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Finding Beauty At Home - Walking Dogs At The Rideau Canal

A few months ago, I shared some tips on finding beauty near home, while walking your dogs. Creating excitement during walks, doesn't always have to include travelling off to a distant destination. Have you explored your city, town or area, and learned about its history? I have, and today, I would love to share a little bit of my town's history, as well as some photos taken 2 evenings ago, during a walk with my youngest daughter, and my dog, Koda.

A little of this, and a little of that... my own Canadian beauty

When "the man of the house" decided to take the older kids out for a quick fishing trip, I thought it would be a great opportunity to take my youngest daughter, and Koda out for a walk down the trails, and through some historic parts of my town. 

My daughter and my dog posing by the fountain

Our first stop was the water fountains. We have 3 water fountains down by the river, and my little girl loves to see them shooting up toward the sky.

Koda and my daughter, posing for the camera

Then, as we were walking along the trail by the river, she had asked me what this sign said. You see, all along this area of town, there are different monuments, plaques and statues, which describe our town's history. This particular sign teaches about the Rideau Canal, and the locks.

The Rideau Canal locks Smiths Falls
The locks
The above photo shows just one set of locks in my town. In case you're not too sure what 'locks' are, basically, it is a system which raises and lowers the water level in the canals, and/or rivers so that boats can easily navigate the waterways. Think of it as sort of a traffic stop. In my town, we have 4 locks, and the Rideau Canal passes right through. The Rideau Canal connects the city of Ottawa, all the way to Kingston and Lake Ontario, and was originally opened in 1832. Created just for precautionary measures, in case of war with the United States. While it is still in full use today, it is now generally pleasure boats who cruise the waterway. Perhaps the coolest part of this, is that most of the original structures are still intact!  

husky and his human

Above, was a photo op I just couldn't resist. My little one was stopping to smell the flowers, (literally) and Koda decided to take a break and sit down beside her. This was underneath another town history sign. 

The yellow peril - monument to those who served
The Yellow Peril 

 As we made our way through some trails, and crossed the walkway bridges of the locks, we stopped for a water break by another symbol of our town's history. This plane statue you see, is a memorial to the 443 Rideau squadron. The plane was a basic trainer for thousands, who learned to fly in defense of their country. 

Smiths Falls Monument
To those who served...

This plaque is on the front of the structure, which holds the Yellow Peril Plane. 

Had enough town history for one day? That's what my daughter said too, so it was off to the park for some fun!! Koda didn't hesitate to follow her up the playground stairs.

dog playing at park

He even contemplated going down the slide himself, after he saw her go down. I wasn't giving him the chance to decide though, as he is still taking it easy, healing from the stitches. 

As the sun was getting lower and lower, it was time to head home. On our way out of the park, I noticed this sign. In my area, many of these signs are posted all around the parks. Now, if only we could get people to listen to them!

rideau canal boats
The Rideau Canal

I snapped one last photo on our way home. During the summer months, boats upon boats upon boats, park up along the walls of the Rideau Canal, and camp out there for quite some time. They are mostly travelers, who will take trips through the locks. We are right in the middle of two cities which are connected by this canal, so we get a lot of outside people coming through, checking out the town, and the numerous historic buildings/monuments we have here. It truly is a sight.

The Sibe Tribe would love to know:

Do you know the history of your town/city? 
Have you explored your area to it's fullest, and found the beauty within?


  1. What a gorgeous place! We love exploring our own area; there's always something beautiful about it!

    1. Thanks! I do too, plus it's a great opportunity for me to teach my little one some history!

  2. What a lovely day out!

  3. We often forget to explore the area around where we live. Looks like a great place and we love that last photo, very relaxing!

    1. Thank you!! You know, I wasn't going to take that photo, but when I looked behind me and saw the view, with the beautiful sk in the background, I knew I had to snap it!

  4. That looks like a great place to explore. Cool that the locks are there too.

  5. you know I LOVE this idea. I need to take Dakota on a tour of our city (not Detroit, lol, but the suburb we live in). BTW your little girl is stunningly beautiful!! Just gorgeous! xoox

    1. She is isn't she? Thanks Caren :)
      I love to go around parts of my town and see all the sites, take it all in. It's fantastic! xo

  6. How cool! I love how your town connects two larger cities and the waterways have locks. The river scenery is beautiful even with all the boats parked along the side.

  7. We have a lock and dam on the Red River that is really cool. Our town has a rich history and I enjoy reading the history placards around town. Your city is lovely.

    1. Thank you! I can imagine the history that comes with your area as well!!

  8. Isn't it cool to know some of the local history? We live in a little town which was right on the route of the historic Pony Express. We have an actual fort a couple of miles away that has been restored. A couple of treaties were signed there with the Native Americans. It is really fascinating for visitors.

  9. Lovely photos! Unfortunately I don't know any history on the town I'm in or the ones near it, other than about 20 minutes away there's an apparent Big Foot. Lol

  10. What an interesting and pretty place to walk! I've walked in our historic district a bit, but there is not really a lot to see! It was still interesting though, and the huge old houses are very pretty to look at.
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

    1. I love the old houses! So different from what we live in today!

  11. What a fun day for Mom, little one, and Koda! That is such a pretty place and it holds so much history. Thanks for sharing.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  12. Now that was a nice walk...such a beautiful place. :)

  13. I once entertained thoughts of kayaking the Rideau Canal. It seemed like such a traveler friendly experience.

    I lived near the Erie canal in New York and it looks quit neglected in comparison.

  14. It looks lovely. You got some great photos.

  15. What a delightful post, I enjoyed reading a little about your town's history! That second photo of your daughter is so precious, what an absolutely beautiful smile she has! Koda is so good with her, I can see they have a special bond. When I read that the locks were created in the event Canada ever went to war w/ the U.S. I laughed, I couldn't ever imagine such a thing! I think most Americans barely think of Canadians as being "foreign"! It's like the line in that Sandra Bullock movie where she plays a Canadian in the US who is being sent back to Canada by immigration. She snickers and says "I'm not a foreigner, I'm Canadian!!" BOL!
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

    1. Thanks Cathy. I always love learning history about local areas, especially my own town.

      That is hilarious BTW!!!!! LOL!


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