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I see huskies in your future! - Pet Psychic

Hiya everyone!
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On with the post!
Yesterday, we had the opportunity to chat with a pet psychic!
When I was contacted by Sunny and Hannah from Psychic Source, I was intrigued! The lady who I chatted with, was named Nancy (shown in the photo to the left) Nancy was a very sweet lady, super friendly, and I enjoyed speaking with her!
I will start by saying, I have always been skeptical of tarot cards, psychic readings, etc... but that doesn't mean I wasn't interested!
I was asked to send in a photo of each of the huskies, along with their names.
We had a 30 minute session and she started with my husky, Koda.

The first thing she said about him, was that she feels that he is full of love, and very excitable.
This is him in a nutshell! She went on to mention how much energy he has, and that he always wants to be around us. This is all true. She was pretty spot on with his temperament.
For whatever reason, she then asked if I had any health concerns for Koda, which I do. He has a very sensitive stomach and has had a few bouts of diarrhea off and on. Nobody can figure out why. She said she sensed I was worried about his health, and mentioned a powder that I should try. She uses it on her own dog, who has a sensitive stomach. In the end of the topic of Koda, she said I have nothing to worry about and that he is healthy, and loving.

Next was Lexus

Right away, Nancy had mentioned that she felt someone had been cruel to Lexus in her past, and asked if I rescued her. This sort of shocked me, as Lexus originally came from a backyard breeder, and had lived 4 months of her life in a cage outside, with little human contact.
She went on to mention that she felt Lexus can be fearful sometimes.
This is true. Especially on our walks. As I have mentioned in previous posts, Lexus is scared of buildings, bicycles, and other things while we are walking. I am not sure why, but I do know that she has came a long way since we adopted her. Nancy said that she feels that Lexus is my big suck and will always be a mommy's girl. This is SO true! She is my little princess, and is always snuggling with me.

Last but not least, we got to Mika.

Again, I was a little blown away when the first thing that she said about Mika, was that, she is the calm one of the bunch, and somewhat of a motherly figure.
 Nancy went on to say that she felt Mika is something of a referee and settles the other two down at times. Mika does this ALL the time!
When Koda and Lexus get playing to rough, she lets out a few good howls, and they stop!

Nancy said that Mika loves both myself, and my hubby equally, and sucks up to neither of us, more then the other, but that she could see that Mika really loves Mark ( my hub)

This is so true! Any time he walks in the door, she starts jumping for joy, but aside from that, she likes to keep to herself, and wants our attention equally, whenever she decides that she wants it.

Nancy also sensed that Mika did not have a rough past, and had said she has always been loved.
This is true. We adopted Mika from a lady who's brother had previously owned her. The lady's brother had been diagnosed with a disease, and took a turn for the worse, and as a result, could no longer care for her. She did have a loving home before us, and the fact that Nancy said that, was amazing!

At the end of our session, she asked a few questions about myself, and let me know that I have 4 angels around me and watching over me. The session timed out before I could ask for details. I wish I had a few more minutes on that subject, for reasons I cannot get in to.

I gotta say, I had a blast hearing Nancy's tarot card readings, and there was one thing I found hilarious.
She said she see's a 4th husky in my future! I laughed because of the graphic I created for a Wordless Wednesday post a couple weeks ago. You may remember :

BOL! It's funny too, because I keep telling everyone, I am still waiting for my grey and white husky to come forth and need adoption! ( I have ALWAYS wanted a grey husky! )
Is this a sign? Ha!

I will admit, I am still skeptic of the whole Pet Psychic thing.
I have to be honest with you, my readers, and I pride myself on doing so.
I couldn't help but feel, the things we chatted about, have all been written in my blog.
Anyone could find these things out about my huskies if they read all of my posts since last December.
However, there were certain things she said, that have not been in my blog though, at least not in so many words.
She shocked me with a couple things, so I am now questioning my beliefs!

I would definitely recommend trying this out, as it was a lot of fun, and you never know what Nancy might say that could shock you!
I want to personally thank her for a great reading, and a friendly chat as well.
If you would like to try this out for yourself, visit Psychicsource.com .

Thanks for spending your Friday with the Sibe Tribe!
See you tomorrow for Siberian Saturday!

*I was provided with a 30 minute session in exchange for an honest review. I was not compensated in any other way, nor was my opinion influenced in any way. Love is being owned by a husky, only shares info we feel is relevant to this blog and our readers.

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  1. great readings and fun. I'm skeptical too but it was fun to read what she said about your pets. Love the husky in the ball, lol

    1. It was a lot of fun! I did get goosebumps once or twice, and that's huge for me, as I have always been skeptical of these things!

