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Annoying Fur-Siblings

Annoying Fur-Siblings
Annoying siblings, most of us humans know all about annoying older (and younger) sisters and brothers. But what about our pets? Do they get annoyed with their fur - siblings? Sure they do!!! My huskies get along amazingly with each other and my cats. But there are moments when you can just tell what their thinking... take this next photo for example:

Annoying Fur - Siblings!

Annoying Fur-Siblings

Looks harmless enough right? Well check out this next photo...

Annoying Fur-Siblings

Clearly you can see the expression on Mika's face. If I could translate her thoughts into words, I imagine it would sound something like this...
ahem - "excuse me kitty, I love you, but do you REALLY have to have your furry butt on my face???!!!"
I think I am pretty close to her thoughts here.

This brings me to a sneak peak at one of my upcoming posts.
It is super important to be able to know your pets well enough that you can read their body language. Mika is the most gentle husky out of the bunch, but I know her eyes, and her expressions, and I could tell she was being annoyed, and on a side note - I am pretty sure my sneaky little kitty was doing it on purpose! LOL! After a quick snap of my camera to catch the moment, I did remove litte Robbi from laying on top of Mika, and all was well.

The Sibe Tribe would love to know:
Do your pets have annoying fur-siblings?
Please feel free to share your stories in the comment section!

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  1. kitties can be cheeky at times...hehehe Speedy

  2. Since I'm an "only" I have no siblings to argue with, play with, sleep with, or be annoyed by!!!!!! It's kinda nice but can be a little bit lonely sometimes.

    Hugs, sammy

  3. that photo is darling and what a patient girl Mika is!
    Oh yes you are right that fur siblings get annoyed with each other. In our home it is Cody who frequently gets annoyed by Dakota, would YOU want to walk around all day with someone's nose right at your butt??? lol!!!!
    Cody is a good sport though. Dakota barks in his face to let him know if someone is at the door, or when we return and Cody never bares his claws at Dakota or hisses at him, but he WILL jump on him and swat him when he has had enough!

  4. Our dogs and cats do behave like siblings, they like each other one minute and pick on each other the next.

  5. We will not even go into Marcus as an annoying sibling. We'd be writing all day. Suffice to say he annoys all. But we love him anyway.

  6. Cat bro Bert annoys all of us including Mom! Bailie annoys most of us from time to time, but she means no harm. Most of the time we are all happy together.

  7. BOL! Love the tail on nose photo! Hilarious!

  8. BOL!!! We'd much rather have the tail swiped across our nose than our kitties sharp claws! BOL!!

  9. We've got some very annoying fur-siblings over here, too! LOL!

  10. I love how Robbi has just made herself at home and part of your pack! LOL!

  11. Yes, Snowball is always pestering Phoebe to give her a bath, Sammy is always eating too fast and trying to steal from the other kitties.

  12. BOL - Mika, we applaud your tolerance!!!

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  13. Replies
    1. hahaha! i don't think she minded "too" much, but I did move the kitten after snapping a photo LOL!

  14. So cute! Sam doesn't have anything to do with the dogs, I think they're just a bit too rambunctious for her. She used to lay with our beagle Kobi, since he was so laid back.
    Luke is the annoying sibling around here...he loves to bug his sisters. Mostly we let them work it out themselves but we do step in occasionally if he doesn't seem to be taking their hints.
    Lots of wags and woofs from Wag n Woof Pets

  15. Love them and who said a husky and a cat can't get along.


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