Saturday, 5 September 2015

20 Things Every #SiberianHusky Owner Needs - Part 2

I can't believe another week has gone by already! Last Saturday, we did up a list of '20 Things Every Siberian Husky Owner Needs' with a promise of another 20 added to the list today. So lets get started on part 2!

20 Things Every Siberian Husky Owner Needs - Part 2

20 Things Every Siberian Husky Owner Needs - Part 2

  1. Crate - for the safety of your own home!
  2. Chairs - not for you, for your huskies, otherwise you'll find yourself on the floor
  3. The ability to speak 'husky' - they like to talk, and trust me... you will want to talk back
  4. Acceptance that you will never have a beautiful garden - they sure love to dig!
  5. Strong stomach - Huskies have a high prey drive, and if they happen to find a critter outside, your dog will want to show off his catch to you!
  6. The ability to shrug off people who tell their children to stay away from the scary wolf
  7. While we're on the shrugging off ability, lets add that to the million times you will be told "all you need now is a sled"
  8. Window cleaner - Huskies love to leave their "nose art" on your windows
  9. Paw balm - they love to play in the snow, which can lead to dried out paw pads
  10. Become comfortable with having husky eyes staring at you while using the bathroom, showering, not to mention your love life - you may want to lock the door
  11. Wood floors for easy fur clean up - or an extra vacuum cleaner!
  12. Rain coat, warm winter coat - rain, shine, blizzard or non - they will not let you skip out on walk times!
  13. Self control - to not appear 100% Husky crazed to others, although you clearly are
  14. Burglar alarm - your husky will be happy to show any stranger where the goods are rather than protect your house!
  15. Lawyer on speed dial - just in case the husband says "it's the dogs or me" ... obviously it would be grounds for divorce
  16. Smarts - it is a matter of time before your sibe tries to outsmart you (and succeeds)
  17. Skype - your husky will want to hear from you throughout the day
  18. Alarm clock - wait a sec, scratch that, your husky will make sure your up at sunrise
  19. Ability to open food packages quietly - while your husky seems hard of hearing when you ask him to do something, he can hear that wrapper from a mile away!
  20. More huskies! - while fighting the urge not to succumb to the "husky-holic syndrome" you will want to add one or two (or three) more so that they have playmates! But what about when the playmates want more playmates? And then those ones want new ones? We must comply! LOL!!
There you have it! For every potential husky owner, or those who are already owned by them, you now have a list of 40 things we all NEED! I really hope you guys have enjoyed these lists, I have had a blast creating them with the help of some members from my husky group.
Shout out to my members! You guys ROCK!

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  1. Those are great!! I think "lawyer on speed dial" was my favorite...LOL. Not that our hubbies would ever make us choose...mine is about as dog crazy as I am, and I bet yours is too! :)
    Have a great weekend!
    Jan & the crew at Wag n Woof Pets

  2. All great tips! Love the one about chairs!

  3. These are awesome! I love #15 too! LOL!

  4. I love these especially #3 and #15. LOL!

  5. Number 15 has me snorting! Hahahah!!

  6. Peeps living with cats need window cleaner, too. We don't stick our noses on them but paws? Let me tell you, my paw prints are ALL OVER THIS PLACE!


  7. Oh goodness, it would be so much easier if the living room was laminate instead of carpet. Including the bedroom! Even though Bain only has short fur, it's needle-like and piles up very quickly!

    1. Oh we have hardwood floors.... EVERYWHERE!!!! LOL! It helps a lot!


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