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4 MUST HAVE dog commands!

Hiya everyone!
Today's post will show you the 4 MUST HAVE dog commands for your arsenal.

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What are the 4 commands, and why do you need them?

Both great questions.

  • Stay
The stay command is one of the most common, but perhaps underestimated command out there.
This can come in handy in so many different ways.

Every time I go out my door, or any one of the kids go out to play, we use the ''stay'' command to keep the huskies away from the door. IF your dog does happen to get outside (providing your stay command is strong) you can use this to keep them in one place, and safely bring them back inside. If you have company come over, and your dogs get excited, use your stay command to calm your dog, instead of them jumping all over people.

- How to teach the stay command

A lot of people don't realize, that it is a much quicker and easier experience, if you use your hands as much as your words while training. A lot of times, your dog will pick up your hand signals better then your voice. This is because dogs read body language to try and understand their humans.
While teaching stay, use your hand. Say the word "stay" while putting your hand up in a stopping motion. If they stay, even for a second, praise and treat. Gradually make it a longer stay, and with-hold the treats until they stay put, as you back away from them.

  • Sit

 Even if your dog does the sit command with no problems, you should work on it daily, to keep it fresh in their minds. This way, when you need it the most, you can be confident your pup will listen. Maybe your going for a walk, and decide to stop and talk to someone. Wouldn't it be amazing if your dog sat quietly by your side until your done?
My huskies have yet to perfect that, but they are usually pretty good at sitting when I ask them to. They just prefer to get up rather quickly. In this case, your stay command will come in handy!

  • Leave it
This is my FAV command!
I have spoke about this on a  previous post which you can find HERE.
Leave it, is a great one to have for so many different reasons. You could be walking your dogs one day, and there is something nasty, yet appealing to your pups. They instantly lurch forward to pick up the nastiness! You end up with a sore arm, and possibly a sick dog from whatever they picked up. BUT if you have a good strong leave it command, as soon as you see the yuck on the sidewalk, you say leave it, and walk around it. 

- Teaching leave it.

I went over the "how to" in a previous post, pretty thoroughly, so feel free to check it out HERE.
  • Look
Only one of my huskies perfected this one so far.

I worked hard on this with her, and she took to it very fast.

Why would a "look" command be impawtant and what exactly is it?

Maybe you have a leash reactive dog?
Maybe you struggle to get your pups attention at times when you need their focus?
Maybe you have a fearful dog?

The look command solves these issues.
Lexus can be fearful while we are out walking.
She tends to be afraid of bicycles driving by, skateboards, or other similar things.
I taught her "look" so that she can stay focused on me rather then the things that scare her.
This helps her be much more comfortable while we are out. 

You can use this command for reactive dogs too. 
If you see a dog up ahead and would like to avoid the nasty growls and lunging from your dog, the key is, to keep focus on your face, and provide treats while they "look" at you, until you get by the reactive threshold. 

Check out this very short video, as Lexus shows off her "look" skills.

She is a pro! I am so proud of her progress.

- How to teach the look command

This one is easier to teach then you might think.
If your holding a treat in your hand, at some point your dog WILL look at you.
Therefore, hold a treat by the upper half of your body. Say the word "look"
then you wait . . .
the second she looks into your eyes, praise and treat.
Repeat this process.

Once they get the the fact that they are suppose to look at you, begin to ask for longer periods of time.
Say "look" then wait a few seconds before you treat. If they look away too soon, give a reminder by saying look one more time.

That's all for today guys, thanks for spending part of your Thursday with us, and if you have any questions about these 4 commands, feel free to ask in the comment section. If you need further assistance, go to our contact me page.

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  1. some great training tips,xx Rachel

  2. I don't know how my bipeds would manage without those requests!
    I agree with you about the body language and signs - they're often picked up before the words and they can be very useful when it's noisy.

    1. Yes, exactly! I don't know how I would manage without these as well!

  3. Great tips. I hate the leave it command most as it always occurs when I find food or vermin,,,,BIG SIGH. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

    1. hahaha!!! Yep, the leave it command sure comes in handy for those situations, I never really thought of the fact that our dogs probably hate it for those reasons!

  4. Those are definitely must know commands! They're all used pretty frequently in our house. 'Look' was especially important when we had a reactive dog. It helped a ton!

    1. Here too!
      It helps so much with reactive dogs! No command is ever pawfect, but if your can get their focus on you rather then whatever they are reactive to, it helps a whole bunch!

  5. Agree with your list of commands. Dogs should also know to leave the Kitties alone - maybe that falls under Leave it.

    1. Yep! That definitely falls under "leave it" I covered the many uses of the leave it command on a previous post, which you can find linked here in this post.
      The whole reason I began using it was to help take the huskies attention off of the kitties when they would be walking by.

  6. Mom is so proud to say that we all know these four commands. The "look" command can also easily be taught by holding the treat right next to your eye. Great post.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

    1. Great tip! Thanks for sharing!
      I think with us huskies, these commands are SO impawtant! Especially leave it.
      Great job sibes!

  7. This is a great list and I love the videos! Lucy has sit and stay mastered, but we need to work on the others. Thank you! :)

    1. Thank you :) Leave it and look can come in very handy, especially at times of need, so it's great to work on them daily and keep it fresh in their minds, as well as build a strong response from them.

  8. She sure is good at that. Such beautiful eyes!

    1. Aw thanks so much! Her eyes are definitely stunning!

  9. Great job! We love when mom practices those commands with us and we love it more with some treats! BOL! Thanks for sharing!

  10. I agree these are all important commands, and your teaching instructions are great. I can get the dogs to know the commands, but getting them to hold onto them sometimes can be challenging. I always used the hand signal for stay, and that's one the girls learned without a lot of "formal" training. Luke also seems to be picking up on it well, probably from watching them too. But sometimes they know the commands for certain situations but when I try them at different times they don't do as well. That's why all that practice is so important, as you said, and I try to do it in different places!
    Lots of wags and woofs from the crew at Wag n Woof Pets

    1. Thanks! I am glad you like my teaching instructions. I do my best to explain the exact way that I train my huskies. Simply because, I know it works, from personal experience. Although I will be the first to admit, that these commands may not work in every single situation, every single time. Sometimes there is just nothing you can do about it. The best way to keep a strong command, is by using them often, especially when your in high distraction areas. Thanks Jan!

  11. Okay, Bentley has one or two down pat. Sit and come work most of the time. I guess I need to work more on the others! Great post ♥♥

    1. These are just so handy to have!
      With so many animals in this house, every one of the commands are used on a daily basis!

  12. I don't think any of these would work on my cats. MOL

  13. These are the only four commands our whole pack knows and listens too!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

    1. Exactly! They are so impawtant for us to use, and I think some people take them for-granted!

  14. Great tips. The look command is so important and often overlooked. Lexus is so good at it, she should be proud :) I think Laika knows all 4 of those commands pretty well but for some reason she seems to be selective with the "leave it" command when something looks really good, we need to work on it more. She was able to pick up the others quikly, I think she just really doesn't want to "leave it" when somethings really smelly and good.

    1. Yes, our leave it command is generally pretty strong here, but there are times when they would choose the nastiness over listening. I find if you say leave it, and they don't listen, I clap my hands a couple times (loudly) and this gets their attention enough, and I say leave it again. Works like a charm!

  15. Great post! I especially liked Lexus' video! She has the most beautiful blue eyes :)

    1. She has stunning eyes, for sure! Glad you liked!


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