Tuesday, 6 May 2014

5 reasons to teach "leave it!"

Hiya everyone!
Monday is gone and past.

Now that Tuesday is upon us, it is time to get the brain workin!

Today I have some bullet proof reasons why teaching the "leave it" command is beneficial.

This is a pretty common command, however not a lot of people use it.
Teaching "Leave it" early on, was the best decision I could have made.
I do not focus a lot on highly skilled tricks such as opening doors, bringing me the newspapaer and other things like that. (Although I suppose it would be pretty cool!)

If you follow my blog, you know that huskies are super stubborn as it is, therefor making training a step up for me. I have to make sure what I am trying to teach my huskies will be fun for them, and rewarding. Otherwise, they will turn their nose up at me, and simply go lay down on the job!

So why is the leave it command important?

Ever go on a walk with your beloved dog(s) and there happens to be something absolutely disgusting on the sidewalk? But before you have a chance to react, your dog has already picked it up in his mouth and began eating it!
Obviously as a rule here, we should always keep our eyes open to what is on the ground, BUT using the leave it command here really works!

How bout this one.
On your walk you come across a big smelly pile of doggy poop!
Your dogs first reaction?
To head over and sniff it of course!
We all know that dog poop can carry some pretty dangerous parasites etc...
Using your leave it command comes in handy!

Have cats and dogs together?
We do! Three huskies and three kitties.
Leave it has really came in handy here.
When we adopted Mika, she had already spent her life with kitties, so she was not an issue. However, Lexus and Koda are another story.
My cats and huskies play well with each other, but there are times when the pups want to play and are obviously disturbing the kitties chillaxin time. Leave it works well here.

Maybe you have kids as well as dogs?
I do.
Let me lay it out for you.
Your little one asks for a cookie. You hand it to her, and she continues to walk through the house with her cookie. You have three Siberian huskies following her around.
No mistake, 9 times out 10 when my little one is eating a snack, the dogs are kept in the kitchen and she in the living room. HOWEVER, I am human, and there have been times I have not been so quick to remove the dogs. So your dogs are following the child around, and are about to thieve the cookie out of her hand. What do you do? "Leave it!"

Last one. Your preparing dinner.
Again, three huskies eyes are all burning a hole in the back of your head staring at you so intently, just waiting for you to drop something. You turn to go to the fridge, and as you look over your shoulder, one of your huskies ( ahem, Koda) attempts to counter surf and steal your food.
What do you do?
"Leave it!"

There are a LOADS more reasons to teach this to your dogs, but those are the five that I use most often.

How to teach "leave it"

Firstly, be sure that you attempt this on a "tired" dog. For example, after a walk.

Get a handful of small bite size treats.
Put one on the floor a few feet away from your dog.
The first few times, you will have to block your dog from getting the treat, as they do not have a clue what you are asking.
Now as you are blocking your dog say "leave it"
Once they settle a little bit, you can say "ok go get it" And let them go. Repeat this process until you leave it on the floor and they do not try and run for the treat after you use your command.
You may even have to mix in other words with your new command, such as "leave it, no, sit!"
This way, your dog will associate the "leave it" with "sit"

To make it easier, I sit on the floor and cover the treat with one hand and let them sniff my hand a bit, then I say "leave it" and a sit command, and I do not move my hand until they back off.

If you continue this every day, and keep your training sessions short, sweet, and fun, your dog will pick up the new command in no time!

Once they know the command well, they will sit pretty until you ask them otherwise.

. . . . well, most of the time!

Do your dogs know the leave it command?
Did you have trouble teaching it?

Before you go, we have decided to join up with the Tuesday tails hop this week. Since we have been teaming up with husky rescues across the world, I would like to share some adoptable pups with you on a weekly basis.
Tuesday  Tails is hosted by Dogs 'n' Pawz and Talking Dogs.
Find a shelter dog in need of a home and link up.

Meet Bengal
A beautiful 7 year old female Siberian husky, with lots of life left in her.

She is currently in foster care through Tails of the Tundra Husky rescue in New York.
Bengal is being loved and cared for as if she were their own, however she anxiously awaits her new humans to come and give her a home. For more info on her, visit Tails of the Tundra

Meet Skylark
She is a beautiful 6 year old female Siberian husky.

Skylark has been working on some issues with food and toy possession.
However, she is very loving and affectionate, always wanting attention from her foster humans.
She walks well on a leash and is being treated for a couple of medical issues.
She is also housed at a Tails of the Tundra husky foster program.
For more info click HERE.

If you would like to adopt a husky and are wondering if they are the right breed for you, please visit my page "are huskies for you?"

Thanks everyone and enjoy the rest of your day!


  1. BOL BOL we know that command only too well specially now when I eat Spring grass as it makes me sick. Stubborn never but we do a lot of selective hearing. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

    1. BOL!!! Selective hearing huh?? Yea I got three huskies who can hear me open the fridge door from a mile away but as soon as I call them to come do something they go deaf! haha

  2. Great post. Bengal and Skylark are both beautiful! Sharing.

    1. Thank you! They are beautiful, thanks for sharing.

  3. Oh boy, that I'll have to learn Vaks. He has some issues with food and toys allthough it is getting better here. We (mom and dad) are training hard with the issues, but his almost 8 year so it will take some time LOL. Sniff and wags from Laika and Vaks.

    1. It definitely comes in handy!!!
      If you ever have any questions, feel free to ask, and I will do my best to answer them!

