Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Huskies LOVE Bowzer Box!

Hiya everyone!
I hope your all having a great week so far?
I have been SO busy in the last few days. Many things going on.
Stay tuned on Thursday to find out what we have been up to!

I don't think I have to express my love for the Canadian pet subscription box - Bowzer Box.
You all know how crazy happy I was to learn, that we, here in Canada could order these boxes for our dogs, and how impressed we have been with the contents.
Check it out!

A box full of Canadian goodness just waiting to get into the paws of my huskies!
So much great stuff!
My huskies go crazy as soon as I start opening the box.
They LOVE getting their Bowzer Box in the mail!

My Lexi girl, loves to pose with her goodies!

Except, with the Bowzer Box, her patience runs thin, as it's contents just smell SO darn good!!

I hear your brains thinking, and your eyes squinting at the photos to try and see what we got.
Let me help you out!

Hero Dog treats : Beef Liver
Dehydrated human grade liver treats are rich in flavor and 100% natural protein.
Grown in Canada, made in Canada.

The above photo shows the Hero liver treats out of the package.
The huskies LOVED these. Crunchy, healthy treats that they couldn't get enough of!

Next up, Benny Bully's : Beef Liver with real pumpkin.

You may remember a few weeks ago, I did a review for Benny Bully's?
My huskies LOVE these! They are freeze dried 100% natural!
The added pumpkin is just one of a few different flavors that Benny has newly added to their treats.

I had to enlarge this photo (above) of Lexus. She couldn't get her chompers around these Benny Bully's fast enough!! You can see in my hand, the REAL pumpkin that has been added to the treats.

Moving on to Licks Pill Free : Joint and heart
$2.95 each

This product was interesting. You add Licks to your pets water, food, or even just let them lick it out of the packet! A daily dose of Omega 3s (wild caught sardines & anchovies) vegetarian glucosamine  and vitamin E.  This stuff looks nasty when added to their water, but the huskies LOVED drinking it!
Licks smells just like a chicken broth.

Next is the fan fav in my house,
Hero Dog treats : Beef Pizzle Chew
$3.99 - $7.99

Long lasting, single ingredient goodness!
They are chemical and preservative free. They are also high in protein and very low in fat.
100% digestible.
Super good for your pups teeth and gums.

Bowzer Box put a sample treat package in our box as well :
Carna4 - Sprouty Squares
Ingredients include : Organic sprouted seeds, liver, oats and barley.

These were a hit too!

Last but certainly not least, we have a short video to share with you.
The huskies got a pawsome new toy in Bowzer box this month.
I was very impressed with this toy!
It is super durable AND has a squeaky in it!!!
My huskies go CrAzY for squeaky's!

Introducing the Chomper Gladiator toy.
$13.00 - $17.00
This toy uses extreme strength construction sewn with specialty machinery.
Multiple layers of durable quilted fabric and piping provide a powerful squeak toy.

As you can see, Lexus is having a blast with her new toy!
If your looking for a Canadian Pet Subscription box, I strongly urge you to check out Bowzerbox.ca
Tons of great stuff! Healthy natural treats and long lasting toys and chews.
What could make a pup happier then that?

Proudly Canadian!

Thanks everyone!
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   *ownedbyahusky.blogspot.ca is given a monthly Bowzer Box subscription to provide our honest review.
Our views and opinions expressed in this post are our own, and not influenced in any way.


  1. OMD...Everything looks so very nommy and/or fun!!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

    1. It is and was!!! BOL Thanks for popping by guys!

  2. Wow! That looks like a great box of Canadian goodies, eh? BOL!! I love how the video starts out with the heart. ♥ It doesn't look like Lexus is going to be sharing that toy!

    1. BOL eh? Hahaha!!
      Yep! Lexus is the toy thief of the house for sure!! She is super playful, and yes! Bowzer is full of Canadian goodness!!!!

  3. What a super dooper box of goodness. Thanks for sharing the great review and stuff. Have a great day!

    1. Yep! It sure is!!
      Thanks so much, you have a great day as well!

  4. Wow! There are some great treats in that Bowzer Box! You can tell the Huskies LOVE it!
    Happy Tuesday.

    1. Yep! They sure did!
      Thanks for dropping by pal!

  5. Great box of goodies to share. And it looks like you have to be on the ball to get your share. :)

    1. BOL! yep! Sure do!
      Thanks for comin' by :)

  6. What a fabulous box-o-goodies!!! And how nice that they are Canadian...you Canadian doggies need cool treat boxes too!
    Very nice review : )


    1. I know right!? And Bowzer box has it all too!!! Love them!
      Thanks for coming by :)

  7. Wow, lots of great stuff in there...no wonder the dogs love to see it coming! Lexus really seemed to love that toy...is she the youngest, or just the toy hog? :)
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

    1. BOL! No she is the middle furbaby of the bunch! She is just a toy hog!!! haha!

  8. Glad you found a service in Canada. Great stuff for the dogs.

  9. Your babies are such beauties! And hooray for getting a box just for you! Everything looks nomaliscious.

    1. It was nomalicious for sure!!!!!
      Thank you!!!

  10. That's PAWsome! A Canadian pet subscription box ... finally. Lots of pawtastic goodies. Happy tasty Tuesday. Golden Woofs

    1. Thanks Sugar! Great goodies in the bowzer box! love it!

  11. So excited about the Canadian pet subscription box - no reason not to get one now!

    1. Exactly!!!! And they always have great goodies too!!!

  12. Wow I can see that the Huskies all loved the nommy treats and of course the toys! That was a pawsome package!

    1. Thanks guys! Yes, it was a great box!!!!


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