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5 Winter Safety Tips For Your Dog

winter safety for dogs

We are now in the prime of our winter season here in Canada, and even though our snow delayed itself for a while, it is here, and it is cold! With cold weather, comes extra dangers for our pet which we all need to be aware of. In the summer, or spring, the main concerns for our pets are things like poisonous plants, heat, dehydration etc... so what exactly are the winter dangers?

Winter Safety Tips For Your Dog -

1. Keep those paws protected!
There are so many dangers for your dogs paw pads during the winter season. Salt... road salt to be exact. That stuff can do a real number on those paw pads. At home, a great investment is pet safe Ice Melter. Not only is it pet safe, and much easier on their paws, it is also a better option for those of us with young children as well. The drawback is that we cannot control what gets put on sidewalks and/or roads. Do some research, or take a good look at the roads, and try to avoid any areas that you see road salt.

winter dog safety

2. Another danger for your dogs paws is snow and/ice getting all balled up in the fur between the paw pads. I mean, lets face it, having a bunch of ice and snow all balled up and frozen in between our pets toes it a painful experience for them. There really isn't much you can do to prevent it - aside from purchasing dog booties - so my best piece of advice is to always check your dogs paws when you bring him/her inside.

3. Dry, cracked paw pads can be super painful for your dog, and a very common occurrence in the winter months. A great way to prevent this, is to purchase a quality paw balm. K9 kelp paw balm will keep your dogs paw pads moisturized and will help repair any damage that may have already been done.

4. Brrrrrr.... dogs can get cold too! Heck, even Siberian Huskies know when it's too darn cold outside! But what can you do? Your dog needs to be walked, but as a pet parent, it is up to you to make sure they are plenty warm enough. A great option would be investing in a winter dog jacket.

5. Despite what some may think - just because dogs have fur, does not mean they can stay outside for extra long periods of time during cold winter months. Siberian Huskies (obviously) will want to stay out longer, and they can! With their double coat, they are very well protected from the elements, however, that doesn't mean they should be out there. Let your dog guide you. They know when cold is too cold, and won't hesitate to tell you... if you listen. Use your best judgement, check on your dog often, and make sure they are not shivering, or showing any signs of being cold. Bring your dog inside often for a drink of water, and to warm their bones.

By following these tips, and always using common sense, you can help your dog have a fun, safe winter. How about you? Do you have any tips to add? What sort of fun winter activities do you do with your pet?

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  2. Great points. We love the cold and are fine without coats, but the walking keeps us warm, and we are not out in the yard as long as usual when it is real cold. Boots are also necessary sometimes. If a dog is prepared, winter is a blast!

  3. The girls have fun out in the snow, but we have to dress them for it! Including boots...their little paws freeze right to the ground!

  4. These are great reminders! I've been thinking about getting some booties for the Goldens but I'm thinking they will just take then off each other! lol

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  6. We have to some days take mini walks or runs because it gets too cold to be outside!! Miss Cocoa for sure needs a jacket and the salt. Yikes, so.much.salt!! We run on the side of the road where the snow is heavier so it's much harder but more tiring!!

  7. We've had a mild winter with a few cold snaps mixed in. I've pulled out our paw balm and will be massaging the dogs paw pads before they go to bed a few nights a week. And on the days when there is frost on the ground, I have to check paws for clumps between the toes. Rodrigo gets it the worst.

    Thanks for the great tips. No matter what the winter is like for us, these are great reminders.

  8. Great tips - especially that last one about listening or watching your dog for discomfort.

  9. I think if we lived in Canada that I would hibernate all winter! These are all great tips even if you don't live where it gets below zero. Our cold is cold to us but probably shorts weather up there! BOL! BOL!

  10. We love the cold too - now if only we could get some snow:)

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  11. We're lucky we're inside cats...we don't hafta worry about the cold. But good tips!

  12. This is a great thing about Florida, haha!

  13. What a great post! I live in Minnesota and my humans watch me closely making sure my paws don't get too cold. Another thing they monitor closely, because I have fluffy hair I get snow balls stuck to me, mostly on my paws and around my mouth. Which can make me cold and can be difficult to get off.

  14. Great tips! I usually try to judge the temperatures and if I think it's too cold, we'll still go outside, but we'll limit our time out there (and Luke gets a coat). If Cricket wants to go inside instead of playing ball, then I know it's too cold! :)
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  15. Excellent Winter health & safety tips. Its easy to over look some of these common dangers.
    Love & biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them


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