Friday, 15 August 2014

My guilty husky

Hiya everyone.

Have you ever experienced the guilt of a husky?
Or any dog, or cat for that matter?
I have! And your about to find out why.

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Now, let's talk about my guilty husky!
If you have been following our blog, you might remember a post I did a few months back on 3 guilty huskies, who shall remain nameless. (cough cough)
The 3 of them decided to shred some empty pop boxes, and strung chewed up cardboard all over the house.

So, who is my guilty one today?
Judge KiKi joins us to help find the culprit.

So KiKi, how will you determine guilt or innocence today?


Oh I see . . .
But shouldn't we have a fair trial for 'said' Husky?

KiKi - Nope, GUILTY!

Well then. Since my princess KiKi seems to think any dog is a guilty dog, we can just move on to the facts.

  • Exhibit 'A'

What you are seeing here is a piece of cardboard. Used by the human man of the house to rest his electric boat motor on, so that it wouldn't damage the floor.
  • Exhibit 'B'

This photo shows the corner, where our pantry meets the garbage can.
This corner was used by the human man of the house, to rest his motor against, while he cleaned it up.
  • Exhibit 'C'

This photo shows an example of the facts.
I used my broom to show you the meaning. Picture my broom as an electric boat motor if you will.
The broom aka motor, is resting on a piece of cardboard, leaning against the garbage can and pantry.

The facts?

The male human of the house, decided to sell his electric motor, as we have not used it in several years. Our boat is too big for this little motor to power it. 
We put an add up on the internet "For Sale."
This motor was worth about $400 brand new.
Barely used, but a few years old . . .

We got a response instantly. 
The human man then brought the motor in the house, to begin cleaning it up. That is when he rested it against the pantry. 

The mistake?

The human man should NEVER have walked away from the motor in a house full of animals and kids!

The evidence?
  • One dogs intense love of cardboard
  • witnesses
  • one dog in the middle of chewing the very same piece of cardboard which was used to set the motor on.
Lexus just happens to be slightly obsessed with cardboard.
The second we set an empty box on the floor, while it awaits the recycling bin - she is there in the flick of a tail to begin chewing it to shreds.

What exactly happened?

When Mark AKA the human man, went back outside, and left the vulnerable motor just leaning against the pantry, Lexus Someone or some - pup, decided to pull out the piece of cardboard that was under the motor. This made the whole entire thing fall over, which in turn cracked a very impawtant part of the motor.

The worst part? There was a man coming to buy the motor within the hour! Now it is broke, and we can't sell it.

Who could have possibly done it?

Of course there could be multiple culprits in this situation. If it wasn't for the fact that there happened to be a few witnesses. I was one of those witnesses. 

Yep. It was Lexus. The second he went out the door, she walked over, and pulled the piece of cardboard out from underneath the motor.

Lexus - we - the people - find you . . . 

Case closed.

Or is it ?

Perhaps the human man of the house should have known better then to leave something like that leaned in a vulnerable state?

Hmmmm . . .
Who is the real culprit?

I will leave it up to YOU!
What do you think? Should the man be blamed for leaving it there?
Or, should Lexus be blamed for knocking it over?


  1. Oh, dear, that is a great shame. Think they have to shoulder half of the blame each ;-)

  2. LOL! Man guilty,,Lexus innocent. I mean don't bury treasure under motors we say? Joking aside bit of an expensive piece of cardboard that was. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Moly

    1. BOL!!! You are SO right!!! Silly men! haha!
      Yea....it was a pretty expensive motor :-/
      You have yourself a great day too!

  3. Man guilty!! Never the husky 😀

  4. No way she didn't do it, retrial. The man is guilty. She really broke it? opps have a wonderful day. I loved judge kiki,

    1. KiKi's personality is SO judge! So I had to use her! BOL!
      Yea...she really broke it :-/ unfortunately.
      I blame the man...BOL!!!

  5. Oh wow!! I am soooo sorry that this happened but being fair and just, I say the HUMAN MAN is guilty!!! Aren't they ALWAYS? xoxo

    1. hahahahaha!!!! Yes! See, that's what I told him, but all I got was a dirty look! BOL!!!
      Maybe you could try? ;-) haha!!!!

