Saturday, 25 July 2015

#IHeartMyDog - A Love Letter To My Dogs

Today we are taking part in the #iheartmydog campaign.
Merial, the makers of Heartguard as well as Canine Companions For Independence have put together this campaign to raise awareness about heart worm, and to raise money for assistance dogs. We are happy to do our part and contribute to this campaign.

For every love letter to your dog using the #IHeartMyDog, Merial will donate $1.00 (up to $150,000) to Canine Companions For Independence - this will help provide assistance dogs to people with disabilities. I hope you take part too! Without further adieu - this is my love letter to my huskies:

me and my huskies
To my beloved huskies - 
Mika, Lexus and Koda,

I am not sure I can find the right words to describe what you have done for me. Each one of you have been such a huge part in my life since the moment I adopted you. I will be the first to admit, I wasn't the best dog mom in my younger years, and I was worried I would continue that path. But with you 3...it's different. I found a beautiful connection to each one of you, and you have all made me a stronger person because of it. Not to mention the patience I have been forced to learn through our training sessions. (LOL) To me, you are not just my dogs, I do not own you. You are my fur-babies. I love you, I cherish you, I would be lost without you. Even though you cannot read this letter, please know that you are all my life, and my love, and even though I am far from perfect, I strive every day to be the best dog mom that I can be. 
~ Love always, the hu-mom.

 That's it guys, that's my love letter, and a peek into my brain and heart for a day. ;) Hope you enjoyed, and if you guys have a sec or two, I did another guest post Friday over at 4knines.com about July being National Lost Pet Prevention Month, where I shared some tips on prevention, as well as a few shocking statistics about lost pets. I would really appreciate your comments over there if you could.
Thanks in advance!!
Click here to see my guest post!


  1. Yes, I think dogs make us better people.

  2. Beautiful love letter to your beautiful dogs! I love the photo collage too!
    Love and biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  3. What a sweet love letter. I always tell myself that when I knew better, I did better as a pet parent.

  4. What a touching beautiful letter of love to all of your huskies.
    Happy Caturday!
    Annabelle, Boo, Ping, and Mr Jinx

  5. That is such a beautiful and heartfelt letter! What a nice campaign for a good cause.
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  6. What a beautiful love letter. :)

  7. That was a very beautiful letter - so full of love. It is easy to tell from each of your posts how special your furbabies are to you.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  8. Sweet thoughts - and great initiative. We love giving back.

  9. Love, LOVE LOVE this! So beautiful and caring. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Sweet letter, love to all of you.

  11. What a luvley letter to Mika anKoda an Lexus!! Lady Jenna yur thee BESTEST..
    You luv unconsidhunallee an with all yur <3 heart <3
    Yur #1 inn mee books...
    ***nose kissess*** Siddhartha Henry an (((HUGSS))) LadyMum

  12. What a sweet letter! Love and hugs...we miss you!


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