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Sibe - Vibe : Teach your husky not to jump up!

Hiya everyone!

I'm so glad you have come to catch the vibe with the huskies today!
I feel like dancing!
The weekend is here!

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Last week on our Sibe - Vibe, I answered a fans question from FaceBook, Can huskies live in a small house or apartment? Check it out HERE.

This weeks question was "How do I teach my husky not to jump up on me?"

That brings us to our Husky fun fact :
Sibes LOVE to jump!
They love to jump up on their owners, they love to jump fences, they just love to jump!

Image source

This is something I have A LOT a little bit of experience with.

My boy Koda loves to jump!
He has came a long way with his jumping though, and today I am going to share my tips on training your dog to stay down.
This goes for any breed of dog BTW, not just huskies. But it is a well known husky fact, that they are jumpers!

The photo above shows my boy Koda jumping high up in the air after a snow ball!

  • Tip #1 to stop your dog from jumping up on you :
Turning away from your dog.
When your dog tries to jump on you, turn your body completely around. Facing away from him.
Attempt to walk away, and when he tries to jump again, repeat the same thing.

  • Tip #2 to stop your dog from jumping up on you :
Walk into your dog.
When he tries to jump, walk directly towards him. This way he cannot jump up if you are constantly walking into him. Repeat the process if necessary.

- Biggest mistakes people make 

There are a few huge mistakes people make when dealing with a dog who jumps up.

Giving your dog attention :
Whether it is positive attention or negative attention. Any attention you give your dog when they are jumping on you, is throwing all of your training out the window.


Because when a dog jumps on you, they are craving attention. Maybe you just came home and they are excited to see you. Maybe they are asking to go out, maybe they want to play. Whatever the reason, your dog wants your focus on them.
When he jumps on you, and your reaction is to say "NO, get down!" Or even pushing them down, or talking to them at all, you are giving them exactly what they want.
Now your dog will realize, "hey, if I jump up, my human gives me attention!"
This especially goes for huskies, because this breed tends to make a game out of everything.
They are a very playful breed, and they will see how many times they can jump on you before you get upset.

Image source

Now, let me lay out a scenario for you :

You come home from work, happy to see your fur babies, walk through the door, and automatically start saying "hi Fido, hi baby, did you miss me? Oh I know, I missed you to! Come here baby"
Your dog is equally excited, and is jumping all over you.


You are teaching your dog to be excited and all worked up when you come home!

- What the scenario should look like :

You come home from work, walk in the door, and ignore. If it's hard for you to ignore your pup (as it is for me) then try getting down to their level and saying hello CALMLY.
If they jump up, use my tips above. Turn away from them, or walk right into them, not saying anything at all.
Do this as many times as necessary, and ignore them until he calms down.
Once the pup is calm, reach down for a pet.

SO, I made an attempt at putting together a video of how to teach your dog not to jump.
Well...Koda was not exactly cooperative for the video!
Leave it to a husky!
My kids were helping me, while I was shooting the video.
I managed to get one very short video showing my daughter turning her body away from Koda.
Take a look :

Koda quickly realizes that my daughter is not giving him attention, so he stops jumping.
I also put together a bloopers video.
This was fun to create! I strung together a few of the videos that didn't work out, and I just had to share our bloopers with you! The video is only 27 seconds long, so please take a second to view it!

It was an interesting evening trying to make these videos, but we had a lot of fun!

If you have questions you are curious to know about huskies, or any training tips you would like answered,  ask in the comments below or 'Like' us on fb and post your questions there.
I will do my best to answer them next Sibe Vibe.

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Have a great weekend, and come back to see the huskies on Monday for another great OMD story!

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  1. great tips!Have a great weekend,xx Rachel ,Speedy and Bashful

  2. Great tips! Shiner does like to jump up sometimes, but she seems a little better about it lately.

    1. The is! Koda has gotten better too, but we still have some work to do. Have a great weekend!

  3. Great tips.I am not too bad with jumping so peeps hasn't really bothered to stop me. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Great tips! Every now and then gman will jump up. love the sepia versions of the photos and the blooper video was great, I love bloopers. Have a great weekend.