  2. I had the same feeling to there were thing that she came up with for me that only my family knew and other stuff I felt she could have gotten from my blog,but I think that that is how it is as they have to get a feeling for us,as to do it all blind is very hard,great reading though,xx Rachel

  3. How fun! For a hoot many years ago, a girlfriend took me to a psychic as a present in return of a favor. I was a single mother of two girls and very bitter about men at the time. The Psychic told me I would met the man of my dreams within the week and marry him by the end of the year. Oh, how we laughed and called her a fake.
    BUT, I met my husband of 24 years that night and I married him on Dec 21st of that year! I'm not saying a believe completely and that was my last reading but it did all come true even if it sounded outragous at the time she said it.
    Things that make you go, hmmmm! Haha :)

    1. wow!!! Yep, that would make you go hmmmm for sure!

  4. I talked to Nancy too about my angel Avalon, but it left me very sad as the majority of what she said was wrong. I guess I wanted to hear too badly that something of him was still lingering on somewhere :-(

  5. I'm a huge skeptic but I'm so glad you enjoyed it overall. Too funny about the "husky in your future". Interesting that she knew some things that you never discussed in your blog. I was sad to read Vanessa's comment above.

    1. I am too, but yes, it was super shocking some of the things she did say!
      Vanessa's comment was sad :(

  6. I think we'd just take it as a bit of fun and not too seriously. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. What a supurr post, we really enjoyed it! My P.A. does crystal healing and stuff, so she really likes anything like this. BTW did the pet psychic see a cute little husky in our future? :D The P.A. has wanted one fur sooooo long now, but dad says no, as we might be emigrating to OZ next year.

    Anyhoo, thanks fur sharing more wunderpurr things with us today, happy hopping my supurr husky furriends

    Epic purrs

    Basil & Co xox

    1. Oh that would be pawsome if you got a husky!!!!
      So glad you enjoyed our post :)

  8. Hi Y'all!

    Hmmm...My Human would be afraid to do that, consult with a psychic. She let a friend take her to one when she was young. The psychic told her that she had a special man in her life that was all wrong for her; that someone else waited in her future who would make her happy. Instead my Human Mama married my Human Papa and lived happily ever after. True story.

    Glad your reading was all good stuff!

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

    1. Ahhh I see! So many people have been to see psychics before. This was a first for me!

  9. I would love to talk to a psychic someday to know if my KaChoo is one of my angels. She sounds like a good psychic.

    1. You should definitely check her out! It was a lot of fun, and some things she said shocked me!

  10. How exciting, that reading. Have a nice day.

  11. I would LOVE to talk with a psychic about Bentley! I'm glad that you were able to have a reading. It sounds like a great adventure. I've talked to a couple of people in the past that had the ability to see and know things that they certainly didn't have prior knowledge of about me. Very interesting indeed!

    1. It is interesting, that's for sure! And it was a lot of fun too!

  12. I am skeptical of some Psychics, but not all. I went to one years ago that predicted my husband (right down to his looks) ONE MONTH before I met him. I went to her five times and she was right on everything! As you know, we work closely with Sunny and Hannah but I have always enjoyed tarot, astrology and psychics. You have to mainly do it for entertainment, but often they are spot on!

    1. Yes I know you do! And I love that story about your husband!
      I had a lot of fun doing this, and enjoyed it greatly!

  13. That must have been fun. Happy Hopiversary!

  14. Happy hopiversary, I can't believe it is a year already (where does the time go?)

    I am with you being skeptical about the psychic, but it still sounds fun!

    1. It was super fun!
      Yep, one year for the Pet Parade! Thanks :)

  15. Sounds like you had a great readin', for sure!

    Nissy #Niss4Senate - tell the PM, today.

  16. How cool was all of that!!! We have seen others report about Pet Psychics and how much on target they were. Mom says she really misses her gray/silver Thunder - well, we all do. We put your gorgeous graphic on our sidebar and will include in a post soon. We missed getting a Thankful Thursday one done this week.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

    1. Aw thanks for putting it on your side bar!
      The reading was fun, and she did not say anything off target, so I loved it!

  17. Those kind of things are fun and we are glad you enjoyed them.

  18. Pawsome! I agree with Angel Abbygrace, those things are VERY cool!!!
    Have a pawsome day and we hope you enjoyed the reading!
    ♥♥♥♥Mikko and Jax♥♥♥♥

  19. We are skeptics, but we have seen a number of readings around the blogs.

    1. I have too, and we had a blast having it done!

  20. That is so cool and amazing! I'm kind of a skeptic too but hey...who knows! Happy one year!

  21. I'm skeptical too, I believe it's possible for people to have psychic abilities, I'm just not sure the ones out there making money at it are genuine! But it was fun anyway!

    1. BOL! I feel the same way, and I was literally shocked to be shocked by Nancy, so it was pretty cool!


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