down, catch our breath and start again. It is so much easier then trying to force yourself.
The dogs love it too!

Anything from cross training to Plyometric drills  to things like what ingredients are in your dog food and how to read them. Even just good ol' wordless Wednesday photo's of their pups!  Slim Doggy is a PAWsome blog whom I enjoy visiting every day.

Slim Doggy also has their own app! This app lets you track your dogs daily activities and calories burned as well as their daily feedings and calories eaten. I really encourage you to check it out!!!
For more info on this app click HERE.

The app is for iphones, so those of you who do not have an iphone Slim Doggy also has a searchable database on their blog that works pretty much the same.
They have over 3000 dog foods and you can search by brand, by formula or ingredients.
The ingredient search is very helpful for dogs who have allergies or even just certain foods your dog may have to avoid. For more info on the dog food database click HERE.

We have learned so much from these pups, we hope you will too! Check out their blog HERE.

Hope you all enjoyed our feature and we look forward to doing an other contest soon!

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  1. We LURV SlimDoggy!

    Lots of Woofs from Earl an I at Earl's World!

    1. We do too!!! Such a great blog! And great pups and hoomans too!

  2. We must pop over later and say hello. Lovely for you to introduce your friends to all of us. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

    1. They have a great blog! I hope you get a chance to pop over!
      Have a pawsome Monday yourself!

  3. We find slim dog inspiring too! It is so easy to be lazy!

    1. It is easy to be lazy!!! I agree!! Thank dog for pups like Jack and Maggie!!! haha

  4. Jack and Maggie are definitely very inspirational! Great jogging tips too. Something I need to start doing. I'll have to start by increasing walking first probably.

    1. Exactly! And that how I have been doing it. Just slowly building. Although I won't say there haven't been setbacks. BOL!

  5. What a fantastic post!!! We love Slim Doggy too and they are sure gonna LOVE this post!

    1. Thanks Caren!!! You think so?? I really hope they are happy with their feature! We had a lot of fun writing it and have learned so much from them|!!!! Thanks for coming by!

  6. that was some great tips from Slim Doggy,loved you interview over at Me,you and Zu to,xx Speedy

    1. haha! Thanks! I was so happy they chose me for that as well!
      Slim Doggy has amazing tips!!!!

  7. Hey guys! Thanks for the great shout out for SlimDoggy! We're happy to be friends with the Husky crew.

    1. No probs! We were happy to do it! Glad you enjoyed! We are happy to be friends with you slim pups too!

  8. We are off to check out SlimDoggy! You are so right it is easy to be lazy. Buddy and I are trying to get back into jogging together. In winter we snowshoed several miles everyday and we really had a great work out. Since it has been slushy and we can't snowshoe, or really walk with all the slush in the fields, we haven't been doing that much and my scale has told me to get back walking! Thanks again for the tips.

    1. That's great! Good for you! Slim has amazing tips! I am sure you will enjoy their site!

  9. Another great post! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Slimdoggy! I'm like you and have learned soooo much from them. I can't jog anymore (crappy knees) but they have inspired us to walk more and feed the boys better by measuring all of their food. Your new little Husky Hugz is beautiful!

    1. Thanks Melissa!!! They are so inspiring! I absolutely love visiting their blog every day!
      Thank you for your compliment on my husky hugz! So glad you like it!!!

  10. We love SlimDoggy! Been fans for a long time. They have taught us that it isn't okay to be fat but more healthy to be fit.

  11. Slimdoggy is pawesome! Our Mama can out-run us! Wooohooooooo Mama! Ku http://haikubyku.com

    1. Yes he is!!! Your mama could most likely outrun me then by far!!! Hahaha

  12. Great post on SlimDoggy! I have also been inspired by them and have learned so much from them. I can't get their app since I don't have an iphone but I have their widget on my website and it has been such a great help to us in figuring out how much to feed Luke as he keeps growing.
    Good luck with your jogging....I have also found that the intervals make it so much easier.
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

    1. Yes, I don't have an iPhone either. I got my blackberry and a tablet. But the widget is cool. I had a teeny mess up with it tho, my fault not theirs. I have to put it back up. It helps so greatly!
      Thanks so much for coming by!

  13. Great post, Jenna. SlimDoggy rocks!

  14. Terrific post Jenna and the SlimDoggy really are an inspiration.

  15. Great post, and I love Slim Doggie's blog too.

  16. My mom is so NOT built fur running -

    We khould walk all the way to see woo in Khanada but no freakin' way khould she even jog around the blokhk ;-)

    Thanks fur sharing some furry interesting inFURmation!

    PeeEssWoo: Woo are in fur such a treat when the eggs hatch - but we'll warn woo - when the time khomes fur Mom and Dad to feed them, do NOT have your volume turned up too high!

    1. Haha!! Well hey, if your up for walking here for a visit, come on by!

      I am SO excited to see the eggs hatch!!!! I will be sure to keep the volume down, thanks for the heads up!

  17. Love Slimdoggy Jack and Maggie, this was so cool of you to feature them. Great post! Have a great day.

  18. Okay... I have just GOT to know. What kind of plant did Jack plant? Ummm... Was it a bean?


    1. Well that's a very good question Niss! I'll have to ask and let you know!

  19. Digging isn't mischief - it's excellent exercise!

    This is a lovely post.

    1. haha!!! I am sure all dogs of the world will agree with you Clowie girl!!! Thank you for coming!

  20. Slim doggy love it that he is allowed to dig such a massive hole :-) wow

    1. haha!!! Well, good gardeners are hard to find these days! ;)


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