Friday, 23 October 2015

National Animal Safety And Prevention Month - Be Safe With The Huskies

National Animal Safety And Prevention Month

October is National Animal Safety And Prevention month.
Created by the PALS foundation, NASAPM (National Animal Safety And Prevention month) is there to help remind us of the important role animals play in our lives, and in this world. Not just our pets, but wild animals as well. And while we are thinking about the role each animal has, we need to remember how important it is to do our part and keep animals safe. You can start with your own pets.


5 Ways To Keep Your Pet Safe:

  1. Always make sure your pets are micro-chipped, and have their tags.
  2. If you like having plants and/or flowers around the house, do some research and make sure they are not toxic to your pets.
  3. Keep any medicines you have up high, in a locked cabinet.
  4. House cleaners... UGH! Keep those in a locked cabinet, or even better? Purchase all natural cleaner, AND keep it in a locked cabinet, taboot! 
  5. Feed quality foods to your pet. Not only will a good quality food help your dog (and budget) with less vet visits, but hey, they are family! Only the best! 
That covers some main ones for own pets, but what about wildlife?

5 Ways To Keep Our Wildlife Safe:

  1. Research the plants you have in your gardens. Make sure you do not have toxic plants which animals might chew on, or rub up against.
  2. Do not litter. I think we hear that a lot right? Not only does littering harm our planet and ourselves, but it harms our wildlife as well.
  3. Do not disturb nests and/or baby animals. The only reason we should ever intervene when coming across wild animal babies, is if we think they are in a dangerous spot, or seem to be injured. And in that case, do not handle them yourself! Call a professional.
  4. Do not catch, or remove a wild animal from his home. 
  5. Here's a big one - thousands of birds die each year from flying into our windows. By placing objects in the windowsill, or putting a decal on your vehicle window, you can help reduce those numbers. Birds are less likely to fly towards a window if they see an object in it.
Of course, there is so much more we can be doing to keep animals safe, these are just to name a few.
How about you? What would you add to the list in order to keep animals safe?

We are proudly co hosting 2 blog hops today. We are parading animal safety with the Pet Parade hop, and flashing back to fun memories with Flashback Friday.

The Pet Parade Blog Hop
Hosted by Rascal and Rocco
Co hosted by Bionic Basil, Barking From The Bayou and me, from Love Is Being Owned By A Husky
Flashback Friday Blog Hop
Hosted by Five Sibes Mom
Co hosted by me, from Love Is Being Owned By A Husky

This weeks Flashback is a photo of one of my local stray kitties that frequents my yard. This particular image was taken last Autumn. He has been around since we moved here, but would not come anywhere close for the longest time. I saw how skinny he was a few years back, and did everything in my power to get him closer so I could feed him. Once he came over, and ate some food, I worked my way into his heart. He visits us all of the time, we built him a shelter for the winter time so he can stay warm, and he has fresh food and water every day. Just another way to help animals.

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  1. Oh wow! That's awesome! I didn't know we had a safety and prevention month! So cool!

  2. Lots of great information here! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Great tips. We dogs can sometimes be like little kids and get into stuff we shouldn't.

  4. Thank you for the great reminders. We had to dig up a couple of plants and trees in our backyard because they were poisonous. Dangers lurk everywhere when you are a nosy animal. BOL!

  5. Your Flashback kitty is so cute! Our Binx started out feral also, now he's just a fluffy lovebug who thinks he's one of our Huskies! LOL! Great post on safety - so very important for everywhere to periodically take stock of their pets' surroundings, including the wildlife. Our birds love the Husky fur all about for their nests...I bet those are some pretty warm birds in the winter!

    1. Ooops - *everyone* not everywhere...phones!

  6. Good post. So many important things to remember. Cocoa still gets into everything!!

  7. Your Flashback Kitty is adorable. So glad he opened his heart to you and some dinner! Very cute!

  8. Pawsome info! We've had birds fly into our windows so those are some good tips.

  9. What great tips! There are a lot of things on your lists that I bet a lot of people don't think of.
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pet

  10. safety first for sure, thanks for the great tips.

  11. Great tips. I like the ones for keeping wildlife safe and would add to get rid of windmills which kill many thousands of birds each year.

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