Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Kelp shampoo treatment for dogs

Today is another day into the sibe tribe's holiday gift guide.
As you may remember, we have worked with K9 Kelp a few times.
I also had the opportunity to review their Conditioning Kelp Spray as well as their Kelp moisturizer. 
If you would like to see my full review, click <here.

Today, I would like to introduce the K9 Kelp Shampoo Treatment.

>From K9 Kelp -
This kelp shampoo treatment is properly PH balanced for dogs and provides a soothing/calming effect while extracting toxins and applying much needed minerals and nutrients to their skin. It is sure to leave their coat shiny, and smelling great!

This shampoo is unique due to the fact that it does not lather up as much as some other brands.

Why does that matter?

Shampoos that lather up, tend to leave behind unwanted residue which can cause dryness and irritation.

As you can see, Koda loved the smell of this shampoo!
I was equally impressed! The whole bathroom filled with the soft scent of K9 Kelp, and it was beautiful!

The shampoo didn't have a crazy lather, as promised, and it washed cleanly out of their fur. - Which can be hard with huskies, because of their thick double coat.

Mika tends to cry throughout her whole entire bath, but I have to tell you, she didn't this time!
Now, I can't say for sure that this was due to the K9 Kelp Shampoo, but it is said to have a calming effect, and I think it may have worked to my advantage!

Treat your pup to some all natural K9 Kelp this Christmas!

The other really cool item we got from K9 Kelp, is there customizable wood coins.

These are great to use sort of like a business card! You can have their graphic designer add your company logo to the coin, and whatever your choice of words on the other side.


Adoptable Husky OTW - Meet Jago

This beautiful boy needs a home, and is located at Arctic Breed Rescue in Australia.
This boy has a lot of love to give, and is wonderful with kids, however he is a work in progress with other dogs. He will do best as an only pet in a home right now.
If you would like more info on this gorgreous boy, visit his page <here>

Jago is part of Tuesday Tails.
A hop hosted by Dogs N Pawz and Talking dogs.

That's all for now, thanks for coming by!

Pawz N Clawz featured holiday item!
Kitty Bracelet
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  1. We definitely haven't heard of kelp shampoo but it looks like it got the job done! Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Yes, and it's a natural soothing/non invasive shampoo, that's why I love it!

  2. Jago is beautiful! Somebody just has to give this baby a second chance! Sharing.

  3. What a great photo collage of Jago! Hope he finds a home soon!

  4. Love K9Kelp! This shampoo has been on my list to try :)

    1. I highly recommend their products! I have used almost everything from their site, and never been disappointed!

  5. Great review! Jogo is gorgous! Sharing.

  6. I love the sounds of this shampoo. Rinsing is the hardest part of baths I think because you want to be thorough. Cricket may be small but her fur is very thick in places, and she hates the bath. This might help her. She'll probably want to add this to her Christmas list even though she'd prefer not to have baths at all! :)
    Lots of wags and woofs from the crew at Wag n Woof Pets

    1. Ahh I see! Then this stuff might be the answer!

  7. does it smile nice too?xx Speedy

  8. Now that's what I'm talking about...a shampoo that can rinse cleanly out of a double-coat! Oh and just look at that Jago...what a handsome doggie. Have a great Tuesday! Aroooooaaaawwwoooooo!

  9. K9 Kelp is the ONLY shampoo that I use on Bentley. It is a miracle at eliminating his hound dog smell. Best. Shampoo. EVER.

  10. I don't think Mom should buy that shampoo for our sake BoL.

    1. Not too sure what you mean Laika bol! Sorry!

  11. Great review and bath time photo's. Jago is handsome.


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