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Dog Collar Safety - Should You Take Your Dogs Collar Off While They Are Inside?

Dog collar safety is a huge topic in the world of pets, and today, I would love to share some reasons why that is, and why collars are such an important topic. So, the question remains - should you take your dogs collar off while they are inside? Lets try and find out...

So what are the dangers of dogs wearing collars while they are indoors?

I have to be honest.... there are some people who are very adamant on the fact that any time a dog is inside, their collars should come off right away. I can't say that I fully agree with that. I mean... sure, maybe some dogs prefer their collars off. And if that's the case, then fine, all the power to ya! But for safety reasons? I think it seems a bit much to have to take their collars off in the house when we are home with them.

Dog Collar Safety - Should You Take Your Dogs Collar Off While They Are Inside?

However, I do think it is definitely dangerous to leave your dogs collar on while they are in your house, by themselves. There are several dangers you may not think about... collars can get caught on things, and when they get caught, it could cut off your dogs airway... by the time you get home,it could be too late. I am sorry for being blunt, but it's true. We need to remember these things. Collars are an important part of being owned by dogs, but knowing when to use them, and when to leave them off, is super important. So please, use common sense, look around for possible dangers, or things your dogs collar could get hooked up on, and when you leave the house, it is a great idea to leave the collars off of your beloved pooch.

If you are concerned about your dog running out the door when you get home, and he is not wearing a collar - teaching a good, solid, sit, or wait command can come in very handy. Stay tuned to a future post where I will share some great tips on keeping your dog in the door when you come home, rather than him running out every time the door opens.

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  1. The girls hardly ever wear collars. They are never unattended except for a couple of hours on Saturday sometimes when my husband and I both work. They just are not flight risks and they can't get out because we don't have a yard and they are never unattended outside. I'm not really worried about it. Zoe gets a funky "ring around the collar" thing that happens with her fur that I don't like so it's just not a thing I'm big on.

  2. First thing I do when we get home is taking off the collar. I just feel like it must be so uncomfortable wearing anything around his neck. It's kinda like taking uncomfortable bra off when I get home. :)

  3. Great post - good to remind people of the dangers.

  4. I think it really depends on the dogs. As puppies we always had our collars off in the kennel, but not other times. We have ours off at night when we go to bed, but they are always on during the day. We go in and out a lot and we are not wild and crazy in the house unless Mom is there playing with us, so we aren't concerned. Dogs that play around together have more to worry about. We barely move when Mom is away.

  5. Great post! We usually take the Goldens collars off at night when I know they wouldn't be going out any longer.

  6. The boys always wear their collars. Bentley has his Whistle Activity Monitor on his and he needs to get his time in every day! BOL! We are home with them though so its not a worry.

  7. We used to not wear collars unless we were out walking because Lightning was great at chewing them off everyone - those jaws of steel cut through everything But he finally leaves them alone. So we have ours on all the time. Still a great PSA for anyone who might need to be more cautious with their pups in the house unattended.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  8. We're cats and we wear our collars all the time. They're breakaway ones, so if they get caught on something, they will snap off.

  9. Cocoa does not wear her collar in the house. I sometimes forget and leave it on but then before bed will take it off and scratch her neck!!

  10. The dogs are naked when crated/I'm not there, but aside from that they wear collars 24/7. Despite teaching solid sits, stays and recalls, I live on a very busy road and accidents can happen. If, god forbid, there was a fight between them, I like having something to grab. It lets me grab them quickly and safely if need be, and it's a way for me to hear who's where at night (everyone's collar sounds different). You have to assess your own situation.

    1. I agree with this. Although my dogs sometimes have a solid wait, I don't rely on it. Faolan often is mistaken for a coyote, so him wearing a collar (in the event of an mistake) would hopefully prevent someone from harming him.

  11. Our dogs don't wear collars. Rodrigo and Sydney hated them and kept taking them off. One day, J and I watched through a window as they took turns taking each other's collars off. We stopped buying them.

    I never knew about the dangers of collars until I heard about someone losing their dog who got caught and choked. It was a heart breaking story.

    Thanks for sharing this post; I'm sure that are many people who wouldn't think about when to take their dog's collar off.

  12. I do not agree with leaving a dogs collar off for any reason. I think the odds of your dog getting out of the house inadvertently are greater than odds of his collar getting caught on something inside the house and choking him. Doors are often left open by workers, guests, kids, even burglers. We've had many dogs end up in the shelter that way.
    Love & biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  13. MIne don't wear collars in the house.

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