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4 Tips For Taking Blog-worthy Pet Photos

4 Tips For Taking Blog-worthy Pet Photos

At the beginning of January, I shared a post where I went over the biggest thing I have learned about photographing pets. I am no professional photographer, but when you blog about pets, you want to learn the basics of taking great, blog - worthy photos pretty quick! Since many of you showed interest in my photography post, I thought I would do up a few more tips for you guys today.
  1. As per my post back at the beginning of the month, my favorite and best photography tip I have to offer is - Getting down to their level. While there are some cases where you may want/need to stand above your pet to take their photo, most times getting down to their level allows you to really capture their features, and their personality. 
  2. Another thing I have learned through pet blogging, is the fact that, hey... pets can be super hard to get a good photo of!! That's a fact, so we need to work around that. How? Depending on which camera you are using, there is a setting that allows you to take 5 quick shots all in one click, then you can choose the best photo out of the whole series. I find this comes in very handy with a pet who doesn't like to stay still for photo shoots. 
  3. Noises! Loud, high pitched noises are your best friend when it comes to taking good pictures of your pet. Your probably wondering what the heck I am talking about. Ok, I want you to try something... grab your camera, and your pet, now set up your photo shoot area, position yourself, and when your ready for that pic, make a funny, loud noise. Your pet should look at you with a curious look on their face. You may even get that all familiar, super adorable, head tilt! 
  4. And finally, last but not least, always remember - before you set up a photo shoot, try and make sure your pet is tired out and well exercised. Take your dog for a nice long walk, play with your kitty for a while, tire them out! Having them relaxed and not so jumpy will help greatly when it comes to taking their photos. 
There you have it folks, those are my own personal tips for taking blog worthy photos of your pet. If you enjoyed my post, let me know, and I will do some more like this, thanks!

How about you?
Do you have a pet who doesn't like to sit still for photo shoots?

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  1. That cats can be tough to photograph, but we dogs are pretty easy since Bailie and I enjoy being models. Katie can be difficult as she has never been a fan of photos, and these days she has trouble holding any type of pose, but we work around it. Manual settings work best for non blurred photos we find.

  2. super post — we all need help when it comes to taking photos of the fluffy ones!

  3. Great post! Treats are my friend when my humans want me to pay attention to the camera! :)

  4. Treats help. TW bribes me with treats. It doesn’t always work. She has more shots of me walking away from the photo op. Sometimes she use a toy to get my attention.

  5. THOSE are great tips! I have to check my little Point and Shoot to see if it has that rapid photo option you mentioned, that would sure help me. And I love the tip about getting down to their level, those are some of my favorite photos. I have to remember to make sure they are exercised though, although some of those photos make for great bloopers. :-D

  6. I agree with all of your tips. I no professional photographer either but I have used all of these tips and captured amazing photos with my little android phone. lol.

  7. I take so many pictures to get the one I want. Cocoa will NOT look at me when I have my camera and want to take a picture. She refuses to look. It is funny but not really because it is so HARD to get pictures!!

  8. These are great tips. My new camera has two settings - sport and pet portrait - that will both snap off several photos in a row. It has made for some great photo captures, so I use both quite a bit.
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  9. Great tips!! Thanks for sharing as I have to get out today and snap some photos.

  10. thanks for these tips!but i know a much easier way, try using apps for editing, http://besthdrsoftwaremac.com/hdr-efex-pro-2/ like this one!i always use them and save my time on making nice photos!enjoy


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