  4. That is one of the first commands we teach. We love that command and the dogs respond really well to it.

    1. Yes they do respond really well to this command! It is so important in my house, and helps in so many situations!

  5. Bengal and Skylark are beautiful! So glad you joined the blog hop! Off to share!

  6. I am teaching Leave it to Torrey. She is pretty good about it, unless we are out on a hike and it's deer poop involved.

    1. BOL!!!
      Yea....sometimes they can put their selective hearing ears on, that's for sure! Thanks for coming by!

    2. oophs, thought I left a reply, hope this isn't duplicating it for you. Cute background on your template, perfect for your topic. Do all husky's have blue eyes? I enjoy not having pets, had dogs at home as a kid growing up and cats when first married, and am now foot loose and fancy free.

      Sandy at Traveling Suitcase"

    3. Nope, no duplicate.
      Thanks for your comment.
      No all huskies do not have blue eyes. They can also have brown and they can be bi eyed, meaning one blue and one brown. They can even have a bit of both in each eye!
      My one husky Mika has one brown and one blue, my other two have blue.
      I have always had pets, my whole entire life! I could not imagine life without them, to each their own of course, and pets are not for everybody. Thanks for coming by :)

  7. Great post, Good luck for Bengal and Skylark, Sharing.


  8. Earl can leave it, but if we're playing tug-of-war he will take more time to drop the item, hehe.
    He can also be a little stubborn at times! But doesn't that just make some of their character? I've noticed that! You can't help but laugh at them.
    Good luck for Bengal and Skylark - the Tuesday Tails Blog Hop sounds a lovely way to share dogs in need. I may join one day!

    Lots of Woofs from Earl and I at Earl's World!

    1. It is part of their character, I agree.
      It's a great hop! I am going to be joining more often now!!!!

  9. Great post! Most of your reasons are why we've taught for these problems. We've worked really hard on "leave it" and "drop it," since we live in the country and we've got all kinds of nasty things that pop up from time to time. The one time we still can't get either of the commands to work is when wild rabbits get in the boys' fenced area at night. Two nights ago, Barkly actually had one caught half-in-and-half-out the bottom of the fence where Vlad had chased it to Barkly. The thought of Tularemia really scares me, so I'm not a fan of the wild rabbits that hide only during the winter. From now on, we're doing what we did last night. Hubs goes out and scares everything off, and then I take the boys out. I don't know how to get them to obey during this particular situation. I'm giving up on trying to get them to obey these commands when this happens.

    1. Hmm, good point. All I could suggest for that is trying to train this command in an area that there is a ton of distractions. That way when you come upon a time when there are distractions, your dog will have already learned to hear your voice above all else.
      Try at places like a dog park, or even on walks where there are lots of people and things.
      Hope that helps you!

  10. The Leave It command is critical, it could save your dog's life one day. When Isis was a puppy, we were walking her at night. She found an apple core. Before we could stop her she ate it and began choking. My husband was able to pull it out of her throat, thankfully. Also, the Leave it command saved us when we got Isis, she wanted to "play" with our cat desperately. That command enabled us to be together in the house without her constantly chasing the cat. Wish I could adopt one of these beauties! My friend at The Husky Brothers web site has 3 Huskies, is in NY and active in the Husky community. I'll forward your blog with Tundra Husky's site to her and ask her to share on her web site which has lots of followers in NY.

    1. That would be great, thank you!
      What is their site called if you don't mind me asking?
      The leave it command has been most handy with my huskies and cats as well, so I know what you mean.
      Thanks for coming by

  11. Mom taught me to Leave It early on when I came here. It comes in handy outside when we see birds and squirrels. And also inside like when Mom drops a pill or a knife on the floor, or when I steal her glove with plans to eat it.

    Love and licks,

    1. It would definitely come in handy for that stuff! I agree!

  12. Mom says I have selective hearing and selective understanding when it comes to commands. She has taught me the leave it command and sometimes I even do it. I am getting better though and you are right, it is a very important command.

    1. It sure is! You just have to make sure when you use the command, it would be in the dogs best interest to listen. He will get rewarded from you better then whatever it was your dog was after. (Especially because Buddy is part husky, he needs high rewards!!

  13. Luke is in obedience school now, and I think they are teaching "leave it" this week. My hubby is taking him and it sounds like they teach it a little different (I'll have to ask him again). We never taught it to the other dogs, but I realize now what a great command it is for them to know (and I've printed out your instructions).
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

    1. Great! Glad to hear he is in obedience training! How is he doing with it so far?
      I don't doubt the professionals have a different way of doing things LOL! I kind of have my own way that have been working for my huskies and me, so I hope by sharing our way of training it may help others as well. Let me know how the leave it goes!!!

  14. What a great idea for teaching the "leave it" command. Of course, Bentley would just laugh at me since he is more than a little stubborn. I will work on it though because it would be very helpful. I love the adoptable Huskies!

    1. It really does work! As long as they get the reward afterwards, i'm sure he will do it for you. It does take some time with the extra stubborn pups though! I know that first hand! Have a great trip Melissa!!!

  15. Thanks for writing such an informative post about "Leave It" and posting Skylark and Bengal. Thanks for sharing.

  16. My dogs are pretty good at leave it, depending on their mood. Except Bruce...

    1. haha yea eh?! Well, it works, 98% of the time anyways!!

  17. great tips there,Bengal and Skykark are gorgeous,xx Rachel

  18. :-) great post as always x

  19. Yes, I hear that command out on walks - usually when there's something interesting that has had time to mature and has a wonderful aroma!

    1. BOL!!!! Exactly!!!! And EWW Clowie!!!! haha!


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