  6. Well, I can see how the voting is heading. So, I say the human man is innocent! I'll even take it a step farther and say that if your name is Mark you are always innocent!!

    1. BOLOLOL!!!!! Mark! haha! I should have known that one of my very few male readers would say he is innocent! hahahaha!!! *sigh* men HA!

  7. Oh yes! OH YES! I was just gonna bring that up - and I am NOT talking 'bout hairballs, here. The motor would never have been broken had the guy in the hat not set it down on the enticing piece of cardboard and then left it alone. Might also have a case for entrapment. I'll confer with my sibs and get back to you on that.

    Nissy #Niss4Senate - tell the PM, today.

    PS. And if that ol' PMer won't appoint me to the Senate, perhaps I should think about the Supreme Court. What you think? purrs

    1. BOLOLOLOL!!!! Oh Niss, you crack me up!!!
      I agree, Supreme Court might just be your thang!!!

  8. his fault,he should have known better....hehehehe,xx Speedy

  9. Definitely dad's fault...what was he thinking? Lexus was just trying to tidy up by getting rid of that old cardboard.

  10. It's the man's fault. It's always the man's fault. Just on principle.

  11. Wow - that really sucks! You can make up for it Lexus ;) That motor sure does look small for $400. But I don't really know anything about them. My dad searches Craigslist for old boat motors, fixes them up really nice and then sells them. It's like his hobby. I'll have to share a picture of one of them with you sometime.

    1. It is expensive, but it is not a regular motor. It is an electric trolling motor, so they are suppose to be small. They are specific for trolling while you fish, and going through weeds etc...

  12. It's the dogs fault, although the responsibility can be shared with the human man. Actually this might just very well be one of those circular arguments. Fault is "the responsibilty for an accident or misfortune" therefore we can probably also blame the person who made the cardboard so enticing to begin with. Sorry to hear about it, but like always you're taking it with great humor :)

    1. If it wasn't for humor, i'd end up even more of a stressed up mess than I already am! hahahahaha!!!!! All kidding aside though, you make a great point. The blame is on both parts I think. The man should have definitely not left it sitting there in a vulnerable state. But it was Lexus who knocked it over. Thanks for your opinion!

  13. I think the cat did it, and now blame poor Lexus ;-)

    1. Ha!!!! I never even thought of that! Perhaps that is why she was so quick to paste the guilty label on Lexus?

  14. Well, as cats, this will seem weird but.....always blame the humans! I know, we are siding with the pups! AWKWARD!!! MOL
    Have a pawsome day!
    ❇Mikko and Jax❇

  15. LOL!! Well, I have to say that the human man should have known better. You have to be smarter than your dogs (I was just saying that to my hubby the other day...don't remember exactly why, but I think Luke stole something of his). If you know they love cardboard, then don't leave important things on top of cardboard where they can get at it. Sorry this happened, but it makes me feel better about Luke breaking our nice water fountain....BOL.
    Lots of wags and woofs from the crew at Wag n Woof Pets

    1. hahaha! Well i'm glad you feel better about your fountain! BOL!

  16. Those innocent blue eyes scream innocent! The man of the house, however, is hiding his eyes. Hmmm. He must be guilty. Case solved. :)

    1. BOL!!! She does look innocent doesn't she?!

  17. I always blame The Dog. I don’t live with a dog and I still blame The Dog and then HHGutt.

    1. BOL!!!! I should have known you would blame the dog CK!

  18. We think it's the human man's fault! He should have known better than to leave it there all alone!

  19. I'm so sorry to be late for jury duty! I have to divide the guilt among BOTH parties in this case. I hope they both learned a valuable lesson...at least I know Mark did. *sorry ☺ Lexus probably learned nothing except boat motors are loud when they crash!

    1. BOL!!!! Your exactly right! I agree with both parties. Lexus couldn't resist pulling cardboard out from underneath something that was blocking her fun.....Mark should have definitely known better!

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