Monday, 17 November 2014

Siberian husky success stories

Today I would like to share a lovely video of a Siberian Husky rescue story.

This is Mopar the Husky :

So happy for him :-)
I also would like to share a link of some feel good success stories from North Star Siberian Husky Rescue. If you would like to read some paw-sitive updates on previously adopted dogs, follow <this> link.

Today we also have some great news for one of our readers!
Remember 2 weeks ago when we did a giveaway and review for the new 2015 edition of the Petter Planner? Well, we had some issues with the Rafflecopter, it wouldn't display my winner, but the randomizer worked and was able to choose!

Abby Smith, you are our winner!
From the blog Manx Mnews, if you don't know these kitties, you should!
Congrats Abby!! You have been contacted via email.

Before you go, I need to inform you that the blog has been under some construction.

I am changing my layout, plus I have purchased my own domain name, so now instead of ownedbyahusky.blogspot.ca it is now, ownedbyahusky.ca
The pet blogging community is so wonderful, and has some really great people! One of which is
 Oz the Terrier. With some great design tips, and wonderful conversation with Oz's mom, I have a new fabulous layout for my blog! Thank you Gina! <3

I believe I have everything transferred over properly, but in case you do not receive my blog via email, please let me know so I can get it fixed, thank you so much :-)

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  1. Loving your new look. It might explain why there's a problem with the Bloglovin feed. Will probably have to unscubscrive and resubscribe. Will let you know how it goes.

    1. uh oh! My post didn't come through on Bloglovin?
      Thank you for letting me know!
      And thanks for the compliment as well!

  2. Yes, everyone will probably have to update their feed-readers but that is ok! Congrats on your own domain and on your lovely new layout.

    1. Thanks to you!!! I truly appreciate all of your help!

  3. Mopar is a lucky boy. Love success stories!

  4. Aww Mopar looks so grateful; such an inspirational story. We had a dog in the neighborhood growing up named Mopar; he was such a cool, calm dog - he loved just hanging out with all the neighborhood kids. I really love the new design - it's pretty cool to have your own domain now - congrats!

    1. Thanks, i'm SO glad you like it Jen <3 Yes, I have been wanting my own domain for some time, and finally made the jump! :)

  5. Theblog looks great!! The post came through fine on Feedly, but we are wondering how it got transferred over on its own.

    Great story about Mopar.

    woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

    1. Transferred to feedly you mean? Not sure. It is obvious that something has messed up with transfers because My usual followers have not been here today as they always are...not sure what to do about that yet :(

  6. Your site is looking great! Good job, you didn't even take an extra day off to get it done! :) I got my email notification as usual, just so you know.
    Lots of wags and woofs from the crew at Wag n Woof Pets

    1. Thanks Jan!!! Technically I did sort of take a day off. I did this on Sunday, which is the one day I do not post, so it worked out well, plus I had some wonderful help!
      Glad you got your email ok!!

  7. congrats to the winner now I should put that petter on my xmas list.

    1. I wish I could give one to everyone! I always feel so bad when only one person can win.
      You never know, I may give away another one ;)


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