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3 rules to follow while crate training your pup

Hiya everyone!
Saturday is finally here, and that means it's time for my favorite post of the week!
Siberian Saturday!

Today's Siberian post involves crate training your husky.

Huskies are denning animals by nature, so a crate can be a very impawtant part of your dogs life.
And, lets face it, we all know how destructive huskies can be
I realize this post may cause some debate, as some people believe crate training is cruel.
But what a lot of people don't know, is if crate training is done properly, a crate can be a comfy haven for your husky. Plus it can keep your husky from getting into dangerous situations while you are away.

Before you begin your training, you will need to do some research on the proper crate for you.
There are so many to choose from, you need to use your own personal judgement while purchasing your crate.

If your owned by a husky, or another large breed, you will want a large crate.
Your dog should be able to stand, turn around and lay down with ease and comfort.

BUT, if you are starting out with a puppy, which is going to grow large, it is best to get a large size crate with a separator. This will avoid having to buy 2 separate crates as your pup grows.

This is an example of a separator.
It is basically a wall that slides down in the middle of the crate.

You may be wondering why this is necessary.
'Most' dogs will not go potty in an area where they sleep, however if the crate is large and the pup is small, they will have no issues peeing in one end and sleeping in the other. Thus, making the crate smaller prevents this. When your pup grows, simply remove the wall.

 This is a standard metal wire crate.
This is personally what I use. With these, always make sure the latches are properly connected, and there are no spaces that your dogs legs can poke out of. If your dogs leg gets stuck while your gone, you will have quite the situation on your hands. Always check crate connections each time you use this.

This next one is a plastic crate. I have never used these as I have always heard that dogs end up chewing the plastic on them, but I don't know first hand. I would say for a smaller dog, or a dog who is already crate trained, this would be an ideal crate.

This crate is one I have never saw before doing my research. This is a metal wire dome crate. I thought it was super interesting and had to share it with you.

There are many other types of crates as well.

  •  There are 3 major rules to follow while training your puppy or dog

1) Never use the crate as punishment. 

This will make your dog associate his crate with punishment, therefore not making it his own safe haven.
The point of crate training is to make it a happy den area for them.

2) Throughout the day, leave the crate door open, so they are free to come and go as they please. 
(until it is time for them to be crated while you are away)

3) Never let the dog out of the crate while they whine.

This will teach the dog that if he whines, you will let him out.
The second the whining stops, open the door.

I found a great article on properly crate training your dog, and you can find that HERE.

I will go over a few quick tips which I have personally used, and have worked for me and my huskies.
  • Introducing your pup or dog to the crate
Do not put pressure on your dog. This will take time, and is not an overnight process.
Put a few high value treats inside the crate
 (while your dog is watching)
Wait till they go in to eat, then begin to praise.
Do not close the door.

Do this a few times for at least 2 days.
By this time, the dog will see that the crate is nothing to be scared of.

Now . . . sit beside the crate, throw a treat inside, once he goes in, close the door.
Praise him the whole time, reach through and pet him, talk to him in a loving voice, letting him know everything is ok.
Then, open the door . . . more praise.

Next day, repeat the process above. Doing this, your dog will see that "hey, even when the door is shut, i'm safe in here."

  • Now your ready to try leaving the house.
Do not actually leave. This is just a test.
Make sure the crate has a bed, and a few toys that are safe and will not create a choking hazard, such as a frozen stuffed kong.

Leave your house, and take a listen.
Do you hear your dog whining? He might, but he should stop within a few minutes, and go to his kong to keep himself busy.

Now your well on your way to having a crate trained pup!
Remember to always leave the crate door open during the day.
Have his fav toys in there while you are home, and occasionally throw some treats in there to encourage him to go in. You will quickly find that your dog will willingly go in his crate to have a nap.
This is now his den area. His safe haven.

If your pup or dog refuses to go in the crate for the first time, even with treats, you can try my tried, tested and proved method! Get in the crate yourself! When your dog sees you in there, he will want to follow! This comes from my own experiences ;-)

This post was part of Ruckus The Eskie and Earls World sepia Saturday blog hop!.
Thanks to these wonderful hosts for this fab hop!

