Monday, 16 June 2014

OMD! Mondays - Tribute to dads

Hiya everyone!

I hope you all had a great weekend!
Our weekend was rainy, so we were stuck inside for most of it.
But we always find fun things to do on rainy days, both with the huskies and the kids.

We were not able to do a post on Sunday, so today for OMD, we thought we would do a tribute to dads everywhere.

You don't have to have human children to be a dad, this counts for fur baby dads, human children dads, and animal dads!

We often forget about the animals around the world who are also pawrents.
A lot of times, male and female will have completely different roles then expected.
The female will defend the territory, while the male stays behind and cares for the children.

So today is a day for dads!

My kids and fur - kids have a very special dad. He is always there for them. He is always playful, and always happy to come home to see his babies.
The first dad tribute of the day goes to Mark. The man of the house, my hub!

He was showered with fathers day cards and gifts on Sunday. It was beautiful to watch the smile on his face!

The next tribute goes to my own dad.
My dad and I have an . . . interesting relationship.
We have had a ton of good times, and a ton of hard times. But I suppose that is the relationship between father and daughter!
He has always been there, and for that I thank him.

My dad is on the far right of the above photo. It was the best I had, so I do apologize for the poor quality.

Now, I would like to share some extraordinary dads in the animal kingdom!

The male red fox :

The red fox takes on the duty of providing food for his babies for the first few months of their lives. After that, he becomes their teacher. He will teach them to hunt, to play, to love and to grow up and have a family of their own. While teaching his young to hunt for their own food, he always keeps a spare "dinner" close to the den in case the babes come back empty handed. This way he knows they will not starve.
Way to go dad!

The Emperor Penguin :

After mom penguin lays a single precious egg, dad quickly takes over so that he can incubate egg by balancing it on his feet and covering it with his feathers. While dad is warming the egg, mom penguin goes off to eat. Dad penguin can go two months without eating while he is warming his egg. As soon as the egg hatches, dad feeds the little babe and waits for moms return.
Such an impawtant job!

The Seahorse :

This daddy is one of the most unique by far!
Not only do the female and male have reverse roles : meaning, instead of the male competing for the females attention, it is the female who looks for a male to mate. Also the male in this relationship is the one who gets pregnant! The females will deposit the eggs into the males pouch, where he fertilizes them and carries them until they are born.
Hmmm.....if sea horses can do it . . .

The Grey Wolf :

Most people have an image burned into their brains about wolves.
Dangerous, villains, heartless creatures. When in fact they are quite the opposite.
The male alpha wolf will find a mate, and they stay mates for life.
The live, they love and when the wolf cubs come along, dad goes out hunting to feed his family, protects them from predators, and as the male red fox, he becomes their teacher. He will show them how to hunt and fend for themselves. All the while, still making sure his cubs are safe.
Another pawsome dad!

Those are just SOME of the many amazing dads in the animal kingdom.

I hope you enjoyed our post, and maybe even learned something about our animal dads of the world!

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See you tomorrow!

*info and images from care2.com

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  1. Nice one. We forget about the daddies in the animal world. Seahorses are one of our favourites. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

    1. Thank you!
      Yes we often do forget, that's why I was happy to do this post!
      Thanks Molly!

  2. Sooo true we DO forget about animal Dads!!!!! Happy Happy Father's Day to all of the special Dads!

    1. Yep, we do, all to often!
      I thought it would be nice to tribute them today!
      Thanks so much for stoppin by Caren!

  3. Great post - all sorts of dads need recognition don't they. Nice job.

    1. Yes they do! I agree. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Love this post! What a beautiful tribute to your dad and to your husband. Seahorses kinda have it made don't they? LOL!
    Cathy Armato

    1. Aw thanks! So glad you liked it!
      Yes, the y have it made for sure!!!!!!

  5. Such a great post. I enjoyed reading the red fox piece as it reminds me about how important relationship are in the animal world.

    1. Thanks Mark! I'm glad you enjoyed it!
      The red fox and Grey wolf were the most fascinating to me as well! The relationship between dad and cub is truly a beautiful thing!

  6. What a lovely tribute to daddys! And you're right, dads can be furry or non furry!!!

    Lots of Woofs from Earl and I at Earl's World!

    1. Thank you! So glad you enjoyed!
      They certainly can!

  7. This was wonderful!!! Dads come in all shapes, sizes and species! And they are each so very special. Happy Dad's Day!

    1. They sure are!
      Thanks for coming by guys!!

  8. Happy belated Daddy's Day - great post!

    1. Thanks Nichole! Happy Daddy's Day to you too!

  9. What a great post, Jenna, I learned some interesting stuff that I didn't know...the seahorses especially.
    It sounds like your hubby had a great father's day, and that he deserves it! You're lucky to have a guy that loves kids and pets so much! My hubby is so silly with our animals...it's one of the best things about him! :)
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

    1. Thanks Jan! I really appreciate your words. I could never be with someone who hated animals or was mean to them and/or kids. Theres just no way!
      So many daddy's in the animal kingdom who are just extraordinary too!
      I'm glad you learned some things today, and it sounds like you have a great hubby with your pets as well!

  10. We really do forget the animal dads! What a lovely post :)

    1. Yep, we do! Thanks so much, glad you enjoyed!

  11. Such a lovely tribute to all the fab daddies out there:-)

  12. What a wonderful poem to your dad :-)

  13. That's so cool about the seahorses! I didn't know that! Loved your post and loved learning some new things about animals other than dogs. Hope you all had a great day yesterday!

    1. Thanks so much Lisa! I am glad you learned something here today!
      We had a great day, and I hope you did as well!


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