Friday, 11 July 2014

Huskies on Easy Canvas prints?

Hiya everyone!

That's right! It's Friday, and you know what that means?
Time to PAWty with the huskies on the pet parade blog hop!

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What are the huskies parading?

Many of you may remember last week, when we did a product review of a portrait, that was created of my husky, Mika.
Well this week, my huskies get to star on our wall, with their very own canvas from Easy Canvas prints.

When Easy Canvas prints contacted us for a review, we were super excited! I am always looking for creative ways to show off my huskies on our walls here at home, and this was a PAWfect opportunity!

With Easy Canvas Prints  you can create a beautiful canvas, and personalize it however you want!
Their site is extremely easy to use, and when you use your imagination, you can put anything you want on this canvas.
As you can see, I created my canvas with a collage, and the name of my blog.
Being owned by 3 Siberian Huskies, it is not entirely easy to have all 3 of them in one photo, as they usually turn out blurry due to their movement.
Therefore, I thought a collage of them would turn out wonderfully!
I was worried about the night time photos (Mika and Koda) not turning out quite right, but even on the canvas, the colors of the evening sky turned out beautifully.
Please keep in mind, my photos do not do it justice.

Koda posed PAWfectly with the Easy Canvas!

When you are creating your canvas, one feature I love, is that you can check the quality of the image before you have it put on your canvas. If you have a poor quality image, your canvas would not turn out quite right.
Another fav feature I have, is that you can choose from :
  • Mirror Image
  •  Image wrap
  •  Border color
What this means is how your image will wrap around the canvas board.
You can have your image wrap around like a mirror, have your image simply continue around the side of the frame, or choose a solid border for the sides.

I chose the mirror wrap. Let me show you an example :

Here, you can see how my image has a mirror effect on the sides.

Lexus sits so pretty for our photo shoot!
I think she was proud to see her furry face on a canvas.

We were extremely happy with how our canvas turned out. I was glad to be able to create my own collage, and design it how I wanted to, and the colors pop off the canvas beautifully!

Sibe approved!

Before you go, I had to share this photobomb with you!

Here we are, about to start the photo shoot with Lexus, when Koda sticks his big 'ol head in there for a smell. I just love the look on Lexus's face! You can plainly see that she is disgusted with Koda, having ruined her shot!

Have a great Friday pups, kitties, bunnies and humans!
See you tomorrow!

*we were provided with a canvas of our own creation in exchange for an honest review of the company. ownedbyahusky.blogspot.ca does not share info which we do not feel is relevant ti our readers. All of the opinions expressed here are our own.

 photo jewelrybanner_zpsbf9846e4.jpg


  1. What a pawsum canvas. Luv all da fotos.

    Luv ya'


    1. Thanks!! We love our canvas and it looks pawsome on our wall!!

  2. Oh I got a canvas print from them last year! They are very nice and yours looks great!

  3. those cavanses are really lovely

    retro rover

    1. They sure are! Thanks for popping by!

  4. I love this! I really need to get one of these :)

    1. I know right!? I was surprised how well it turned out to be honest with you. As I was saying in my post, I was worried about the evening photos with those colors in a dark sky, but they were nice and bright, and I am very happy with my canvas!

  5. That's lovely! It really and truly is. Notice none of those pictures where photobombed, though. hehehee...

    Nissy #Niss4Senate

    1. BOL! No they definitely weren't!
      Thanks for dropping by Niss!

  6. looks great! We have featured Easy Canvas Prints in the past (I believe on Cody's blog), and I bought one of their banners for my step daughter's wedding. They do great work! xoxo

    1. I know, I love how it turned out! I was very impressed! xxoo

  7. Those are really cool - and would make great gifts for folks too!

  8. LOL...Lexus is like "what the heck, Koda?" The canvas is awesome, what a great keepsake to have! I love the mirror image wraparound. I also like how you did the collage....collages are big around here too, because we don't often get everyone to sit still in one photo...I think I only get them all in one when they're playing! In fact, I think I also have a photobomb photo from the last shoot I tried to do for 4th of July. :)
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

    1. hahaha! I know right!? She was not happy with him! She loves to have her photo taken, and she was sitting all pretty like my little husky model that she is, and the second he walked in front her face went like that! BOL! Too funny!
      Yep My pack is the way. Next to impossible to get a good pic with all of them in it! Gotta love the collages!

  9. What a beautiful picture and great canvas!

  10. I love how you made your canvas a collage! Easy Canvas Prints does amazing work. We have ours of Bentley hanging in the living room. I am with you in loving their work and recommending their service for anyone looking for a canvas print! I can see why your Huskies are so proud! ♥♥

    1. I know right?!
      I loved their website! It was surprisingly easy to use, and the canvas turned out beautifully!
      Your Bentley one is fantastic as well!

  11. We've seen these Easy Canvas prints and they are great...including yours.

  12. Great idea to do the collage! It's beautiful!

  13. haha ... love Koda's photobomb! Lexus does look upset :) Your canvas looks great ... they do really great work.

    1. BOL! I know! And I clicked the picture right at the pawfect time to catch her face too!
      I love this canvas! It turned out beautifully, and I already plan on ordering more from them!

  14. I love canvas prints and yours turned out perfect!!! Love the photo bomb picture!

    1. Thanks! I love it also!
      The photo bomb was just to cute not to post!!!
      Thanks for coming by!

  15. I love your idea of your blog name and the collage, it turned out great. I have a canvas print to and I love mine.

    1. Aw thanks so much! :) I am a little blog obsessed, and the inspiration was my huskies, so I thought it was only fitting!


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