Friday, 4 December 2015

Now If I Can Just Keep The Collar On The Dog...

Just over one year ago, I discovered an amazing (true) story, in an amazing book, by an amazing author; Jan Dunlap. Jan is the author of the book "Saved By Gracie: How a rough and tumble rescue dog dragged me back to health, happiness and God." Last November, 2014, Jan was the star of my blog. She did a fabulous guest post, which you can find here, in case you missed it. This past January, I had the pleasure of doing a book review for her as well. You can find that here. All caught up? Great! I was thrilled when Jan contacted me once again, wanting to do another guest post with us. She is preparing to move to Texas in the next month or so, and had quite an adventure with her new pups new dog tags. Now, without further ado...

In preparation of our move to Texas next month, I thought it would be a good idea to get a tag made for Gracie's collar with her name and phone number.

She has always worn a dog license, so I never worried about her getting lost for two reasons: 1) even when we first adopted her, and I was sort of hoping she'd get lost, she has always found her way back to me (that story, if you're not familiar with it, is in my best-selling memoir Saved by Gracie: How a rough-and-tumble rescue dog dragged me back to health, happiness and God); and 2) if she did get lost, anyone could call the city number on her dog license tag and find out where she lived.

But with moving out of state, and a three-day drive ahead of us, I wanted to be extra sure she could be speedily returned to us if she happened to freak out and take off during one of our highway stops.

So I had a tag made and got her a new collar to wear, too.

Which she promptly lost the very first time she wore it to the dog park - our 33-acre dog park filled with brush, tall grasses, woods and fields.

And of course, I didn't realize it had disappeared till we were leaving the park and I bent over to hook her leash to her new collar.

No collar. No ID tags.

I knew there was no way I could retrace her steps/running all over the park, so I just looped the leash around her neck and took her to the car to come home.

I figured I'd go get another tag made and buy another collar.

But guess what? There's a reason you put a phone number on an ID tag! I got a call that afternoon from a good friend of mine who went to the dog park with her dog after Gracie and I had left. She spotted our missing collar on the fence, where someone else had apparently left it to be refound. So now I know the ID tag really works - I'll always be able to get Gracie's collar back.

Now if I can just keep the collar on the dog...

Thanks Jan. I am so glad you ended up getting your dog collar back! Hopefully you can figure out a way to keep it on Gracie in the future! LOL! ;) Thanks again for being a guest here on the blog. We always love hearing from you. 

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  1. We love Jan! She's awesome! That's hilarious that Gracie lost her collar at the dog park! Phoenix recently lost her tag at the dog park and someone actually called me to let me know they found it and they mailed it to me! It was so nice!

  2. So far, no one has ever lost a collar, but when I was younger, I was always biting into Katie's collar and neck and I somehow took her hook with all her tags off at the dog park. We never found them again. At the BlogPaws daycare in Vegas, Bailie lost all her tags when the person hooked her leash to her tags not her collar. They found all the tags except the one with her info on it. No one ever called with Katie or Bailie's tags. Oh well.

    1. Ahh! My mom has actually hooked up my huskies on the wrong loop (the tags and not the collar) and we lost ours, but that was some time ago.

  3. I didn't know you were moving to Texas. I am glad the ID tag works.

    1. Noooo, not me LOL! Jan is, she was featured today on our site for a guest post.

  4. so glad it was just the collar lost and not the dog, loved her book saved by gracie.

  5. My Golden Retriever was the worst at losing his tags. He kept the collar on, but I replaced so many of his tags through the years!

  6. We have lost tags over the years, but never a collar!

  7. We so glad the collar and tags were found. And we know Jan was, too. :)

  8. To keep the collar on the dog!! Yes!! Cocoa knows how to maneuver out of hers so we have to be super careful.

  9. Moving to Texas. What fun, this is the purrrRRRrrrfect time of year to come to this pawsome state.

  10. How ironic that a friend found the collar and tags! We've lost many tags over the years, and even when they were most likely lost in our own yard, we don't always find them!
    Jan, Wag n Woof Pets

  11. Great story! I'm glad you lost the collar & not the dog! You were lucky to get that collar back. Collars & tags get lost frequently which is why microchipping in addtion to tags is so important.
    Love & biscuits,
    Digs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  12. Replies
    1. Right? Crazy how tags and things can get lost so easily!

  13. LOl that is a funny story and why I am an advocate of chipping the dogs.


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