    1. Thanks JoAnn!
      The bloopers video was fun to make that's for sure!

  5. Beautiful photos as always and great tips!


  6. This is kind of funny, because my hubby and I were literally just out in the yard and Luke was jumping on us! Then I came in and read this! He had been getting better about not jumping, but he just seems to have his "bratty" spells. Like my hubby said, every so often he just has to see what he can get away with again. So thanks for the reminders of how to (and not to) deal with it. Sheba was a real jumper too, and we used those techniques with her. It took some time but they did finally work. To this day you can see her wanting to jump but holding herself back!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

    1. BOL! that is funny! It does take time, and I think why they jump, is they want to be up on our level, so that's why it's good to try and immediately go down to their level. Exept....this doesn't always work for me, because when I try and squat down to pet Koda, he just knocks me over!!!! BOL! So I use the turn away technique!

    2. BOL....yes, I used to be able to get down on Luke's level when he was smaller, but now that he's gotten big, he definitely knocks me over if I try it!

  7. Hi Y'all!

    My Human was lucky with me...I came with the "off" command.

    Chessies love to jump too...and put our heads in your lap when you are working on the laptop...and pounce on you if your stooping or kneeling (that looks like a play bow to me, so I don't get the problem). Sometimes when off leash we take running leaps and if you move the wrong way I body slam you! Yes you do end up flat on your face or back!

    Sigh...Koda and I could have so much fun together tormenting the Humans...

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

    1. BOL!!!! I bet you two would have a blast together for sure!!!!
      I have heard chessies like to jump as well, so I know you know exactly what i'm talking about!!!!
      Have a great weekend Hawk!

  8. Great post Jenna! I like the tip on walking into your dog, I didn't have that one on mine. Love the videos - your kids are so cute! And very accomplished dog handlers too!
    Cathy Armato

    1. Thanks Cathy!
      Yes, my kids were great sports for the videos! haha!! They all have such a great bond with the dogs, I just love to watch them interact!

  9. Great videos! Who says dog training isn't fun? It looks like a blast at your house!

    1. Thanks! It is pretty fun here for the most part. It is definitely interesting when trying to do a training video starring your kids!! hhaha!!

  10. It's important but I know in my family not adhered to that one teaches their dog not to jump up on guests. Great advise! Excellent videos.

  11. Great tips. Have to admit I'm a jumper. The peeps keep saying they will try to crack down on it, but I think they like it too much lol

    1. Yea, I should have know our Mally cousin would be a jumper as much as the huskies are! haha!!! Good luck to your humans!

  12. Those are great tips but I am an EPIC failure at turning my back on Bentley. I promise to try harder! I love both videos. Your son patting his chest and giggling was priceless! BAHAHAHAHA!

    1. BOL! Thank you! Glad you liked the videos! We had a lot of fun making them!!!

  13. Faolan was a horrible jumper at one point. He is much better now, but still insists on attempting to kiss some strangers.

    1. Yea, and that's the worst! I can deal with the jumping, for me its not a huge deal, but when my mom and dad come to visit, its not that welcome to have a great big husky jumping on them! BOL!

  14. Those are great tips! Diesel likes to jump so I'll try them with him!

  15. Those are good tips. Thank you.

  16. That's a really helpful post with some greatly helpful tips there Jenna!! Thank you for sharing them.
    Its important too, especially with Huskies being such a big breed!

    Lots of Woofs from Earl and I at Earl's World!

    1. Thanks , glad you enjoyed our post!
      Yes, its very impawtant! Especially when you have company come over to your house. Nobody want our fur babies jumping all over them.
      Hope your having a great weekend!

    2. Thanks, you too Jenna and sibes :-D

  17. Thank you for sharing these useful tips, which might be useful to people with other dog breeds too. Although not a dog owner as I have a cat, I was lucky enough to meet some huskies a couple of weeks ago and they were very friendly.

    1. Your very welcome!
      Yea, I suppose this post doesn't apply to kitty owners huh? BOL!

  18. Great tips. It's obvious you know what you're talking about.

  19. Great advice! My dog doesn't jump on us as much as she jumps on those who visit. When we come home, she usually shakes her toy a while, then runs straight to the bed and turns over on her back for us to pet. So I guess we need to tell our guests to turn their backs on her!

    1. Thank you!
      When dogs jump on guests, that is the worst. And of course, when guests come over they are always excited to see the dogs, and allow the dog to jump on them. But doing this, the poor dogs will get confused, so it's best if everyone follows the same "rule" I suppose you'd call it. Thanks for stopping by!


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