Thanks everyone, and see you Monday!

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  1. Happy Saturday!! :D Both of my girls absolutely love their crates and I feel that crate training is super important! I think that dome crate is really neat!! :D

  2. When I was a little girl, I slept in my husky's crate with her! Such great memories. My dogs all love their crates. Unfortunately the cat does too so sometimes one of the dogs will come get me to get the cat out so they can go in! Part of the fun of life with pets! Happy Saturday!

    1. BOL! My kitties used to go into the crate as well!
      That is so great that you would sleep in the crate with your pup!

  3. Cool tips!

    Thanks for joining Ruckus and Earl for Sepia Saturday!! :-D

    Bethany - AW! That is so adorable!! Heart warming.

    Lots of Woofs from Earl, Ethel and I at Earl's World!

  4. Hi Jenna! Hope you are enjoying your Saturday! Love your pics today. Chloe and LadyBug both love their crates too!

  5. Great training tips and we have never seen a dome crate before but it is well cool. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

    1. Thank you! I have never seen one before either, and I thought it was a great find!

  6. That dome crate is cool! I've never seen one of those. Have a great Saturday!

  7. I think I'll have to teach Vaks hehehe.

  8. Bentley and Pierre BOTH love their kennels. Pierre sleeps in his each night. Bentley doesn't use one anymore. When I worked, he would open the door to his kennel and hop in before i left each morning! That dome one is interesting. We have the big plastic side airplane kind.

    1. Nice! My huskies no longer have to go in while we are away, but they used to.
      However, the door is still open, and they love to head there for naps!

  9. HI Y'all!

    Look at it this way, y'all have your bedrooms and our crate is our equivalent! I'm never shut in my crate anymore, but I spend a great deal of my time in mine. The rule is, I'm never disturbed when I'm in my "house".

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  10. That wire dome crate is pretty cool! Not particularly good for space saving if you have multiple dogs, though, but cool nonetheless!

  11. Luke was our first dog we really tried crate training with, and he did great with it. It saved my sanity....being able to put him in there for a nap during the day so I could get stuff done was perfect!
    I didn't used to like the idea of it, but that was because I knew people who left their dogs in crates way too long. Once we knew the proper way to do it, I was willing to try and was glad we did.
    Luke outgrew the crate we had for him, so we stopped using it then.
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

    1. People abuse crate use so much, and it is really sad. But yes, when used and trained properly, these can become a safe den for your dog!

  12. Those are fabulous tips for crate training! We hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!

    1. Thanks kitties! And you too
      ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  13. When I was younger, I stayed in a crate while Jen was at work. I don't anymore. I still have my crate though, and it's like yours.

    1. Exactly! My huskies now have the run of the house, but they still enjoy going to their crate for a nap. It is their own private den <3

  14. Our husky X hated the crated. Hated it. I'm assuming it had been used as punishment in his prior home. I thought we had finally made enough progress with the crate to be able to use it when we went out. Kaeto chewed his way through the wire crate! Needless to say, we gave up on the crate ;) We leave the crate doors open for Mauja and Atka and they love to retreat into them every now and then.

    1. Yes, it sounds like something to do with his past, your probably right. OUCH chewing through a wire crate!!!!!!! Sheesh!!!

  15. Great tips! When we crate trained Dakota we were told the crate should only be big enough for them to turn around in and lay down, that's it. Also, we were advised no food or water in the crate at all, other than throwing the treat in as you said, to get them to enter it.I am a firm believer in crate training!

    1. Thanks for your positive comment Caren :)
      I was really expecting some people to debate me on this, luckily so far no one has. If crate training is done properly, it is the best thing for your dog! they love "denning" and are very comfortable in their space.
      Hope you had a great weekend! xx

  16. Awesome! Happy Sepia Saturday JMD!

  17. Great post! I never saw a dome crate either.


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